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Chapter 3:

Katniss's POV

The song has just ended.

I'm laughing as the song ends. Peeta spins me around again, but this time, I end up pressed against his chest. Right as the final notes of the song play out, I am completely and utterly shocked. Peeta leans down, and kisses me full on the mouth. My eyes go wide, and my thoughts all jumble together. Then, completely caught up in the moment, I wrap my arms around his neck and I kiss him back.

We break apart, and I'm now aware of the crowd. Clapping and cheering, I'm even aware of a few whistles. I'm looking directly into Peeta's eyes. He looks unsure, scared even, as if he's sure that kissing me was a mistake. I reach my hand out and rest it on his cheek.

"It's okay Peeta." I whisper to him. He looks relieved.

"Well how about that!" the MC exclaims to the crowd. "That was "I'm in Heaven" by ATC." the crowd responds with another round of applause as Peeta and I step down from the stage. We rejoin the others at our booth.

"Hey hey hey, Peeta!" Gale exclaims. "Making a move there, are you?" I blush, and I see Peeta do the same. Beside me, Delly, Madge, and Leevy are all giggling. I'm in for quite the interrogation when we get back to the hotel room.

"So did this shot come out okay?" Gale asks Peeta. I freeze at his words and turn back to the boys. Finnick and Gale are laughing hysterically at Peeta's face. Peeta stares, shocked, at Gale's cell phone. I lean over Peeta's shoulder so that I can get a look at it, even though I have a pretty good idea about what I'm about to see. Well, I was right.

On the screen of the phone, is a picture of Peeta and I having our on-stage kiss.

"How quickly do you think people would comment on this if I put it online?" Gale asks between fits of laughter.

"Don't you dare Gale!" I exclaim. Peeta makes a lunge for the phone, but Gale pulls it away and Peeta hits his chin on the table. Finnick and Gale burst into laughter renewed.

"So does this make you two a couple?" Leevy asks between giggles. I turn beet red, and I'm guessing Peeta does the same.

"Forget it for now then." says Madge. We turn to look at her, confusion evident on our faces. "Well, until you two know what was behind that, over thinking it will just ruin what you already have, right?" I have to think it over. I really don't know what made me kiss Peeta, so until I do, Madge has a point. I turn and look at Peeta.

"Sounds like a plan." I say. He seems to be thinking it over as well. When he turns back to me, his face seems content, but with something else underneath it, but I can't quite place it.

"It never happened then." he says, that same odd undertone to his words. He turns to the others. "Everyone got it? Never happened." he continues. They all nod. I turn back to Peeta.

"We can still…y'know…act like friends. Like we did earlier today…right?" I ask. Peeta looks surprised. As if this wasn't a question he was expecting. Then, he gets a relieved look on his face. He must have has the same fears as I did.

"Of course we can Katniss." he says.

Later that night

Peeta's POV

I walk through the dark, empty hallways, constantly aware that I could be caught after curfew any moment, but not really caring. I was going to talk over what happened with Katniss, but seeing as it's passed curfew, the doors between boys and girls have all locked. Normally, they don't require a key, but at night, some system kicks in and you need the other room's key to open the door from your side.

I pass by the game room. Could Katniss and I have been acting so casually together only a few hours ago? It feels like someone else entirely had lived that. Now, I'm not even sure I could look at Katniss and still see the same person.

I step into the game room and slump into one of the couches by the doorway. I rest my head in my hand. I've never been more confused about anything before in my life. How does Katniss feel about this? She must be confused as well. How could she not be?

"Peeta?" I turn to the doorway. Katniss's outfit is not helping me think this through. It's not indecent or anything, but Katniss wears only a nightgown that falls just passed her knees. Luckily, the main hotel lights are off, and Katniss can't see my blush.

"Katniss." I say.

"Do you mind?" she ask me. I pat the area of the couch beside me. She walks over and sits beside me.

"Thanks." she says quietly. For a bit, we just sit there, absorbed in thought.

"I'm sorry." I say after a while. She looks over at me.

"Sorry?" she says, confused.

"For…you know…kissing you." I say. "We were fine before that, and we would be still, if it wasn't for me."

"Peeta…" she says. "You shouldn't be sorry. We both got carried away."

Carried away…so did she only kiss back because she was picked up by the moment? Or…did she have emotion behind her actions? What about me? I don't even know why I kissed her in the first place. We're just friends. Aren't we? Do…do I really just see her as a friend? Or, do I see her as more than that?

"So, Peeta…" Katniss says. I turn to face her, but she is no longer sitting beside me. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I see Katniss hold out a ping pong paddle to me. I smile, and take it from her. Wordlessly, we begin rallying. Neither one of us saying anything, but we both begin laughing. Even in the dim light, the sight of Katniss smiling and laughing so freely, as if nothing had happened, lightens my heart.

With neither of us thinking of the time, or keeping score, we have no way of knowing how long we play. All we know is that, when we finally slide back into the soft cushions of the couch, a soft sunlight is peaking through the shaded windows.

I turn to Katniss. Her arm is over her eyes, and her dark hair is loose and strewn across her features. A bright grin lights up her face.

"Katniss," I say, "Katniss, it's morning already." I continue with a laugh. She removes her arm, exposing her eyes, the grin never leaving her face. She laughs.

"Already?" she says sarcastically.

"C'mon." I say, standing. I offer her my hand. "We should probably get back before everyone wakes up." she takes my hand, and I pull her up onto her feet.

"Yeah." she confirms. We walk back to our rooms in silence. When we arrive at our separate doors, we have to separate. Since it's early morning, the connecting door will be locked.

Just as I'm about to unlock my door, I feel Katniss's hand close around my wrist. I turn to her. Her eyes are downcast and her loose hair hangs over her face.

"P-Peeta?" she asks me. "I-I'm glad. That we're going back to the way things were." she wraps her arms around me in a hasty embrace. When she looks back up at me, she's smiling, but her eyes are brimming with tears. She reaches under her nightgown and pulls out the small metal bird. "After all, we're friends." she says simply. I smile and pull out the pearl, but when I speak, even I can catch the slight pain in my voice.

"Best friends."

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