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Their lips mingled together as if the other was going to disappear, they held each other with such emotion that it showed on their faces. It was between being scared and passion that showed among their faces. Her hands remained on his neck as his arms were tightly wrapped around her waist, they didn't have to say that they were in love, it was just obvious, it could be felt.

I held my breath; I watched the screen with intense eyes, seeing this couple just share such a passionate kiss, that it made me felt alone. They broke the kiss allowing me to breathe again, I kept my eyes on the screen, I wanted what those two had, and I wanted to feel the love and the feeling of being needed. I knew they were actors but they weren't fooling me.

Once the credits started to fill the screen, I sighed. My eyes looked over to the window, my curtains allowed the moonlight to spill through. My room was dark and in the background soft classical music was being heard and light murmurs of people chatting away downstairs. I took an uneasy breath and slowly got out of my bed not intending to.

The lights flicked on in my room and one of the maids stood there in the doorway looking very unhappy, her hands on her hips and her foot tapping on the carpet as if it could be heard. She waved me off knowing that a lecture wouldn't do the trick anymore. With one sudden movement she had a fancy dress placed in her arms, heels in one of her hands.

"Come along Miss Swan, let's get you looking presentable." Adele the maid had ordered me, out of all the help here, she seemed to be the only parent figure in my life.

I looked down at my boxer shorts and a plain red t-shirt, of course showing myself in this would give others the wrong idea, so my aunt would think, as for my uncle he wasn't strict about my appearances. I made a small face of being annoyed about this unwanted birthday party, I was turning 17. I saw no big deal.

I walked over to the restroom that was in my room, I turned and gently grabbed my dress from Adele's hold and stripped down to my bra and underwear, I got my legs inside and pulled it up while getting my arms into the holes. Adele zipped me up as I stared into the full-length mirror that was placed on the wall. I looked different, I felt different and not a good kind of different. I was simply hiding behind this mask.

My hair was already curled to its best and my make up was almost looking perfect. I didn't feel like me, it was uncomfortable. I turned to face the mid-aged lady and gave her an unsure smile; she noticed and took me into her arms for a moment. Once I was released I slipped on the high heels and fixed my dress.

"You look more than just beautiful Bella…" Adele told me softly, she cupped my cheeks and looked into my eyes. "You need to feel it; it's those lovey-dovey movies that bring you down."

I laughed slightly and nodded a little, I couldn't help but to be in love with those movies, they made me feel myself and I wasn't in this world anymore. I shook my head slightly allowing the few curls to fall into my face, I didn't bother push them back.

As I left my room and entered the hall, I looked forward; the talking was dying down as I kept getting closer to the staircase, the music wasn't as loud but it still could be heard. I nervously bit down on my bottom lip and finally reached the end. People, that's all I saw was people, different faces meant different personalities. Their eyes were set on me, except one person who stood at the back, looking like he didn't give a damn about this party.

I was being announced to them, like I was some kind of item, their gasps and whispers were either fake or real, it didn't matter it still made my stomach do flips. When I got to the bottom I clung onto my uncle's arm for dear life, I never liked or never will like to be in the center of attention, no matter how many times I told them, it just goes in one ear and out the other.

The rounds was just as terrible as I would have thought, I met people that will never learn my name correctly or talk to me in the future; I met all kinds of family, their sons and daughters. Yet I didn't find one I could connect with. We finally approached the last family apparently they were important to us… to them.

I was quiet as the two couples exchanged words, my arms were still wrapped around my uncle's, I didn't let go of it, and he didn't seem to mind it. My eyes roamed over to the young man who was standing behind the parents. He was eyeing me; I frowned slightly as he shot me a few dirty glances.

"Oh my dear happy birthday, here you go…" The older man, who I assumed was the guy's father. I took my eyes off him and to his dad. He was smiling widely obviously having a little too much to drink, his hand stayed in front of me until I took the card from him.

I opened my mouth to thank the man but my aunt had opened hers quicker. "Now what do you say Isabella?" She asked with a fake smile.

"Thanks." I simply said and looked down at the card before returning my eyes to the man and giving a soft smile.

"Move along, we have some private stuff to discuss." My aunt order and waved her hand in the air as she turned to chat with the lady.

I let go of my uncle's arm and looked over to him again and still was getting stares that were starting to make me feel uncomfortable, I turned quickly and headed off the other way as quickly as these heels could take me, I placed the card on a table that I passed and entered a hall way before entering another room, that I most loved in this house.

I walked over to the double doors that led to the back and opened them up to let the night breeze fill the room, I closed my eyes quickly once the wind brushed against my skin, a chill ran down my spine as I shook slightly, I took in a relaxing breath and slowly backed up and bumped into someone causing me to scream, I turned quickly and stared into the eye's of that young man.

"You're pretty careless about leaving your stuff around especially a card that has 300 dollars in it…" He said slapping the card against the palm of his hand as he stared at me, a smirk tugging at his lips.

The guy would have been stunning and handsome if he didn't talk or send death glares. I watched the helpless card smack against his palm and bit down on my bottom lip nervously and looked back into his brown eyes.

"Don't you ever talk?" He asked a little rudely and pushed the card into my hold, I stumbled back a little as he pushed passed me. I looked down at the card and opened it up and saw the 300 dollars and the signature that read: From the Cullen Family, I closed the card up and placed it on the table. I turned to look at him as he stood in the doorway.

"So how does it feel to turn the big one-seven?" He asked and turned in one graceful move and looked at me, he leaned against the doorframe.

I shrugged slightly and crossed my arms, the breeze being a little too cold for me to handle. "It feels like I'm still 16…." I said in a quiet tone, I'm pretty sure he heard because he sighed deeply.

"Well I'm 18 and the name is Edward." He said and put his hand out for mine, I stared at it for a moment and decided that it was safe to shake it; his hand shake was gently but short.

"Bella." I quietly said and brought my arm back to my chest and crossed it with my other arm.

"Yeah, I'm aware of that by now, all I hear is Isabella this, Isabella that. I just don't see what's the big deal is. You're quiet and shy; I don't find it all that interesting."

"Well you didn't have to come here." My voice was loud enough to hear yet not enough for him to get the attitude.

"I didn't want to come here, I was forced to be here by my parents, if it wasn't for your birthday party which by the way sucks, I would be at another party having fun." The guy said and pushed off the doorframe.

I couldn't help but to be a little annoyed by him, a frowned formed on my face and I slowly sat on at the piano bench, I took my eyes off him and down at my lap, and I rested my hands on the bench near my legs. I took my high heels off and sighed slightly. He was little too blunt for my taste, yet there was something about him that made me want to stay.

Edward joined me on the bench and leaned forward, his arms resting on his legs as he looked over to me, I felt his stare on me. It didn't at all feel that uncomfortable like the ones before so I allowed myself to look at him.

"Your party sucks…" he said with a small laugh.

"Well you're making it suck even more." I said with no emotion, it sort of just slipped. My eyes went wide as I realized what I told him, my hand covered my mouth.

He tensed up a little and then narrowed his eyes as they stared into my own. "You're quick with your words I like that…" He replied and smiled only a little.

Saying nothing further I turned around in my spot and faced the piano, I looked over the keys and took a deep breath; I rest my hands on the keys and started to play. It was only a few moments later that Edward had joined me and a few minutes after he joined me it turned into a battle. I looked at him quickly and returned to focus.

Both of our hands moved along the keys and would bump into each other from time to time, but eventually I bumped my hand into his causing him to mess up and it ended there. He stared at me with mad like eyes and hit the keys before getting up and leaving the room with a slam of the door. I smiled to myself and looked down at the keys happily.

For the rest of the party I stayed in the room. I got up and grabbed my high heels and headed out of it knowing the guests were starting to leave, I said my thanks and goodbyes. When the Cullen family approached us, Edward remained in the back with his hands stuffed in his pockets. I didn't say a goodbye to him seeing that he took off before I could even open my mouth to speak.

I tiredly climbed the stairs and headed for my room, for not doing much I felt tired. I got out of my dress and didn't bother to hang it up, I headed for the restroom and washed my face getting the mask of make up off my face after I put back on my boxer shorts and that red t-shirt, I climbed into bed and laid down on my side. My eyes closed and his face was the last thing I saw before falling asleep.

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