Anything's Possible
Naruto x Kim x Shego
Ron x Yori
OC x Monique
Author's Note

Final Pairing is above. Mainly because I don't want to take away from the main plot, to focus too much on the romance. Next chapter is more loving, followed by a hell of shocking swerve/Cerberus jump.

I originally planned a Hiatus until August 28. As you can see that has failed. So I am going to move my Hiatus to February. The reason why is because I have a cruise I'm going to take in March for a couple of weeks, and since, I won't be around for a few weeks, going on a hiatus in February, writing all the chapters, and introducing the chapters the day before I leave sounds like a much smarter plan.

Story Start

''Think you can handle me champ?'' Shego taunted, getting into an offensive stance. It was hard not to see how fit and trim she looked in her black athletic shorts and violet crop top T-shirt that showed off her stunning abs.

''Oh I can more then handle you my firefly,'' he playfully remarked. He himself was wearing a sleeveless Gray T-shirt and his new pair of black work-out shorts.

She licked her lips in eager anticipation, one of the few things that thrilled Shego was a good fight. Shego darted forward, leaped up in the air and launched a spinning kick to which Naruto swayed to the side and caught her ankle. He sent her flying to which Shego twisted, landed on her hands and flipped right back up. Shego charged again, aiming a sweeping low kick at her opponent who back flipped onto his hands and jumped right side up in a crouching position.

He attempted to tackle her midsection only for her to intercept him and supplex him into the mat. Using his shoulder to take the brunt of the damage Naruto's hand shot forward and grabbed Shego's ankle to yank her off balance.

Shego's eyes widened and she instantly launched a right kick back at the same time as she twisted her body around to face him, only to see him roll out of the way, leaving her to fall on her ass. The both of them added distance between each other and stood up.

Once more Shego was on the offensive, throwing several straight jabs at Naruto who ducked and tilted his head to the side to avoid her attacks. Her attacks were more restrained now, she seemed to be saving up her energy. Though Naruto wasn't going to fall for whatever Shego had planned. He made a mad dash for the wall, leaped against it and made a single step up before launching off and going airborne.

Shego decided to meet the blond, crouching and leaping up into the air. Meeting his spin-kick with hers as she attempted to crash her closed fist into the side of his face. The hit connected and sent Naruto spinning, the blond landing on is right arm and legs with a loud thud. Pain reverberating through his limbs as he took a moment to collect himself.

Naruto used the back of his hand to wipe the blood from the side of his mouth. ''Round Two!'' he simply said as this time he pressed the attack. His attacks were lightening-fast, pressing Shego to the defense. She began using some Tae Kwon Do defensive techniques to counter his attacks, waiting for an opening.

Convinced she saw through his defense after scoring a few minor hits, aiming for his left side, seeing his arm speed with his left arm was slightly slower due to the earlier injury. That was when she landed a solid blow on his chest, only to be cut off when Naruto landed a solid blow to her gut with his foot. Just as Naruto stumbled back, Shego doubled over in pain. Both of them having underestimating just how painful and powerful and unrestrained blow from the other would be.

Though their stubbornness drove them on. While Shego was tough, Naruto had an edge over her speed-wise. She was just able to twist her face to the side to avoid a jab, one, she sure if connected, would have left her jaw sore for a week. It was refreshing having a male opponent who wasn't hung up on chivalry and wasn't evil or afraid of her. It left nothing but a large pool of sociopaths, people looking down on her, or people act like she was going to murder them in their sleep and bathe in her blood. The few who didn't were oddballs themselves like Fiske and that was a whole thing altogether.

She took a few seconds to catch her breath, knowing that while her stamina was above the normal human limit, thanks to her mutation that Naruto was something else. So she decided to trip him up and follow Kim's example by doing some of her enemy's acrobatic moves. Having fought Kim many times, a good deal of her moves were ingrained into Shego's mind, buying her the few precious seconds she would need to make the finishing blow.

Stunned, Naruto's body reacted against the familiar technique, leaving him vulnerable for a brief few seconds. He wasn't able to react thanks to his shoulder tightening up on him, leaving him vulnerable. He was going to have to end this with the next move. Taking Shego's hits, he now knew for sure that in a straight, No-Barrels-Beatdown that Shego could take nearly anyone that wasn't super-powered or peaked superhuman in ability. Though she didn't have the agility, skills of avoidance, nor thinking on the fly cunning that other opponents like he and Kim deployed.

Despite Kim's boast of knowing at least sixteen styles of Kung FU she was nowhere near close to mastering any of them. The kind of time and dedication it would take to master some of them was not something of Kim's lifestyle or age would realistically have the ability to do. And after fighting her a few times he realized that Kim used her agility, flexibility, wits, and martial arts talent along with a combination of using her opponent's abilities against her to win. Shego though had a bit more variety in those clawed gloves she liked to wear from time to time along with her plasma, dexterity, and strength. That was why she was so good at what she did, but she was still human all the same. She sometimes let her anger rule her, and was just as vulnerable to weapon fire, and many other things as most human beings, or maybe he should say could be killed by them. Then again, maybe he needed an outside opinion, because if he was honest to himself, he couldn't say that he wasn't at least a bit bias in appraising their abilities.

Naruto's left hand twitched just as Shego's right leg moved slightly. Both charged forward, immediately attacking with the opposite limb. Shego's leg impacting Naruto's head and fist palm her gut, leaving both of the to fall to the ground, impacting the floor as their sparring session ended in a draw.

''We're going to spar more from now on. I haven't had that much fun in a long time.'' Shego stated as she adjusted the ice pack on her stomach with a winch.

''Fun?'' Naruto incredulously remarked, the ice pack covering half his now cold, wet, and numb face. ''Woman, you're a masochistic.''

''You know you liked it!'' She uncharacteristically remarked, sticking out her tongue. Most lovers wouldn't have been that playfully after kicking the shit out of each other, even if it was a spar. ''Next time we're taking it up a notch. I want to see what you can really do.''

Naruto groaned. ''Woman, you're going to kill me.'' he stated, only to be swatted by pillow.