Present Day. Present Time. Hahahahahahaha

You cannot hear me, but I hear your every word, your every breath. I see you, every second of my existence, but you cannot see me. Or can you? Maybe I made an error when expunging myself from the depths of the world. Maybe it wasn't an error at all. Because sometimes I feel that you remember me, that you can see me too. The minutes turn to hours and then they shift to days. But I see you, Alice. Time flies by and yet; I'm still never with you. You're not with me. Omnipotence isn't important when you're not with me, isn't important because you're not with me. There are stories of relationships between Gods and mortals. But maybe those stories exist because I will them to, because I need hope that we will be together once again. Time flies by, A-ri-su. Would the consequences really be so negative? Would it be overstepping my bounds as a God-like entity? Is it even possible for a God to overstep their bounds? Should I influence you to join me in the Wired, or should I exit my domain to join you? Questions, questions and more questions, there are no answers. Isn't God supposed to have all the answers? Only more questions. I guess all that matters is that I'm waiting for you, old friend - my only friend. Time flies by.

Present Day. Present Time. You actually believe time exists in the Wired? Hahahahahahaha