A/N: Hey! I see you've stumbled onto my writing bit! I have been planning this story since October or November of '10. I didn't want so start until I played through B/W myself. Well I did! And now I can start writing! I'm fairly new to writing, but I've been told I'm fairly decent. I have been waiting a long time to write an Isshushipping fic! Most of this is in Black's POV, with N POV every four chapters.

Pairings: Black/N (Isshushipping), slight Harmoniashipping Also mentions some Bianca/Cheren, and very slight hints of onesided Kuroshipping at one point.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon. If I did, I'd make characters gay left and right.

Warnings: Heed this warning: This story contains yaoi (malexmale relationships) I'm telling now; it also contains mentions of parental abuse, rape and incest. (I tried to keep this a minimum though.) Also, there is some suggestive dialogue and lot's of sailor mouthing (Because I see Black as a cusser, while N is like "y u say dat?")

Now, all my intense warnings and whatnot aside, I give you a wonderful 57 chapter long isshushipping fic! Enjoy. BD

It had been only two years, since that day. The day my life changed. It was the day I began my faithful journey across Unova. My name? Black, and I wasn't even seventeen yet when I finished my journey across the region. I had caught pokebros, and trained them to defeat any opponent. Within a year, my friends and I had risen to become some of the strongest trainers in Unova. I had beaten the Champion about six months ago, making me a champion myself. But not before I had got the legendary Pokemon Zekrom.

I remember it quite plainly. I had battled against my friend, or supposed friend, N in a battle between two legendaries. He wanted to separate pokemon and humans so we could finally live equally, and to do so he needed to beat me, the supposed other hero. I had won, in the end, but sometimes I wished I hadn't. After I had won N got a tongue lashing from his father, Ghetsis, who then turned on me and battled. That three-headed rape dragon he had nearly took down all my Pokemon in one foul swoop. In the end my Scrafty barely managed to defeat him. It was the last time I saw N. Sometimes I wished he hadn't gone. I could see the mixture of uncertainty and pain in his gaze as he lept on his Reshiram. It was a dramatic moment that was stuck inside in my memory forever. The image of him riding off into the sunset... it was so perfect that it made me shiver in awe just thinking about it. I often wondered what became of him – he wasn't exactly a normal person right from the get-go. Always so different. He didn't even know that much about the human world.

I recalled the Ferris wheel. He had never even seen one, let alone ride on one. When he went up, I was convinced he only had me ride with him because he was scared out of his wits to go alone. That was the day I had learned his motives, and became his friend. …Or so I thought. He had explained to me his goals, and his beliefs. It was strange, after that he just kept appearing everywhere. In the moments where I was in need, or just popping up for a battle, or to speak to my Pokemon. He was always so distant, and guarded. Even claiming me as his ally, his friend, he still appeared very untrustworthy of me.

It was the moments in battle, or speaking to his pokemon that he seemed more at ease. It was those moments I plainly realized that N had next to no human contact all of his life. He was so uneasy around people, but when it came to Pokemon he appeared to be much calmer, and happy. Sometimes I wished that I could see that side of him all the time, but when he noticed me noticing him, he would put his mask up once again. I never completely got N, I always thought he was a strange being. But then, what worthwhile human isn't strange?

"Black! Black it's time for dinner!" I was pulled from my deep thoughts at the sound of my mom calling me for dinner. Presently, I was on the floor in front of my tv. I just realized I had been playing my Wii, and must have died cause the main menu was up and the screen was red, my character on the ground. I was in such a haze of thought that I forgot what I had even been playing.

I spent most of my days like this; if I wasn't out finding random trainers to battle, I was at home lazing the afternoons away. With a sigh, I clicked my Wii off and trotted out the door and downstairs. Good smells of cooked food met my nose as I headed into the kitchen. I sat at the table; a plate of food was already in front of me. I wasn't a huge eater normally, but on the days like this I could eat just about anything.

My mom sat down across from me, with her fiance, John, a guy she had been dating since I was thirteen. I didn't mind him, thought we weren't exactly close, but then, he was better the N's father by far. Ghetsis gave N the chewing out of a lifetime after I had defeated him in battle, it must have been hell as a child if Ghetsis was always that grumpy. He couldn't possibly begin to imagine having such a man for a father, who manipulated and lied. Hopefully N's mother managed to balance things out.

Damn it, there goes my thoughts again. I dug into the grub before me. I didn't really taste it at all; it was all a big blur as the food slowly disappeared from the plate. It hadn't been long of eating and some small talk when the doorbell rang. I assumed it was Cheren or Bianca, since they were the only ones to visit at this hour.

"I'll get it." I got up from my seat, excusing myself and whisking away to the door. I almost tripped over my serperior, Smugleaf, who took a luxury of splaying out on the ground in the living room and tripping anyone who came near. It gave me its signature smug look before returning to its nap. I grumbled and unlocked the door and thrust it open.

I must have looked pretty stupid, because after it clicked who was in front of me, I was sure I felt my jaw drop and eyes bulge. In the doorway, rather soaked from the rain, looking ragged and dirty was N, whom the last time I saw was riding into the distance on a beautiful white dragon.

Not so beautiful now, nor so hopeful or dramatic. He looked more like death in a doorway. Once shimmering green hair was dull, wet and filthy, the white shirt he had looked more brown or gray then anything, covered in scuff marks and dirt. His pants were torn at the knees, and his shoes were brown with mud. Rain streamed off his body and puddle around his shivering body.

But his eyes... his eyes were fearful; they were desperate and looked betrayed. It almost hurt looking into them. I hadn't even begun noticing the blood that was in scuffed smudges all across his entire body.

"N... N, what are you doing here?" I managed to blurt out after many awkward minutes standing there.

He opened his mouth to reply, but nothing came out. Instead, he looked as if he was about to break down and crumble into a million pieces. He continued to tremble, almost looking about to collapse. I managed to move and grab him before he could fall.

"What happened to you? And how did you find me here?" I asked, trying to find out exactly what was going on. And again, I got no answer. Instead, he fell out of my grasp and onto his knees, where he convulsed and attempted to vomit. Only, nothing but some specks of blood came up. He had obviously been in a horrible shape for a long time, and hadn't eaten anything. I could see that he was terribly skinny under his soaked clothes.

"Black dear what's goin—Oh my lord" My mom had come out to see what was going on, but froze in the doorway as she stared at the man who was covered in blood and dirt, making horrible hacking sounds and trembling on the ground.

Though I barely noticed her, instead, I was crouched by N and attempted to pull him inside.

"Smugleaf! Help! Mom, move, move, move." I shooed her away. My Serperior came as commanded, and took one look at N with wide eyes. I could tell Smugleaf remembered him. "Help me take him into the house!" I was shaking in a panic. Whatever the hell was happening, I felt rather useless. I was shocked at the state of N. All the blood, all the wounds. As I dragged the now limp body in my hands, Smugleaf wrapped his tail around N and helped him inside. Once we were all in the living room, I crouched over the now motionless body of N.

"N? N! What happened—N?" I kept calling his name, than snapped at mom to do something. I didn't mean to be harsh, but at a time like this it was useless to just stand around and gawk.

"R-right." She replyed with a stammer. She shut the door then raced into the kitchen. A few moments later her and John came in. He, too, took a second or two to stare at N before retreating to the bathroom.

Mom had a wet washcloth in her hands, and she crouched down. Her hands were shaking as she placed it on his forehead. But still, he wasn't moving. I was trembling. Was he dead? He couldn't be dead! I swore I saw his chest move, but to be safe I put two hands on his bruised neck. I felt pulses, and I was flooded with relief.

After John returned, he had brought bandages and towels. We all managed to settle down, though inside I was still panicking. What was going on? What happened to N? This had to be some dream... it had to be. Only stuff like this happens in dreams...

...It was doing a good job of convincing me otherwise.

After the blood was cleaned off his face and hands, John suggested we wait until he woke up to work on any other wounds that would be under his clothing. Luckily, only a few minutes passed before he regained consciousness. Barely.

"N, what happened? Are you alright?" Stupid question, he obviously was not. He didn't reply, just looked up at me with a fearful stare.

"H…h….h-.." N started.

"H? H? H what?" I persisted.

"H…he….." His eyelids fluttered, and he slipped back to unconsciousness. I called his name a few more times but he didn't wake.

So, a few bandages and antibiotics later, N rested underneath a blanket on the coach. He had been stripped down to his boxers, and I had nearly fainted at all the scars that covered his body. Some fresh, some old. Some were long, going half his chest length. Others were small, but were still very much visible. There were a fair amount of fresh ones going across his back, shoulders and chest. There were bruises going all across his legs, chest and back as well. He looked more like a strange pokemon then human, with all the black and blue. Not to mention tons of scuff marks and dirt. His clothes were utterly drenched with blood and rain water, so mom threw them in the washer.

Whatever N had went through, it must have been terrible. And worse, N had none of his pokeballs either. His precious pokemon could be anywhere.

Serperior near the coach presently, keeping watch in case N woke up. I had told mom and John to stay away from N if he woke up. Serperior had a better chance of calming him down. John and Mom didn't understand, but they left it up to me anyway and went to bed.

I had sat on the chair next to the coach for the longest time. I the television on, but I wasn't really watching it. I couldn't explain the feelings that coursed through me as I watched N, his scared face in a slumber. I couldn't help but notice the bags under his eyes from lack of sleep. His hair was greasy, obviously unwashed for a long time. He had red marks on his neck, and small bruises. I could clearly see them from here.

By now, he was sound asleep and I was waiting for him to wake up. My eyes were fluttering with exhaustion. It was almost midnight. I had been tending to N for four or five hours. Sleep seemed nice right about now… My eyes suddenly snapped open when I heard a rustle and a groan. N was waking. Carefully, I leaned forward. N's eyes were flickering, attempting to focus. It would be a long while before finally he actually became conscious. Then he looked over at me.

Those eyes. Reflected pure fear.

He stared at me for a long while before I dare ask him again. "N. What happened? Why.. Why are you like this?" I almost stumbled over the words. N didn't reply right away.

When his mouth opened, no words came out, just a hoarse cough. I realized, with all the throwing up he did earlier he must had been dehydrated. His throat must have been dry. I didn't count out the fact he probably had a fever starting to run and a sore throat, after all he had been out in the pouring rain.

"Wait here." Obviously he's going to wait there, it's not like he's very mobile. I whacked myself mentally then raced away to get a cup of water. In the kitchen, I grabbed a cup and ran cold water from the sink. It was a few moments before it was cold enough to drink, and I filled the class then hastily turned off the water before whipping around back to the living room. When I turned, N was in the doorway, shaking. He had nothing but boxers and a baggy t-shirt that John had let him use. His eyes were wide and unfocusing. "Didn't I say wait?" I snapped, but he just limped forward, and then collapsed on me in some sort of cling-hug.

I could feel him shaking, and I'm sure if he was so dehydrated he'd be sobbing.

"N…?" I tried feebly to push him off so I could put him back on the coach, but he persisted on clinging to me.

It was when I heard a hoarse cough in my ear that he was trying to say something. Although he was hard to understand, I finally made out what he was saying. Ice crawled up my spine when I made out the words:

"He's back."