I don't know how long it was, but i knew that people might be a bit worried about where i was. I started my way back with a slow step. But something was always bringing me back to the elevator. I want to go and kick the shit out of my grandfather, but i'm scared of hurting others while doing it.

If my father, Zeus, found out, he would do anything to protect me. From that i actually meant that he would lock me in a room till the war was over. That is something that i'm not fond of. I mean, i'm a demi-god, he should at least know that i can't stay still.

I didn't even want to think about my dear Cullen family. I can't stand the thought of hurting them. This is way beyond them. But one way or another, i was going to tell them the truth, and when the truth comes out, that's the time i will worry about their well-being.

With each step i took i gained confidence, but when i reached the throne room, i lost all that confidence and i couldn't even push the door open, let alone touch it. I felt a tap on my shoulder. Of course being a demi-god i turned around with my sword in hand but i lowered it as soon as i saw who was standing right in front of me.


I don't know what came over me but i knew i couldn't do this with the Cullens just in the next room. I grabbed her hand and i dragged her to a room far from the throne, a room where my vampires can't hear me. Once we entered I pulled her in the bright room and i just entrusted my whole self to her. I started crying for everything that i'm about to lose, everything that's about to happen and everything that can't happen with Edward.

"Bells, i take it you haven't told them yet?" Rachel asked me, while holding me.
"No..." I sobbed into her nice silken shirt.

Rachel gets me, but she loves to tell the truth.
"Please don't say anything, until i do..." I sobbed again.

"I promise." She stated.

I composed myself and i once again dragged her to the throne room to possibly tell everyone the truth behind my disappearance. We made it to the throne room and once again i couldn't push the door. Rachel saw my hesitation and literally kicked it open.

"RACHEL?" Percy shouted. He ran over and hugged her.
"What is going up Perc?" She said.
"Nothing. But it's great to have you back here. You are the oracle, so yeah." Percy said.
"Good one." I broke the awkward silence.

"Bella? I know what's going on." Edward said while walking up to me. I looked at Rachel and we both look at my boyfriend with shocked eyes.

How did he find out?