(Note: I have no idea how the Japanese police system is, so any titles like captain or commissioner may be incorrect, but what the hell do I care?)

"I can't give in to the fear.

I can't let this world beat me.

I will avenge her.

I must train.

I'm stronger.

I'm faster.

I'm smarter.

I shall have my revenge."

Graffiti scrawled in the basement of Furinkan High School


The night embraces me. The buildings wrap around to encircle me. The rain is a baptism, beating against my chest. I swing into the night, I run up a building, I protect my city - I live the darkness. Scarface thinks he's untouchable, he thinks he owns this town. Well, I suppose everyone's free to believe what they like but tonight he's going to have the truth staring him in the face.


Scarface Konbayashi rolled himself into the bedroom and slammed the door shut on his goons. His groin was thankfully numb due to a heavy dose of local anesthetic but he still could feel the strange slippery shifting of the new silicone testicles between his legs. Since being released from the hospital he'd had his flat redesigned to accommodate his new handicapped status at least for a little while.

"Hello there, Scarface." A lithe figure stood in front of his windows, the moonlight splashing in casting the figure's features in shadow. "Enjoying yourself?"

"Who the fuck are you?" Scarface raged impotently from the confines of his chair. "Get the fuck out of here!"

"Hmm" The woman swiped a long gloved talon down her cheek, craning her neck upward in thought. "Now where have I heard that before? Oh yes, it was before Batman crushed your balls, right?"

"What's it to you, bitch?" Scarface pulled a gun from his jacket and pointed it threateningly at his intruder. "Why don't you just jump out that window behind ya and maybe I won't unload this in your face."

"A pity you won't be 'unloading' anything else in a girl's face again, right?" She posed suggestively and stepped back closer to the balcony.

Konbayashi growled low and fired his weapon at her face, the bullets tearing through the muslin behind her as the agile female leapt away and over him, landing lightly on the balls of her feet. Cold thin fingers wrapped around his throat as she leaned down so that her breasts rested heavily on the top of his skull. Scarface began to sweat.


I decide to let him have a little slice of heaven before I kill him so I dangle my rather generous assets before his eyes as my gloved hands message the veins in his neck. I can feel the rapid pulse of his heart with each breath he takes, he's licking his lips as the skintight material of my costume shows the raised area of my nipples.

"I hear you were the one who called the hit on Akane Tendo and the Saotomes, am I right?" I whisper the words into his ear and lick the beads of sweat from behind, savoring the taste of his fear. I think that my first kill deserves a bit of respect.

"I didn't do nothing! All I did was do what the Don said!" My grip tightens until his face fills with blood, he's beginning to turn a delicious blue. "I swear!"

"Tsk, tsk, Kon-chan. Didn't anybody ever tell you that isn't a good enough excuse?" I run my hand down his clothes until his lies over his crotch. As much as the thought repulses me, this is the best way to exact revenge. A slip my hand into his pants and under his boxers; my talons lightly scrape against his scrotum. "Why did the Don order the hit?"

"I don't know, I don't know! All he said was that the little slut should die, the other two were just there at the wrong time."

"And the rape?" I pop two of his stitches, it will be unbearably painful when the anesthetic wears off, if he survives that long. He doesn't notice.

"The Don said we could have some fun with the cunt." I can hear the shuffling of his hired hands behind the door, good thing I have him by the balls.

"You and I are going to have some fun now but if you call for help our fun will end." I twist his head until the open balcony doors are fully in his vision. His eyes go wide. "Twenty stories down, understood?" He nods his head. It's a good thing he can't see me smile like a school girl in an ice cream shop.

I wheel his trembling body out onto the balcony and rip off the iron railing I'd already unscrewed before he arrived. With the railing gone there's nothing to stop me from pushing him over the edge and listening to his cry as the cement rises up to meet him. No, no! I have something better planned

"Wha-what are you going to do?"

"You'll see, Kon-chan." I lock the back wheels of his wheelchair and shove the immobile man up to the very lip of the balcony. The little front wheels are just sitting an inch away from the edge, one wrong move or twitch on Scarface's part and down his goes. No sooner have I settled him then I pick up the bag of money and jewels and waggle my finger at him. "Now then, Kon-chan, I'll be going now with the contents of your safe please don't hesitate to call for help once I'm gone but I have to warn you, one wrong move and you fall all the way down. Ja ne!" I leap from beside him with the backpack of goods and freefall down to the telephone line nine stories below.

I try not to smile as his horse cries for help echo behind me.


"Why did you do that?" A masculine voice spoke from the shadows of the rooftop she was resting on. The building was four blocks away from Scarface's apartment and Catwoman thought it would be a prime place to count the cash she'd looted from Konbayashi's archaic safe, honestly it was no challenge - why didn't big mob honchos have computerized locks?

"Well, well, 'Bats' what brings you to my neck of the woods?" Catwoman stared at the black cloaked figure that stepped from the darkness of the air-conditioning vent, seemingly vomited from the shadows.

"Scarface. Why did you do that to him? He could have died."

"What do I care if he dies, he deserves it after all the things he's done." She tried not to let her voice quiver with sentimentality, it wouldn't do for Batman to have a clue as to her true identity. "Besides, his goons pulled him back in, no harm done."

"That's not the point." He walked at her, his boots rapping against the pitted concrete of the Sanyo building, and grasped her shoulders in both hands. She allowed herself to be pulled towards him and wrapped her leg around his thigh, urging him closer. "Stealing from him is fine, risking his life is not. I need him alive so he can tell me where the Shark isyou are either helping me or" He left the statement unfinished.

"Intriguingwhy are you so hot to get the Shark?"

"Whose side are you on, Catwoman?"

"I won't tell!" Catwoman scratched him lightly on the cheek with a talon before breaking from his grip and leaping down the edge of the building, springing herself through a neon sign on her way down. Batman watched her disappear into the night with her bag of stolen goods and sighed.

Another chance wasted.


I stretch and yawn as the sun rises, blinding me momentarily as I stand and cross to my desk. I'm not really one for pajamas, I usually sleep in the nude, but for Ranma's piece of mind I throw on a short vacuum-formed shirt which hugs my curve nicely. I noticed the way he's been eyeing me since I came home. I decide to bait him a little more.

Kasumi is already up and about when I arrive in the kitchen, doting on Ranma as he eats. My older sister has changed over the two years since Akane's death and father's incarceration, she seems more tight-lipped and far less trusting. I guess it's to be expected. I almost puke when she brushes a stray bit of food from his face. They should get a room

"Good morning, Ranma."

"Morning, Nabiki." He was already dressed in a black business suit with a stylized stallion pin through his red tie. "Have you thought about my offer?"

"Yes, and I still have to think about it, I really don't feel right moving into your house."

"It's more your house than mine, I've just been the caretaker for these two years." Ranma sipped at a cup of coffee as Kasumi served my breakfast. It was surreal having Kasumi actually playing the servant role with such conviction, something had to be going on under my nose and I plan on figuring out what.