Please tell my your're joking. Please please please! Anything but that! Oh you're probably wondering why i'm screaming my head off in my mind right now. It's not that i'm crazy or anything, it's because of my father. The war with Victoria is over and we just finished our meeting with the Volturi. Edward was running back home with me on his back. I would have enjoyed the ride, if it weren't for the fact that the sky was thundering out loud right now.

Okay, my name is Isabella Swan. Obviously. But my father isn't Charlie. Oh no, it's Zeus. Lord of the Sky and God of all Gods. I didn't hate my father, but i hated how he keeps me in a small camp with other demi-gods. All i did there was train and train. Nothing fun about it. Well, okay i had some fun with my cousins. Percy, Annabeth, Nico and my half sister Thalia. But that was all over when i decided to bust out of camp. Now my dear father is looking for me because he's afraid i will get hurt.

Uh, no i won't daddy. Want to know why? it's because i inherited your powers, something Thalia was too stubborn to wait for. Okay that was harsh considering she was turned into a tree at the age of 12 and turned into a Huntress of Artemis. But still!
I can make the thunder clouds roar just like you dad and i also have a lighting bolt that you made for me once remember? Yeah it's currently on my wrist waiting to be used. So take that Zeus! The sky thundered loudly. Oh shit, he heard me.

So you know what two can play at this game. I concentrated all my power on the sky and it thundered just like how his did. And for like five minutes the sky quieted down, i was so proud of myself. I shut my father up. Oh yes.

We reached the house and Edward got me inside.
"Well, that was some interesting weather." Emmett commented.
"It's like Zeus is mad or something." I'm pretty sure that's what Jasper said.
"Did you say Zeus?" I asked.
"Uh, no" Jazz said quickly.
"Um, okay?" I said. I sat down with Edward, but i saw him give a glare to Jasper, as if they were keeping something from me.

"Family meeting right now. Because Bella, we have something important to tell you." Carlisle said. I waited to hear this. I couldn't tell them i was a powerful demigod because of my stupid father. The sky rumbled again. So i did it too, but made it much louder and he shut up again. So HA! You will never find me!

"What is Carlisle?" I asked.
"Bella do you believe in greek gods?" Edward asked holding my hand. Woah woah wait? Greek Gods? Please tell me they aren't who i think they are? SO i acted dumb. PLEASE no!

"You mean like Zeus, Posiedon and Hades?" My father and favorite Uncles.
"yes. Well, those gods come to earth and get together with mortals, the offspring of those couples are called demigods." Carlisle took a deep breath. I can see Rose and Alice looking at me and jasper was trying to sooth me. But i honestly didn't need it. However i was shocked that the Cullens might be telling me that they're demigods. But i could be wrong. I'm hoping for the latter.

"What does this have to do with you guys?" I asked no.
"Well, all of us are demigods." There was a long pause after that. The Cullens were demigods. How could i not sense that? I seriously have lost my touch, or maybe i was just blinded with Edward's love and their vampireness that i didn't care to even check. But more importantly! I'm dead.
Have they heard of the quest my father sent all the demigods and Gods on. Yeah, the quest that is taking them forever to complete.

They have to find me and bring me back to Olympus safely. Gosh, my father is too over protective that he brings everyone to do his will. Gosh. That's why i'm hiding, it's embarassing and i don't want to live my entire life in a camp because my father doesn't trust me enough to take on the real world of danger. I've done it plently of times. I mean Thalia does it everyday. And she's 12, technically 18 because of the tree thing, but still!

"We've just recieved news from Zeus, The Lord of the Sky, that he wants all Gods to visit their children and tell them about the new quest he sent out. So our mothers and fathers are coming, to check up on us." AW SHIT! I'm DEAD! Whose coming? If it's Aphrodite, i will punch myself.

"Okay, i believe you and i'm cool with this. I just hope the Gods will accept me for knowing." I said. Or the fact that i left and now they're all on this stupid quest because of me, i thought to myself.

"Thank you Bella." Edward said and kissed me. Everyone came up to me and hugged me. I hugged them back. When i finished hugging Rose, three bright shining lights appeared simultaneously. I looked away. But when i looked back i immediatley went and stayed out of sight.

Two reasons why i did that.
One, my funniest uncles Apollo and Ares were here. So i knew they would instantly recognize me. And

Two, Aphrodite was here. I was punching myself up badly.