Krillin and 18 were with Chi-Chi the day her water broke. At the hospital, Gohan, the Ox King, and Krillin waited outside while 18 stayed in the labor room the whole time with Chi-Chi, trying to keep her calm from the pain. After a long while, the baby came out. Chi-Chi named her new baby son, Goten, who had a striking resemblance to his father. Chi-Chi thanked 18 for sticking by her through the labor, and promised to do the same thing for her if she were ever in that position.


That's exactly what happened. 18 became pregnant, Chi-Chi and Krillin stayed in the labor room with her, and 18 soon gave birth to a daughter who looked almost identical to Krillin. She had his eyes and lack of a nose.

"What should we name her, honey?" Krillin asked. 18 held her child, never wanting to let her go. Suddenly a name came to her.

"Marron." she said softly. "Her name is Marron."

"You mean like my old girlfriend?" Krillin asked.

"Mmhmm. Look at her, Krillin." 18 showed Krillin the child. Seeing her made Krillin's heart swell. A tear of joy ran down his face as he smiled.

"Marron it is."

Krillin and 18 didn't see much of their friends after that. They just stayed living on Master Roshi's island, watching Marron grow up, until-


A much older Gohan in a weird looking costume, a doo-rag and sunglasses came to the island to give Krillin some good news.

"WHAT? NO WAY! Goku's gonna compete! I don't believe it! This is amazing! Wow!" shouted a familiar looking short man with medium long black hair, and no nose. He was wearing an orange T-Shirt, white shorts and sandals.

The older Gohan turned to us, pointed at the man, and said-

"Hey, guys. This is Krillin. He doesn't fight anymore, so he let his hair grow out."


Author's Note:

Well, that's the end of my Krillin and Android 18 fanfic. I hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I actually felt kind of sad and relieved when I finished, knowing that I had nothing more to write. It's funny, because the idea for this fanfic came to me when my brother and I were playing with our Dragonball Z toys back when I was about 9 years old. Ever since that story stuck with me and I wanted to write it down. I tried staying as true to the anime as possible, while also trying to give a Dragonball Z movie feel to it. My favorite couple on Dragonball Z had always been Krillin and Android 18, and we all have to wonder how they got together. To me, it seems like their relationship is more honest than others on the show, and I just loved their connection. Anyway, thank you all for reading. It's been fun writing it. Also thank you for all of the positive reinforcement you gave me, it encouraged me to give it my all when I was writing, and it's always great to hear that someone loves my story as much as I do. Thank You. Please Review.