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He Said, She Said

If there was such a thing called "The King of all Hangovers," this was indeed what Eustass "Captain" Kid was dealing with when he woke up that faithful morning. He had never drunk so much in his life and this came from a man that usually killed a bottle of rum and whisky every night. He didn't even know how he got back to his ship…he wasn't even sure if this was even his bed. Looking up, he saw bloody spikes embedded into the ceiling. This was a good sign. He was probably in his room.

The Captain was lying on his stomach halfway off his bed. Rather than on his forehead, his square goggles were on his eyes, allowing his hair to run wild in every direction. Up, down, right, left…you name it. Kid was the very definition of a hot mess. His furry coat and yellow lizard-print pants looked like he had been rolling in the dirt all night. Even though this was his signature outfit, he had many of the same classic pieces within his closet. He heard something rustling under his covers. Did he bring someone home with him last night? Suddenly he saw something with an orange head and devilish eyes pop out from underneath his blanket. The Captain hollered as the rest of his body fell off the bed. He landed on his back hard, choking on his breath. The creature was now looking down at him from his bed. It was an orange tabby cat.

What the fuck is a cat doing in my bed?

The two were having a strange staring contest. The cat hissed and the Captain growled. Both of them were too stubborn to look away. Then, without warning, the cat pounced on top of Kid's head. The Captain yelled as he pried the cat out of his tangled hair. He had the creature by the neck and forced it off him...but not without the cat taking a good chunk of bright red hair with it.

"Big mistake you piece of shit! Now I'm going to roast you up and make you my breakfast!"

As he made his way into his ship's bar chambers, he noticed a few of his crewmembers were already drinking away. The first person he saw was the "massacre man" himself, Killer. Killer was sitting at the table alone with any ice pack on top of his helmet. There was an empty bottle of aspirin next to him on the table and he was sipping his coffee out of three straws. It was apparent his right hand man was also dealing with a hangover from hell. He turned to see another crewmember behind the bar, the one with light blue dreads and stitches across face.

"Eddie," he said to the voodoo looking man, lifting up the crazed cat. "Who put this fucking creature in my bed last night?"

Eddie just gave him a blank stare and continued drying the glasses on the bar.

"You did."

"The fuck I did!"

"You did and you were pretty determined last night to bring the cat back to the ship. You wrestled the bushes for an hour last night just to find the thing. You said you were going to name it 'Captain Jr.' or some shit like that," explained Eddie, pulling out a new bottle of rum. "I never knew about your fondness of cats, Captain."

Kid couldn't believe his ears. His face flustered from embarrassment. Without realizing it, he had dropped the frantic tabby and she was making a run for it.

"Bullshit! I would never do such a thing," growled Kid, ignoring his escapee…for now.

"Well you did a lot things last night you don't normally do," clarified Eddie, pouring his Captain a glass of rum. Kid ignored the glass and went straight for the bottle. This was his medicine in dealing with hangovers. He took a quick swig and removed the goggles off his eyes and onto his forehead.

"Do I even want to know?"

"Heeeey Captain, how you holding up," yelled someone entering into the bar. It was Rocker, the man who always wore his tan fur jacket and black shades. His fiery orange mohawk was a mess and he had dark circles underneath his eyes. He spent a good part of his morning throwing up in the bathroom. "That was one hell of a night, huh?"

"Shut up," snarled Killer, rubbing his helmet with the ice pack. "Must you be so fucking noisy this early?"

"Whatever, you're just pissed cause you were one of the first to pass out last," taunted Rocker, sticking out his rancid tongue at the swordsman.

Before Killer had the chance to lunge after the cheeky gunslinger, Kid spoke up.

"Pass out from what?"

"Captain, don't you remember," asked Rocker. "We had a drinking contest against some other rookies last night at the local bar."

Kid took a second to remember anything from the previous night in his hangover daze.

"Wait…now I remember! We had a drinking contest and I won," grinned the Captain. "I kicked all your asses! Ha ha, that was great."

Killer and Rocker crossed their arms and gave their Captain "the eye". Kid just laughed at their glares. They're such pathetic losers, these guys.

"Yeah, about last night…" began Eddie, but Kid interrupted him before he had the chance to speak.

"I though you said I did things I didn't normally do. Come on, drinking contests are never out of the ordinary for me, Eddie."

"Well its not so much as drinking contest as it was to the terms of reward the winner receives," explained Eddie.

"What did I win?"

Eddie hesitated for a moment, it was obvious he was trying to choose his next words wisely.

"You are to go on a date, Captain."

Now it was Kid's turn to give Eddie the weird look. Kid was far from being the "wine-and-dine" kind of guy. He never took girls on dates and when he did, all they did was get a hotel room and screw around. So the fact that he participated in a drinking contest in order to win a date with someone was extremely bizarre.

"With who?"

"You are to go on a date with the Cat Thief Nami, Captain."


"The Strawhat's navigator."

Kid stuck out his tongue in disgust.

"You mean the girl with the blonde hair? Gross."

"No, no. That's the Strawhat's cook. Besides, that's a man."

"That's a man," declared Kid in disbelief. "Then why was he crying like a little bitch last night?"

"I think he really wanted to win the drinking contest," explain Eddie, drying off some wet glasses at the bar. "But the navigator has orange hair."

Kid stroked his chin for a moment.

"Doesn't ring a bell."

"Rocker, go get her bounty poster."

"Hey, how do you know I have a poster of this chick," asked Rocker.

"Because you keep all female bounty posters in your room," replied Eddie. "Well, that's where I assume they are. They always go missing before we get chance to look at them."

Rocker face was bright red as he walked out of the bar. He returned with Cat Thief's bounty poster and handed it to his Captain.

"For fuck sake, Rocker! The thing is sticky," growled Kid, throwing the poster onto the ground.

"My bad."

Kid bent down to get a better look at the girl. The picture looked more appropriate for a sexy pin up calender than an official marine's wanted poster.

"Strawhat's navigator, huh?" grinned Kid, licking his dark lips. "Looks like fun."

To be continued...

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