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Epilogue II- Three Months Later

Location: Cemetery- Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Time: 1300hrs

Never in her life had she seen the weather to be so gloomy and overcast, but she supposed that it was very fitting of what this day was to her. After months of searching, Christie had located her grandfather in a hospital in Rio. At first, she was excited that she had the chance to be reunited with her only known family, but as soon as she walked into that room, the joy vanished. The grandfather that she once knew was no longer there, instead was the shell that was connected to wires and tubes, machines beeped and supported this fragile life.

The doctors had told her that he was in a grave state, that there was a very slim chance that he would wake up and be the same man that he was before. Eventually, Christie had to make the decision. Of course, more than anything in the world, she wanted him to live and for everything to go back to how it was before his imprisonment. However, he would be in constant pain, suffering and Christie realised that perhaps that time had passed, maybe it was better for him to die peacefully than to live on.

The very next day, she informed the doctors to switch off the life-support and her grandfather died shortly after. Soon after that, Steve left for Japan after he heard about Jin's death and Christie told him that his place was with his mother, that Nina needed him more than her.

The young woman stood there alone, her face concealed by a dark veil and wore a black, long-sleeved dress. Christie looked up into the sky, the tears streamed down her face. Oh how she wished that she didn't have to do this alone, she wished for one person and one person to be there by her side. Of course, she was still furious with him for taking off like that, but now more than ever, Christie wanted nothing more than for Eddy to be with her, to hold her in his strong arms and tell her words of comfort.

'Eddy, I wish you were here.'

She sobbed quietly and looked down, closing her eyes.

"Grandpa," she managed to say, her voice broken.

The sound of footsteps approached from behind, alerting the woman of the presence of another person. When she looked up, it was the person that had been on her mind this entire time.

Eddy walked up to her silently and stood next her. He wore a dark suit and glasses, the symbol of the Mishima Zaibatsu still attached to his lapel. He never looked at her, only to stare down at the grave that his mentor occupied. Christie, however, no longer could keep the emotions bottled up and moved in front of him and narrowed her eyes in anger. She raised her hand and slapped him, the sound of skin meeting skin echoed through the air.

"Where have you been?"

The Brazilian man never said a word, only to feel the guilt of everything that he had placed the young woman in front of him through. His former student that he had considered to be more than a close friend, but never had the chance to express how he felt. But he knew that she felt the same way.

Instantly, she fell into him wrapped her arms around his torso, silently wept into his broad chest. Eddy knew exactly who was to blame. He trusted Jin and the Mishima Zaibatsu to cure his mentor's illness, but instead it was worse than was it had been and progressed even faster. They needed to pay and reaching his hand up to the lapel of his jacket, he ripped off the pin that symbolised his involvement with the Zaibatsu and threw it onto the ground. It cracked in half and Eddy wrapped his strong arms around Christie and the two of them continued to stand there in silence.

Location: Millennium Tower- Kazuya's Office

Time: 0100hrs

"What's the plan now?" Anna asked as she reached forward to grab her glass of red wine from Kazuya's outstretched hand. "Now with the war over, perhaps this will be our chance to take down the Zaibatsu."

Kazuya sighed and downed a mouthful of wine as he leaned up against the front of his wooden desk, in that darkened office. The war had been over for the past three months, his troops still suffered the aftermath. The final battle decimated the majority of his elite soldiers and the army wasn't strong enough to even take on a half-strength Tekken Force. It was evident that it would take a long time for G-Corp to rebuild before opposing the Mishima Zaibatsu again, but until that day comes it was time to allow the world to recover from the devastation.

"Not at the moment, the army is still weak," Kazuya replied and looked into his glass, smirking. "Anyway, I think that sister of yours will be staying away from war for quite a while, seems like she's got things of her own to be dealing with."

Anna chuckled and crossed her legs.

'Oh yes, my dear sister must be still grieving,' she thought, swirling around the contents of her glass in an elegant manner. 'I wonder whether if she's going to give the Zaibatsu up.'

"So you're going to wait, to see if she'll hand the Zaibatsu off?"

Chuckling, Kazuya stood up and walked around to the other side of the desk. He instantly received word about Jin just as he was leaving Egypt that day, then he watched the press conference presented by Nina. She confirmed that Jin Kazama was dead and giving a public apology, as well as an explanation of Jin's reasons for starting the war. Since that day, Kazuya had been waiting for the opportunity that Nina would leave the Zaibatsu and then he would seize control, to run both organisations for his own plot for world domination. He knew that somewhere, out there that Heihachi too was waiting for the same opportunity.

"If I can gain control of the Zaibatsu, then the world will be at my mercy," he explained. "Imagine it, no one would dare to oppose us and both armies will be combined. The world will be brought down onto its knees, I will have gained back the Devil's power and then…then no one can stop me."

"I know my sister, she wouldn't give up without a fight," Anna told him and stood up. "Why do you think she hadn't submitted to me yet in our battles?"

Kazuya smiled at her, recalling when Nina was captured and placed into cryosleep. He certainly remembered that the assassin had tried to fight off the guards as they dragged her down into the laboratory to be placed into the cryogenic tube, hell she was still kicking as she was being restrained down. Certainly, that sort of fighting spirit had to be admired, but was foolish enough to think she was capable to secretly get past an entire army and three bodyguards just to kill him.

There had to be a weakness of hers that they could use to their advantage. It was just the matter of trying to find it.

"Indeed, she is a stubborn one," Kazuya said after a while. "However, she has a weakness just like everyone else. Like mine is power…"

"And hers are her own memories," Anna finished and started to walk over to him. "I know for a fact when she began to recall the memories of her and our past she would succumb to be crippled with pain. It happened in the graveyard when we visited out father's stone."

Kazuya nodded and raised his glass, while Anna did the same.

"Here is to the beginning of a new dawn," Kazuya proposed a toast. "May our enemies fall to our mercy."

Anna gave a sweet smile and they tapped their glasses together.

August 16th 2008

Location: Mishima Zaibatsu- Military Compound

Time: 1130hrs

The sky was grey and overcast, the base was in ruins and the troops were halved. But those factors hadn't stopped the leader of the Mishima Zaibatsu from standing before the Tekken Force, up on that podium and lingered an icy blue gaze over the men. Her long, black leather coat flew behind her as she walked across that stage and stopped upon reaching the microphone, her long blonde hair was loose and ran down her back, cascading down like a waterfall. She was in black skirt, shirt and heels and had that look of determination set across her face.

Nina had been busy with her duties over the past few months since that fateful day. The day after returning from Egypt, she announced the end of the war and confirmed Jin's death. She could still remember her words clearly, even to this day…

Three Months Ago…

The press had gathered around her. Nina, dressed in black business attire, looked around and swallowed the lump in her throat. She hated the thought that she was the one that had to pick up the pieces, but it had to be done and she was the only one left to carry out that task.

"I'm sure you're all wondering why this press conference had been called," Nina spoke into the microphone. "I, Nina Williams, the new head of the Mishima Zaibatsu, will be announcing the withdrawal of all troops. Therefore, I'm calling the end of this war and effective immediately, these troops will be dispatched to assist with clean-up operations."

She took a breath and continued.

"On behalf of the late Jin Kazama, we would like to apologise for the starting of the war, but it was a necessary action to save it," she continued, causing the reporters and the worldwide audience to be confused. "The reason to start the war…was to stop an ancient spirit that had been locked away for hundreds of years to resurrect and spread its chaos."

Before speaking her next words, Nina remembered what she had said to Lars before she left him.

"But before you all start condemning his actions, maybe you're all such saints that you think you can judge whether that he was right, or wrong. Somehow, I doubt it and in a way, Jin Kazama can be forever perceived as an anti-hero to many, but to others…he sacrificed himself so that the rest of us can live in an entropy-free planet. Thank you for your time and I will not be taking questions at this current point in time."

Present Day…

Shortly after, the mark of the Devil that plagued Nina's forearm disappeared within a month. She had approached Dr. Boskonovitch and he had confirmed that Devil had no controlling presence of her and she returned to her normal human-self. But even so, there was still that voice echoing in her mind and she couldn't put her finger on it. She had thought, when she left Azazel's temple after her conversation with Lars that Jin's sacrifice was in vein and hadn't stopped the curse, but maybe it just needed time to disappear.

She had grieved for a while, but then realised that Jin didn't die just so that she lived on and drown in despair. No, he would have wanted for her to live on like always, to be the strong, independent woman that he first met. From that day, Nina's resolve strengthened and hardened back into the woman that she once was. To live life without fear, to do what she was tasked to do, but never once forgetting about the one man that she allowed into her heart. She hadn't closed herself entirely, but she wasn't prepared to allow people to come in as she wanted Jin's memory never to be replaced from that one spot within her.

It was funny how things ended up. Once the cold-blooded assassin, fighting underground competitions just to earn money, ending up being hired as a bodyguard and fall in love to result in becoming the CEO of an organisation within a year, it wasn't anything that she had expected. She still had that cold-blooded exterior that people feared and made them avoid crossing the line with her, and that alone constantly made the soldiers alert of her presence. It certainly a place that Nina never had thought she would end up in.

'Hmph, I thought that after this I would be taking out contracts again for clients,' she thought and a small grin appeared on her lips. 'But I guess that won't be happening. Don't want Kazuya or that old bastard Heihachi to claim the Zaibatsu and start wars again.'

There had been no word on any activity by the G-Corporation. Nina figured that since their army had suffered a great loss of numbers, they had gone into hiding and probably were rebuilding. Even if that were the case, Nina was prepared to retaliate if they were to attack, but for now her goal was to restore the world to how it once was before the conflict.

"At ease," she spoke into the microphone. "You all have done a fair bit of work in the clean-up process, and I formally congratulate you on your efforts. But, we still have a long way to go, there are still multiple nations that need our help. However, you all need to keep in mind of a possible attack from G-Corporation…"

She drifted off for a moment, recollected her thoughts and took a deep breath. Obviously speaking in public was still getting to her.

"Anyway, even though the war has been over for quite sometime," she continued, ignoring the knot that had formed in her stomach. "Kazuya Mishima will try to bring us down, and need to be prepared to defend ourselves. Therefore, I'm calling for all bases to be rebuilt and operational within the next few months, and training will need to occur while we continue our current operations."

She looked over to Steve, who stood off-stage and smiled at her, reassuring that she was doing fine. The blonde woman nodded and continued.

"As of now, I am ordering for all soldiers not to attack the enemy, unless you're fired upon first. That is all that I have to say and I'll hand you back to your commanders to dismiss you."

Nina saluted the troops and began to make her exit.

"Well, you certainly had them drawn in," Steve said while he stood there dressed in a light blue suit, as Nina walked down the steps. "So what's going to happen next?"

Nina shrugged and continued to walk on, with her son beside her.

"I don't know, everything will just be a waiting game now," she replied. "Kazuya has to make the first move before we can do anything." The two of them stopped and looked at each other. "But for now, we have run everything as normal."

Steve nodded and crossed his arms. Since leaving Christie in Brazil to seek out Nina, the young boxer decided to stay and help out as much as he could with the clean-up since Nina announced the end of the war. Over the past few months, they continued to strengthen the mother-son bond that they slowed started to develop months ago, resulting in Nina officially making Steve her right-hand man and second-in-command.

At first he was reluctant, still held some hatred for everything that the Zaibatsu did. But over time and since it was his mother that was in control and changing things for the greater good, he had a change of heart and accepted.

The two of them smiled at each other, before Steve narrowed his eyes and looked past Nina's shoulder.

"Hey, who are you?"

"Steve, what's wrong?"

"None of your business, I'm here to see her," a third, deep male voice said from behind the assassin.

Nina spun around, pulling out a handgun that she had concealed under her short skirt and pointed it at the dark-skinned man behind her. Instantly, she recognised him, she fought him in the fifth tournament.

"Some call me Raven, the dark talon of death."

Slowly, Nina lowered her gun and narrowed her eyes at the intruder.

"Never thought I'd see your face again."

"I wasn't expecting a warm reception, in fact I don't even know why I came here," Raven replied, crossing his arms. "But, I have some information that you might be interested in."

The assassin sighed heavily and turned her back to him, preparing to walk off.

"Whatever you have to say, you can keep to yourself. You need to leave before I alert the soldiers of an intruder on the base."

The ninja chuckled deeply and remained glued to the spot.

"Your loss then," he said and dropped his arms by his side. "I just thought you'd be interested that we have intelligence on the whereabouts of Jin and fragments that have been confirmed to belong to Azazel."

Nina's eyes widened and she turned back around. Did they find something? What if it was a trick? No, if she dismissed him now then she wouldn't ever know whether if he was telling the truth in the first place. Quickly, she glanced over to Steve, who visibly was thinking the same thing that she was thinking and then back to Raven.

'Have they been looking for him this entire time?' Nina thought and crossed her arms. 'Of course, if they found him, then a part of Azazel would have been located nearby. But can I trust him enough to know that he's telling the truth?'

She took a few steps towards the man and looked down to the ground.

"We'll go back to the Zaibatsu," she told him and looked up. "You can explain everything there, and I mean everything. I want to know about what you found."

Raven nodded and followed mother and son through the grounds of the compound.

Whatever it was, Nina realised that even though there was a possibility that Jin had been located, she couldn't bring herself around to find hope. Of course, she wanted deep down to be reunited with him, but she wanted to live on with Jin's memory stored in her heart so that it would hurt less. In his absence, she had rebuilt the emotion wall that she once had up and only allowed her only son to enter and closed it off to all others. But still, if there was the chance to gain closure, then Nina was going to take that opportunity, even if it was in words.

The Devil's bodyguard was about to hear about the possible location of the one that she once protected.

To Be Continued…

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