Title: Riding Wild

Summary: Jasper must work for a living; Edward has everything money can buy…Slash, both human.

Pairing: Jasper/Edward

Word Count: 500

Rating: M

Disclaimer: No one on this site owns twilight, that includes me, sadly…

I watched out the barn window as he rode the beautiful stallion. His muscles bunched up and moved under his shirt, I couldn't help as my imagination soared.

"Get back to work Jasper." My boss yells.

I reluctantly turn to start mucking out the stalls.

The day goes by fast and soon I am heading out the door.

"Raining, great." I mumble as I start walking home.

"Jasper, do you need a ride?" Edward asks from his car when he sees me.

"Um, yeah." I say as I hop in, feeling bad about getting his seat wet.

"You like Kamelot?" I ask surprised when the song Forever starts playing on the stereo.

"You know who they are?" He asks surprised. "I just got their new album. Would you like to come over and listen? My parents are gone." He adds the last bit like it would make or break my decision.

"Sure, why not?" It's not like Edward was a stranger, we went to school together.

"Would you mind if I um, used your shower? I smell like the barn." I felt embarrassed as I stood in his nice home with my dirty wet clothes.

"Sure, I'll grab one after you."

The warm water felt nice on my body as I quickly washed up and got back out; putting on the clothes Edward lent me.

"My turn." Edward says when I reenter his room.

I take a look around his room as I wait, noticing there aren't the usual half nude girls all over the walls.

Before I realize I'm no longer alone strong arms are around me holding me in my place.

"Jasper, do you know how long I've wanted to hold you?" His voice smooth as his warm breath washed over me.

"What?" I question unsure what he was talking about.

"I'm sorry," he says letting go of me and stepping back. "Guess I just assumed that... oh never mind. I can take you home if you want..."

He was babbling and when I turned to look at him I noticed a slight blush on his cheeks.

What he's talking about sinks in and I pull him towards me, crashing my lips to his and soaking up his taste as my tongue begs for entrance.

His hands work their way under my t-shirt as mine tangle into his hair.

"I've thought about you so much." I whisper as we break apart to breathe.

"That makes two of us." He whispers back, allowing me to pull his body to mine.

I was hard and throbbing and pleased when his own hard on pressed into my thigh.

"Hm… feels like someone's thinking like me." Edward laughs as his lips move to my ear. "Maybe we should take this over to the bed."

I don't remember voicing my agreement but soon I'm being pushed onto my back, my shirt falls to the floor and is quickly followed by Edwards.

"Perfect." I say as I run my hands down his torso.