The Monster Within

Summary: They created the monster, now they will suffer.

Word Count: 499

Rating: M

The lock clicked behind me and I relaxed, it was better to be locked in than to hear the door open. My bedroom was a cage, holding me captive and so far I'd found no way to escape. Crawling to the edge of my bed, I waited.

Soon I'd be 18 and be free from this place, my family or as I liked to think of them, my wardens. Once I was 18 I'd be too old to exploit to the masses, to their 'customers'. They would kick me out and leave me flailing in the world. My world only existed of sex and pain, I knew no other. That left me little to chose to do, except be free. Freedom was a terrifying concept, I didn't know how to comprehend it.

Closing my eyes, I waited until the next customer came and I was blindfolded so that I couldn't recognize anyone. I memorized them, their touch, their smell, how hard or soft they were, male or female; I filed each detail away for my revenge. If there were no customers I wouldn't be locked in this room, my body used at each person's whim.

Falling asleep, I saw the monster waiting for me, he always stood there with a wide grin. I couldn't wait to meet him.

Time was spent inside my head, and darkness, so I wouldn't feel, so I wouldn't know what was being done to me. Only I could never completely block it out, my body still responded.

Today was my birthday, my last day here, my day of freedom, the day I'd meet my own monster. He was coming, he'd help me destroy these people. Laughing to myself, I waited for the door to open, for my escape. I'd stolen away a knife from one of the people that liked to use my body and kept it hidden for today.

The door opened and my father glared at me, spitting, "Get out."

"Goodbye, father," I stated calmly. My normal compliance kept him off guard using that I plunged the knife into his throat. The monster met me then and congratulated me on doing a good job. He whispered at me not to linger and make him suffer more like I wanted, we had more people to end.

My mother was next on my list. As I watched her crumble to the floor I had no remorse, she let this happen, she let me become a monster.

Finding a book of my parents 'customers', I made my way to each of them, ending one life after another, with as few witnesses as possible. Sometimes there were witnesses, but they deserved to know the monster they thought they loved had been.

My arrest and sentence of being criminally insane seemed inevitable. Didn't they know? There were no more monsters. I killed them all. The only monster left was me. Maybe they did know, I was once again living as a captive, never to escape.