The ride from the party was more eventful then it was to, I felt comfortable and felt like I didn't have to watch what I was going to say, if it was going to come out wrong or not propper then it would be laughed about. Even though I wasn't walked to the front door, I was content with the giggly goodbye I told Jasper and the big wave he sent back.

When I entered the house and looked at the clock it wasn't too late but a good enough time to want to go to sleep. I climbed the stairs to get to my room as my arms fell out of the holes of my sweater and my shoes were being kicked off and pushed into my room. I changed into some pajama pants and a v-neck shirt. I climbed into bed after washing the bit of make up that covered my face.

Not realizing how sleepy I was I fell asleep quickly. My dreamless night didn't seem to bug me; the only thing that was starting to bug me was the feeling of someone trying to wake me up. I tossed over onto my side thinking it was only me dreaming but it wasn't. I started to wake up slowly, the sun now hitting me in the face and the shock feeling of finding out that it was morning.

I blinked a few times to use to the brightness in my room and moved onto my back, I sighed slightly as I re-closed my eyes and got comfortable in my spot. I then felt the tip of a finger brush along my arm very slowly; I frowned at touch and opened my eyes. I looked to my side and jumped at the face that was close to my own.

"Oh calm down you know that I'm not that ugly. But I'm glad you're up now." Edward said while sitting up, he ran his fingers through his messy hair.

I watched him with a confused expression, I shook my head and rested my hand on my head and closed my eyes for a moment before sitting up. "What are you doing here Edward?" I asked sounding grumpy without intending to.

"I guess I deserve the attitude. My behavior last night was terrible, I wasn't suppose to be drunk off my ass, I was supposed to show you how a normal teenager is suppose to act." He started while getting off the bed; he stood next to it as his eyes wondered over to me.

"Whoa, wait a minute. Is Edward Cullen trying to apologize for his actions?" I asked with a small smile.

"Okay now don't get ahead of yourself Isabella Swan. Oh and what's with the full name thing?" Edward raised an eyebrow waiting for an explanation.

"Gives the whole situation more of an interest…" I stated and climbed out of bed and headed for my bathroom for the normal routine.

"Well anyways before I was rudely cut off by something stupid and not important, I'm not saying sorry more like make up for what happened." I heard Edward explain. As annoyed as I felt I couldn't help but let the feeling go when I opened the door and made eye contact with him.

"How are you going to do that?" I questioned curiously and leaned against the door frame of my bathroom.

"I'm going to make you any kind of breakfast you want." Edward said looking really proud of himself. He reached out and grabbed my hand instead of my forearm and led me out of my room.

"You're going to make me breakfast? That's a total joke." I said with a small laugh.

"Hey, I'm capable of making breakfast. Gees have some kind of faith in me Bella." Edward shook his head and started to rush down the stairs; I made a face at the sudden change and was able to get down without tripping or breaking my feet or ankle. "And there's something I want to give you." He said from over his shoulder.

I stared at the back of his head more confused then the moment I woke up, he was nice but still had the rude touch. I brushed off the feeling and went along with it but only became more curious on this gift or whatever. Edward let go of my hand once we were in the kitchen, he stood there waiting for me to bark orders.

"Well?" He asked sounding impatient as he leaned against the counter.

"Make me blueberry pancakes, no eggs and cut up fruit with some chocolate milk." I finally ordered and crossed my arms.

"Please?" He huffed and started to gather everything to make my breakfast.

"No, you're not nice to me all the time so why should I bother to be nice back?"

Edward looked over to me and gave me a wide almost a toothy smile. "Finally putting your foot down." he said happily and turned his back on me.

I sighed slightly at the thought of being mean; it wasn't something I was use to especially to him even though he was cruel to me. There were times while Edward was making my breakfast I tried to help out but I simply got the boot and was sent to sit outside on the patio.

Sitting there wasn't boring but the only thing that was getting me restless was that I was becoming hungrier. Repeatedly I would peer over my shoulder hoping that Edward would be coming out with the food but no such luck. After the 4th look he was finally coming, he made a few trips back and forth to get what ever was needed.

I looked down at my plate of food seeing it look rather good than disgusting, I bit down on my bottom lip and looked up at Edward, him only looking back at me wanting me to take a bite. When I no longer could handle it, I cut a piece of blueberry pancake and put it into my mouth. I expected the good taste to fade into something horrible but it never did.

"Wow this is surprisingly good." I commented and smiled to him.

"You doubted me?" Edward asked trying to sound shocked as his hand rested among his chest.

"Just a little…" I lied; I only did doubt him more than just a little.

"Whatever, just eat." He said and smiled slightly. Even if it was the slightest smile it got the smile on my lips to grow a little more.

After eating and talking with very few words we were done. I stood up and grathered all the dirty dishes as he grabbed the rest of the stuff, we headed back inside and started to clean the kitchen. We were almost done when Edward decided to call it quits. He grabbed my hand, the touch sending a chill down my spine as he did and walked back outside and towards my uncle's garden.

Without a wonder where my aunt and uncle where we continued onto the patio that just seemed to feel more like… our spot rather than just mine. I placed myself on my side of the swing as Edward placed himself on his. I looked over to him and then down to my lap, knowing the staring was something he didn't like.

"Here." He barely said as he placed a small box on my hands, my eyes wondered over the box. I looked up at him and got the box in my hold. I brought it to my ear and shook it hearing the slight rattle. "What?" he then asked.

"I just figured that the box will be empty." I said with the smallest shrug.

Edward rolled his eyes; the look of annoyance came to his face quickly as he looked over to some rose bush. "Just open the damn box Bella." He demanded.

I took a deep breath and nodded, I pulled off the lid of the box. My eyes grew big at the site of the gold colored necklace. I got the chain wrapped within my fingers as I pulled it out of my box. The gold heart charm rested upon my palm.

"This almost looks like…" I had started.

"I know the necklace that's on your dresser, I saw it that one time I was going through your things. It seemed special because it was nicely put it out and not tangled or mistreated like the other necklaces." Edward cut in.

I kept my eyes on the necklace and looked over the charm and smiled a little before I looked up at him. "But why would you get me a necklace that I already have?" I asked softly.

"Well the only difference is this one opens up." He explained and sent an only a half smile back.

"And why would you even get me a necklace?"

"Oh my god, I didn't know that we were playing 20 questions." He mumbled and rubbed his temple for a moment while taking a deep breath. "Okay Bella, I figured that the person that gave you the necklace must have been important so… I wanted to be important to you too…" He said slowly as his voice got low towards the last line.

I stared at Edward in disbelief and shook my head trying to process what he had just stated. I licked my lips and looked down at the necklace and returned my eyes to Edward who was now staring at me. "This isn't a trick right?" I asked and narrowed my eyes a little.

Edward shook his head a little and moved closer to me. He gently got the necklace out of my hold before leaning forward, he reached behind me and started to put on the necklace, his lips being fairly close to my ear. I swallowed hard at the feeling that starting to form in my stomach.

Once he was done, he leaned out and stared into my eyes making me almost fall into a daze. I was shocked by the sudden movement and his lips pressed against mine. It finally came to mind that he was kissing me and I was sitting there brain dead letting the moment pass me by. My hand automatically made its way to his cheek and my lips started to mingle with his.

A breathless moment later we parted, a blushed made an appearance onto my cheeks making them a dark red. The only way I knew that Edward was fine with this was because he was laughing a little and staying close. A few minutes passed and not a rude comment had left his mouth. Being able to finally look him in the eyes I saw something different but I couldn't help but notice the blush that he was now recovering from.

I opened my mouth to speak but the shout of my name cut me off completely, I looked over to the door and saw Adele smiling widely. I started to wonder if she saw the kiss but she looked a little too happy as she started to wave me over. I looked back at Edward and he waved me off as well with a smile. I got to my feet quickly and hurried over to Adele, her wide smile was starting to make me smile more. I stood in front of her and she took a deep breath to calm herself.

"What's going on?" I asked and laughed a little, growing more curious.

"Your dad, he finally woke up from his coma." She said happily and threw her arms around my frame.

I couldn't help but let the scream escape from me as I wrapped arms around Adele; we jumped in place for a moment and finally pulled away. "I got to see him right away." I said before moving my jaw around feeling the ache from smiling too much.

"Go, go." She said while pushing me inside and laughed.

I looked over to my shoulder seeing Edward already making his way over to the house so I continued to the stairs. I was half way up when I felt his hand on my lower back; I looked over my shoulder to him and gave him a wide smile before looking forward. I finally made it to my room and started to grather clothes.

"So you're gonna leave?" he asked softly as he placed himself on the bed.

"Just for a bit…" I told him happily and hurried over to my restroom for a shower.

I took a quick one and started to get ready. As I was putting my pants I heard light murmurs come from my room, I knew Edward couldn't have been talking to Adele, so I assumed he was on the phone. I opened the door quietly and poked my head out of the small opening making sure I was right. I nodded as he talked but stopped quickly, feeling frozen in my spot as I overheard what he was saying.

"This isn't something I want to be in, I'm going to have to sneak around just to be with her, she probably doesn't even know what love is if it bite her in the ass." He sighed deeply as he wanted for answer, I guess. "Yeah, I know I wasn't looking for it but I just don't think she's really worth going to hell and back." He continued. I swallowed hard and walked out of the restroom closing the door behind making it obvious I was out. He muttered a goodbye and hung up before turning to me.

"I didn't know you would even go to hell and come back for a girl." I said and got socks from my dresser and put them on. I kept my eyes on Edward and shook my head in disgrace.

"So you heard that huh?" He asked sounding only a bit nervous as he smacked the back of his phone against the palm of his hand.

I rolled my eyes while slipping on some shoes. I crossed my arms over my chest and bit down on my bottom lip for a second and let it go. "Yeah I did in matter of a fact. The sad part of this is that my first kiss was wasted on an asshole." I sighed deeply and rushed out of my room with Edward hot on my tail.

"Bella you're joking right? I couldn't be your first kiss!" He said sounding shock by the news.

"But you were and I didn't expect you to remember anything I tell you." I said over my shoulder as I reached the last stair and turned to face him.

"You didn't tell me anything about this!"

"I've never had a boyfriend before connect the dots Edward!" I sort of yelled and took a shaky breath.

"You've never had a boyfriend before?" He asked still in his shock state.

"Oh my god, stay away from me Edward, far, far, far away." I said and stared into his eyes. He opened his mouth to speak but I beat him to the punch. "Don't even try to charm your away out of this." I turned around and noticed Adele standing there utterly confused.

I shook my head hoping she got the message to not ask and luckily she did. She reached for my hand and led me out of the house leaving Edward behind. Right when things were starting to seem less blurry and not so confusing, they feeling rushs back but only harder.