Title: Saving Grace

Rating: M (for mention of suicide)

Pairing: Edward/Jasper

Count: 397

Summary: It would be too easy to just lean forward ever so slightly, to allow gravity to do what it does best.

Disclaimer: I only own my love for Jasper and The Spill Canvas… that is all!

Looking over the edge, I see the water crashing against the large wall of earth beneath me. The sea breeze is cool against my face and whips through my untamable auburn hair. The sound of birds chirping floats through the trees all around me. This place is so peaceful, but still does nothing to sooth my aching heart.

It would be too easy to just lean forward ever so slightly, to allow gravity to do what it does best. I'm ever so certain the water and rocks below could do the trick, anything to take the pain away.

My musings are interrupted by a rustling noise in the woods behind me. I step back from the edge carefully and turn around to walk towards the tree line hoping to see who is intruding.

Breaking through the trees is the most beautiful man I have ever seen, an angel without his wings. Chin-length blond hair frames his face and strong jaw. His tall, thin body is covered in clothes too big for him. The rays of light from the setting sun behind me fall on him creating an orange aura around him.

He steps closer and I look into his sad blue eyes. My heart feels like it stops and then restarts again at a hundred miles an hour and my lungs can't keep up with the air passing between my lips.

The world around us stops, no sound, no wind. Time ceases to pass as we stand there just staring at one another. I don't know who he is or why he is out here, but what I do know is that for the first time in three years there is no pain in my heart or thoughts of the past clouding my mind.

With one look from this stranger, I feel alive again.

I take a step closer and his body freezes up, afraid. His eyes are filled with the same emotions that have haunted me everyday. He is acting like a hurt animal, fearful of any approaching dangers.

His voice, a velvet whisper, barely crosses the distance between us. "Excuse me sir, but I have plans to die tonight and you just happen to be in my way."

No, no, no! He can't jump. He can't die. My pain just went away... because of him. He is my saving grace.

And I will be his.