Anything and Possible


Naruto x Kim x Shego x Bonnie

Ron x Yori x Tara?

Zita x OC x Monique


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Story Start


''Seriously, why are you following me?'' three days had passed since Naruto began attending Middleton high school and he had been enjoying every single day of it. Well he was enjoying the endless opportunities to flirt with the cute girls and especially to frustrate and annoy one Kim Possible. If there was anything Naruto really enjoyed then it was pranking people and just generally enjoying life.

''I'm on to you!'' Kim answered him with a statement that didn't answer his question. Her eyes narrowed dangerously and she continued following down the street, careful not to take her eyes off the tricky blond. In the instant of a second he could disappear or seemingly teleport from one side of the room to the other. She mainly was waiting for him to let his guard down so she could rightfully beat the hell out of him were sneaking a peek up her skirt during cheerleader practice. Sure he let her score one free flying kick to the back at the head as he did admitted it was a bit shameful that he didn't warn her, or so his logic dictated but Kim's fury was not satisfied. ''I'm not taking my eyes off you.''

''I know I'm a sexy man Possible-san but really?' 'he continued to tease her, wondering if the past few days had been wearing down her sanity. He only got the answer in the form of a growl and continued on his way. Then again as least she stopped trying to attack him so he couldn't complain that much. They came a stop to a bus stop and waited in silence before the both of them boarded. Naruto assumed that Kim was probably going to follow him to prevent him from pulling off any more crimes, but he was not going to let a persistent Kim prevent him from stealing a new X-box 360. 'Fucking red ring of death.'Naruto sourly thought, before his thoughts were interrupted by the loud chattering or the bus goers. Between the loud and obnoxious talking of ghetto black girls on cell phones and older Hispanic gentlemen speaking in Spanish it was difficult to focus. It was time to give Kim the slip. ''What was that?''he asked, hoping he could bait Kim.''What?'' he tried again waiting for her to say something. ''What!'' he added a little louder as he noticed some people were starting to take notice of his raised voice.

''Huh?'' Kim finally took notice of the Blond's stranger then usual behavior.

''No lady I am not going back to your place for a bunch of kinky sex involving various food, outfits, and extremely kinky positions! I don't know you!'' Naruto cried out looking rather scandalized. The what the fuck look on Kim's face which soon turned into mortification was absolutely the most delicious reaction Naruto had seen all the week. Most of the bus went quiet as they focused on the duo that was Naruto and Kim.

Many disapproving faces of mothers with children cast looks of shame on the red head along with various riders trying to look around and act like they hadn't heard of Naruto's loud statement which followed by the bus driver getting on the intercom and warning the two of them if they continued causing a disturbance they would get kicked off the bus.

Kim was turning red, redder then her hair as she shirk back into her seat in shame and embarrassment. She was seriously starting to contemplate murdering Naruto. 'No one has to know. Make it look like an accident!' a little voice whispered in the back of her head.

At the next stop Naruto had bolted out of the door with a furious Kim right behind him. 'Damn that girl could run.'Naruto thought as he turned and looked behind his shoulder, making sure he had lost Kim. He had seen fury before and he knew it could unlock adrenaline under certain circumstances but damn, it looked like some of the stories of her greater accomplishments were not exaggerations. Anyway if the directions he received were correct all he needed was to charter a boat and he would be able to start his next job.

The boat was a small but relatively well built craft. The drive to the secret island base was quiet with the smell of salty water and the cool breeze keeping his awake as the afternoon sky was painted with hues of orange and yellow by the setting son. Finally he had arrived at the dock, cutting off the engine and tying up the boat as he made his way up the sandy path. Coming in front of a large and not too luxurious not to mention obviously evil villain lair he scaled up the walls and punched out one of the glass windows and dropped down below. He made a single step before his face was nearly blasted off by green plasma.

'As expected,' he thought as a pair of two hands were illuminated by two glowing bright green hues. If K's contact, an expert on Astronomy and meta human phenomena were correct then the particular aspect of his plasma powered foe was more then capable of being lethal so he had to be careful. The gap was soon closed as plasma covered fist took swipe after swipe at him. The rays given off by the plasma soon gave him glimpses of his attacker, but he was already well aware.

A young woman of an indeterminate age from somewhere of late twenties or possibly early thirties was the master thief Shego whom was associated with mad scientist Drakken. Shego was definitely a femme fatale, a remarkable beauty with glossy raven length hair that reached down to her lower back with a skin tight green and black spy suit that was patterned with squares not to mention she had an unusual mint green skin complexion.

Naruto took the defensive approach in fighting Shego. She was like Kim highly athletic and agile but there was something different. As he studied her and he realized that by catching one of her punches and flipping her over him which resulted in her landing on all four with ease. His slightly burned hand more then making him realize that once again he was being too damn impulsive in his decisions.

Shego was more powerful then Kim, even without her plasma she had physical strength and experience on her side, but Kim had the advantage of variety and a bit more flexible but even then. Naruto couldn't help but wonder if Shego could have been taking a dive on purpose? But then again considering what he knew about her Shego was regarded as quite prideful so that wasn't too likely. Either way he was hoping to find out in time. ''You're just as every good as they say, and beautiful too my fair dark beauty.'' he said as he twisted his way out of blast of plasma as Shego flipped forward, scissor locked around his mid-section and caught him in the cheek with a punch before disengaging into a hand stand and righting herself up to her feet.

''I don't know who you are slick but you chose the wrong lair to break into.'' Shego raised her hand, going for a knock out blow when Naruto's hands shot up and grabbed her ankle and yanking it upward breaking Shego's stride as she move to caught herself on her hands only for Naruto to spin, throw his legs up and hop onto his feet as he shot forward and yanked her arm from under her causing her to fall to the ground with a thud. Thinking quickly Naruto did the only thing he knew would catch her off guard as her other hand was quickly being charged with plasma to be used in whatever counter the woman had in mind.

He kissed her, and sure enough the sudden action had caught her off guard, causing the plasma to fizzle out. To his surprise Shego didn't struggle, perhaps still in shocked that any guy was stupid enough or had the balls to kiss her like this. Then again the thrill of the whole thing already aroused Naruto somewhat. He always did have something for a strong woman that could kick hiss as so he deepened the kiss. Getting a little too into it Jiraiya's influence peeked with his hand copped a feel on Shego's ass which resulted in Shego's arms lighting a blaze in a dark emerald blaze that already had Naruto sweating. ''Uum the name's Naruto Uzumaki and I'm a big fan!'' he began with a nervous chuckle. ''I suppose we can't start over?''

''Naruto...Uzumaki...'' Shego began with a dangerous edge to her voice.

''Y-Yeah.'' he stammered out with a nervous chuckle. 'Damnit body! Move! Move! Move!'

''You...are dead!'' Shego hissed with other finality as she charged the blond intent on putting him in the hospital for life.
Chapter End

And now we have Shego. This is definitely one of the best chapters of the story so far and I know you all enjoyed it. Expect part six sometime in November.