Rose woke against The Doctor's chest the next morning and grinned. Carefully she lifted herself up to see if he was still sleeping. He was and she smiled sweetly. He looked so peaceful and untroubled when he slept. Human almost. She kissed his shoulder and slowly got up leaving a bare space where she slept that night in between his side and arm.

Rose covered him up with the blanket and folded up his suit and put it on his side table for when he woke up. She picked up her pants and slipped them on before gathering the rest of her clothes and wandering throughout the halls to her bedroom, or hopefully old room to find the clothes she left there before she was sucked into the parallel world. Rose walked pleasantly down the hall marvelling the scene in what seemed forever.

"Good night then?" Donna asked from down the hall.

Rose perked her head up to see the red head leaning against the wall and Adam soon popped his head from around the corner. He grinned.

"yeah." Rose agreed and continued towards them. They were hanging across from her old room, which wasn't very surprising if they wanted details on what happened.

"Good." Donna agreed. "We had a lovely time as well."

"Is the Doctor awake yet?" Adam asked.

"No, he's still sleeping." Rose answered. "I was going to get dressed and head back to wake him... You leave him alone." Rose pointed a finger at Adam.

He nodded almost scared of her. Rose opened her bedroom door, turning away from her friends.

"Did he propose?" Adam asked shyly just before Rose slipped into her bedroom.

"kind of." She shrugged turning towards them. "he said he would do a proper job today of it."

Donna gasped at the news and grinned. "Congratulations, Rose."

"Good for him." Adam smiled. "Let's go find some place to go today, Donna."

He pulled her down the hall. Rose entered her old room just like how she left it. She smiled, he'd been in here since she left. Her shirt, the one that she wore to New Earth, was laying on the bed like it was forgotten. She picked it up to be stained with tears and threw it into the hamper with the rest of her dirty clothes.

Rose got changed into jeans and a t-shirt and quickly headed back to the Doctor. He was in the same spot that she left him in, which was a good sign. Rose leaned over onto his side of the bed and whispered his name to him.

"Hey Doctor." she said. She poked him a little in the chest. He squirmed. "hey handsome." she said.

The Doctor groaned and turned his head to the side, listening to her voice. She kissed his lips and he smiled from underneath her.

"Morning sleepyhead." She said letting his mouth go.

"Is this how I'll be greeted every morning?" He asked. He noticed her wardrobe change. "You're clothed."

"Indeed I am." Rose said. "Get up, Adam is sending us somewhere..."

"I much prefer it when you're unclothed." The Doctor mentioned as he sat up and pushed his hands through his hair. "Oh, right, marriage!"

Remembering what he asked last night, The Doctor jumped out of bed and quickly got changed in his brown suit and a new shirt and tie. His feet were still bare but Rose didn't care about that. She watched him reach into his side table drawer and pull out a ring.

The Doctor walked around the bed to her and dropped to his knees. "Rose Marion Tyler, I love you a lot and since there isn't any other way that I can tie down this relationship for it to be some how normal, I'm scared to lose you to someone else, or even myself for that matter, so Rose, will you marry me?" The Doctor babbled.

He held up the ring to her. It was very beautiful in Rose's mind. Gold with Rose's carved into the sides, a sparkling diamond in the middle. He slid it upon her finger and Rose pulled him to her height.

"It's beautiful." She said staring down at her hand.

"It was my mother's. Funny isn't it, she always said Rose's were my favourite as a child." He said quietly.

Rose beamed for a moment looking down at her ring. She suddenly grasped his jacket tugging him to her. Her mouth pressed against his in a desperate attempt to express the emotion she was feeling at the time. He was shocked at her actions but soon wrapped his arms around her waist holding her to him.

He let her mouth go but continued down her neck planting soft kisses where he left a bruise the night before.

"Doctor, as much as I'd like you to continue..." Rose whispered. "Adam is at the controls of the TARDIS, and I do want a say in where we are going."

The Doctor straightened up and took Rose's hand and they ran to the control room to begin their many adventures.