Prologue: Glass Desert, planet Reach March 29, 2558. Six years since the end of the covenant war. More than 500 years since third impact.

" Sir, Noble team has arrived at the targets crash site." General Whitcomb looked on the over head display. " Tell the Colonel and his team to recon the area and look for possible hostiles. When they have confirmed the areas secure, I want them to move in closer to investigate." " Yes sir!" Said the young captain at the communications post, opening a channel to the colonel and relaying the orders.

Colonel Matt Garmin opened a link to the rest of his six man squad. " Fan out, check for possible hostiles and report back, Section three isn't taking any chances on this one understand?" Five green aknowdgment lights came on. Of course they understood, Garmin thought to him self, We're Spartans. In five minutes, five all clear signals were sent to the Colonel. " This is Spartan 445, area secured, awaiting further orders." The slightly static reply came " All right 445, move in a secure the object." " Understood Command."

Garmin opened a channel " All right, move in and secure the object." As Garmin moved forward his second in command Terry walked up to him. " Why did we get sent out on this one sir? This is waste of a Spartan deployment. ODST's would be better for this. Hell regulars would've done." " I don't know, and frankly, I don't give a Damn," replied Garmin. " Its not our job to ask questions, just think of it as a training session."

Garmin came over the impact craters lip " What the hell?" Terry came up to " Jesus!" He exclaimed " Just what the fuck is that thing?" Garmin opened a Channel to command. " Sir, we are at the crash site. You're not going to believe this. Linking helmet feed now." Back at the command center the fuzzy image of the commander helmet cam came up on the main viewer. Command was astonished, Before them sat a giant purple robot. " Command," Garmin's voice cackled through the speakers. " We have a survivor down here. Young male, Approximately 14 to 15 years old. His vitals are in bad shape, suggest you send a pelican with fully equipped med team." " Roger 445, pelican in bound , estimated arrival in 2 minutes."

Garmin stood over the boy, looking at him. Suddenly the boys opened and looked right at the Colonel. His eyes were a piercing cobalt blue. He raised his hand and tried to say something, but grimaced in paint before passing out again. His vitals suddenly dropped to near nothing. Garmin was about to perform first aid when the pelican arrived and the med teams took the aboard. The Colonel knew in that boys state, only one thing would save him. He hoped he was strong enough to endure it.

Garmin looked to his team as the pelican took off. " Radio for VTOL heavy lift gear. Lets get this thing back to base." The acknowledgement light blinked green.