Okay, so this is an AU story. ( For those of you who don't know what that is, even though I'm sure most of you do, "AU" stands for "alternate universe." ) It's still a Peeta X Katniss story, but it takes place in present day North America and will be a school-life romance. For a setting, we will use Overland Park, Kansas. ( It is NOT a farm town either. I would know; I live there. ) However, I will be making up things like neighborhoods and school names or address if I ever need to use them.


(Five Years ago: Peeta and Katniss age eleven)

Katniss's POV

My family has already boarded the plane, and I now stand outside the gate with Peeta. There has never been anything romantic about our friendship, but I don't hesitate to embrace him. I wrap my slender arms around him, tears streaming from my eyes as I say goodbye to my best friend. He rubs my back and tries to calm me down.

"Katniss, it's okay." Peeta whispers to me through my loose hair. "We'll see each other again. I promise."

"H-How do you know?" I choke out. I'm so mad at my father right now…well, not really my father, but his boss, he's moving us all the way out to California for my father's promotion. I cling to Peeta until a flight attendant taps me on the shoulder and tells my that I have five more minutes before I have to get on. I dry my eyes on my shirt sleeve.

"I have to go." I say. I think he was trying to give me a kiss on the cheek, as he always so casually did when we said goodbye, but I had already started backing out of the hug to leave, and he kissed me full on the mouth.

For a moment, we stay like that, frozen with shock. Then, he takes a small step back, a wild blush burning on his face.

"H-Here." he says quietly, pulling a small bag out of his pocket. I take it from him, and flip open the little flap at the top. Inside, is a silver chain. On the end of it, is a small silver bird with a tiny opening in the center. I clasp it onto my neck, and once it's on, the bird falls just to the place above my heart. Peeta pulls a chain from under his shirt. On the end of his chain is a small pearl. He takes my chain in his hand and the pearl clicks neatly into my bird.

I can feel my eyes tearing up again.

"Thank you, Peeta." I choke out. I wrap my arms around him and he pulls me into another hug. I've been friends with Peeta since I could walk, and now we're just leaving for who knows how long.

"I'm going to miss you so much." Peeta says in a raspy voice. He must have started crying, because I can feel his tears on my neck.

"I'll miss you to, Peeta." I whisper. I feel a tapping on my shoulder. Peeta's arms loosen around me, and I turn around.

"The plain's getting ready to take off sweetie." the flight attendant says. Her tone is solemn and she has pity in her eyes.

I turn back to Peeta and give him a quick squeeze.

"Goodbye." we whisper in unison.

Ok, so this was short, but it's only the prologue. As you can see, the next chapter was put up at the same time as this, but I felt that this little prologue should be it's own chapter. So remember, even though this is a new story, I still want your reviews! Please tell me what you think of this. I hope that this story will be as much of a hit as "The Aftermath" is.