"Grimmjow, what are"-

Ichigo watched cautiously as the espada made his way over to the orange-headed boy, wordless and sword less- since he had stuck his Pantera into the ground, moments before.

"Shut up, Shinigami."

Grimmjow's words were harsh but still quiet. His head was down and he was acting as if he was deciding something on the inside. As if he was fighting with himself; maybe an... internal conflict?


"I said shut up, Shinigami!"

Grimmjow's eyes were filled with anger and confusion, except his face had a tint of pink in them as if he was embarrassed? Ichigo, upon seeing the look on his face, unknowingly lowered his guard and lowered his sword slowly.

"Grimmjow?" He whispered his name, just as Grimmjow stopped right in front of him, his face still down.

"Grimmjow, what's"-

"Shinigami…" Was what Grimmjow suddenly growled as he moved faster than light and grabbed Ichigo's face; this action caused Ichigo to flinch and drop his sword out of fright.

"Grimmjow… what are you…?"

"Shut. Up."

And then Grimmjow pressed his lips to Ichigo's in a ferocious kiss.