Gazelle ran out of the room down the hallway. His eyes got watery. No wonder burn got a phone call and have to get back to the ophanage. No wonder he said mushy stuffs to gazelle. He was going to get married! Not to him but to rean! Gazelle ignored midorikawa's shouts as he down the stairs. Dam! This is hard. Gazelle is too hardbroken! Hiroto's plan is not going smoothly as he had explained! Midorikawa thought as he ran down the stairs. Luckly gazelle is heartbroken. His steps will be slower than usual. Midorikawa thought to encourage himself. He continued running as fast as he can to catch up with gazelle.

Gazelle as running past shops at the road side. Tears streaming down his cheeks. He felt heartbroken again, but this time he will face it instead of running away from it like yesterday. He will stop burn from getting married. He will not turn to foam and he will not break his promise he made to the sea-witch.

"Gazelle-sama!" Midorikawa shouted at gazelle. Gazelle turned his head behind. Midorikawa speeded up and grab gazelle's hand. "Hiroto has a plan! That's why he told burn not to tell you. You have to follow me gazelle-sama!" Midorikawa said as he pulled gazelle into a wedding shop.

"Miss! The dress kiyama hiroto order! Please!" Midorikawa told the salesgirl. Gazelle looked around the place. Wondering why he was here when he have to do something important. The salesgirl gave midorikawa the dress and he pushed gazelle into a changing room and threw the dress into is arms. "Wear it!" Midorikawa said. "Hurry!" Gazelle nodded and started changing.

Midorikawa was tapping his feet on the floor as gazelle changed. In less than a minute, gazelle was done and Midorikawa threw his clothes to the salesgirl. "Keep it for us! We'll retrieve it later!" Then, both ukes dashed to the ophanage.

"This dress is soo hard to run in!" Gazelle said as he ran. He had to lift up the dress as it was long. "You're lucky! You get to wear a knee length white dress!"

Midorikawa sweatdropped, "hehe...well you are going to marry burn."


"Just continue running."

Burn was already at the altar waiting for gazelle to show up. Man! Where are you gazelle! Hiroto could see the redhead getting impatient. He pat his shoulder. "Don't worry. They will be here before you say 'I do ' " Hiroto comfort burn with a smile.

"I hope you what you say is true." I can't marry this girl all else gazelle will turn to foam!

Rean was in the dressing room with the bara and Kii putting the make up on her.

"I'm gonna marry burn-sama!" Rean said happily! "You guys are all wrong about gazelle stopping this marriage. I'll marry burn-sama and that's that."

"hump!" Bara and kii looked away from rean. "Gazelle-sama will marry burn-sama! You'll see!" They both secretly smiled behind rean's back. They know about the plan and they're gonna store time for gazelle and midorikawa to make their way here. They were about to mes up the make up when kira appeared.

"Are you guys done?" Kira asked.

"We're done." Rean replied, as she got up and made her way to the altar.

Oh no, no good! Bara and kii thought as they look at each other in the eye.

Gazelle and midorikawa were waiting to cross the traffic light but the stupid traffic light was not turning red. Lots of cars were driving past. Midorikawa called hiroto. "o-oh ok. Thanks hiroto." He put the phone down. "Looks like bad things are also at their side. Bara and kii were not able to mess up the make up to store time. The wedding is gonna start in a minutes time."

Gazelle looked at midorikawa and looked up in the sky, there's not enough time if it goes on like this. Suddenly, Gazelle thought of a way to, but it's a risk. "Midorikawa." The green hair look at gazelle. "I know of a way to get there but it's risky."

"tell me."

"I have to go to the beach and ask me dad for help."

"but you can't change back to a merman."

"I know. I can telepathically comunicate with him by using my mind."

"it's worth a shot." midorikawa nodded and grab gazelle's hand. "It's this way!" He said and pulled him to the beach.

Hiroto just hung up from midorikawa.

"Well! Are they getting here or not!" Burn sneered. He was almost ready to run bash rean's head and pull kira's earlobes. His on a verge to losing it!

"No, they're stuck at the traffic light! There are too many cars!" Hiroto said.


"looks like my plan failed."

"Now then you know?"


The wedding bells started to ring. Everyone looked at the door. Rean's arm was interlocked with kira's as they walked down the aisle. Burn looked at hiroto and hiroto looked back at him. Nice plan big guy! Your plan failed! Burn thought. Gazelle get here this instant!

Both midorikawa and Gazelle were at the beach.

"Do it now! We don't have time!"

"ok!ok!" Gazelle shouted. He closed his eyes and thought. Papa, papa.. Another voice appeared in his mind.

Suzuno! Get back into the palace right now! Your mother is worried sick!

Sorry papa. but could you sent me to one place for me, papa.

What are you talking about! I'm telling you to get back right here!

Listen! Do you want me to die or not! Just transport me to one place that's all!

What happened...?

Just do it! I'll tell you about it later!


Al of a sudden, midorikawa and gazelle were surounded by a white light. Midorikawa and gazelle covered their eyes to shield their them from the bright light. When they remove their arms away from their faces. They were in front of the wedding.

"Midorikawa! Gazelle!" Hiroto called them. Midorikawa and gazelle ran to hiroto.

"Are we later?" They said no unison.

"Just in time! It's the i do part now!" Midorikawa and gazelle looked at the altar. Gazelle was amazed by rean's beauty. She was wearing a frilly white wedding dress which reach to the floor. Her hair all tied up and a long veil flow from her head and ended at her back. She looked much more beautiful than any other girl he saw. This made him lose his courage.

"I do." Rean said.

"What are you waiting for! Shout!" Midorikawa shouted at him.

"Do it!"

"and do you, Nagumo Haruya, take Hasuike An to be your lawful wedded wife?" the prist said.


"Burn-sama." He heard rean said to burn. "Say yes. Gazelle will never come. Even of he did, he is too late." This was what gazelle need to hear. He puff out enough courage to shout. He breathe in and shouted,


everyone looked at gazelle. Including rean and burn.


"I thought you loved me! Why are you marrying a girl! Burn! Didn't you said that you'll spent time with me forever!"

"He did!" midorikawa and hiroto stared at gazelle.

"I did not said that gazelle!"

"I don;t care! Do you want to see me-!" Gazelle stopped shouting as a bubble of foam came out of his mouth. Gazelle had difficulty breathing. "b-burn..."

"Gazelle!" That was the last thing burn wanted to see. He quickly took the ring box and ran down the slope to gazelle.

"Gazelle-sama!" Midorikawa and hiroto surrounded gazelle. Gazelle covered his mouth with his hands. He closed his eyes. Burn! Quick! Save me!

"Get Him guards!" Rean orderd. Two guards ran towards burn.

"Stop! Burn-sama!" Rean shouted as she followed the guards. Burn ignored them, He have to save gazelle. Burn grab gazelle's hand, carried him bridal style and continued running, with everyone at the wedding following him. Burn looked down at gazelle. Gazelle has more foam coming out of his mouth even though, he was covering it. Burn sweat rolled down his neck. Tsch! Gazelle! Just wait for a few more minutes! Burn begged gazelle in his mind. I'll marry you! Just don't turn to foam yet! Burn speed up.

Burn stopped at a cliff. The same cliff that midorikawa's tree was. Dam! Dead end! Burn turned back but stopped as rean and her guards stopped in front of him.

"You can't go anywhere Burn-sama. Now come back with me to the-"

"No! I'll give up my life if I have to marry you! I love gazelle! I love him with all my heart! I won't marry you! I'll marry gazelle!"

"You think you can marry him! Father want this marriage and me too! I'll marry you burn-sama!"

"Tsch." Burn looked at gazelle, gazelle is panting and crying at the same time. "Gazelle.." His eyes soften.


"tsch. Gazelle hang on!" With that, burn jumpped down the cliff and splashed into the sea. Everyone looked over the cliff. Shocked.

"Well rean, burn can't marry you." Midorikawa boosted. Knowing that both of them will surive the fall.

"Tsch." Rean looked at midorikawa. Then, she left with everyone following behind her. Except hiroto and midorikawa.

"Burn, gazelle." Hiroto looked out the sea. "They-"

"oh they'll survive." Midorikawa said.

"How could you say that! They jumped over a cliff! No one could survive a fall like that!" Hiroto exclaimed. Midorikawa just closed his eyes and smiled.

"If they really die. They'll still be together in heaven." Midorikawa mumbled. He opened his eyes and looked out the stared at him. Then, he turned back to the sea and said,


There was a pause., and hiroto put his hands into his pocket.

"The wedding is still on you know, midorikawa."

"huh?" Midorikawa stared at hiroto, confused. Hiroto grab his hand, winked and said,

"We're not gonna waste it right?"

"Ehh!" Midorikawa flushed bright red. Hiroto pulled him to a kiss and said,

"Let's get married." and he pull midorikawa back to the ophanage.

Burn and gazelle were laying down on an island in the middle of the sea. panting away. The current swept them there without them knowing. "Gazelle!" Burn had no time to waste. He might have stopped the wedding, but gazelle still had foam coming out of his mouth. He lay him, making him lean on a tree and took out the ring box. Some how, it was still in his pocket when the strong current pushed them. He took out the ring and out it in his finger. He took out the other and stared into gazelle's eyes.

"Gazelle, will you marry me?"

Gazelle calmly said with a weak smile, "yes. I do." Burn smiled and put the ring through his ring finger. Gazelle smiled. Burn married him. He did not know if he was going to turn to foam or not, but what he knew was that, he loved burn and burn loved him back.

"Well then, we're done!" Burn stood up and grined.

"ehh!" Gazelle stared at him.

"What? You're not turning to foam. You're back to normal."

"Burn! I thought you-"

"Of course I love you. We're going back to the ophanage and finish the wedding ceremony, but this time." Burn winked. "I'll gonna marry you." he grined again.

Gazelle stood up and grab his hand. "but how do we get back?"

"oh. That I don't know."

"Burn!" Gazelle was mad at burn. Not only is he making fun of him. He was also stuck on an island in no where. Suddenly, a voice appeared in his head.

Son, I've seen what that human has done for you. I don't really trust humans but I know I can trust him. He not only did saved you, he loves you. I approve of your relationship. I'm going to transport you back to the wedding. With that, a white light surrounded him and burn and they were back at the wedding.

"EHH!" Burn and gazelle saw midorikawa and hiroto kissing each other on the altar.

"I now pronouce you, two. Married!" The prist declared and midorikawa threw the flowers into the air. A whole lot of girls gather together to get the flower but a sudden wind blew it and it landed on a certain teal eye merman.

"huh?" Gazelle wondered.

"Gazelle-sama!" everyone called. They all rushed and surrounded burn and gazelle. "You're alive!"

"yea. We are." Gazelle said. Happy to see his friend especially, midorikawa. He got married to his crush. Everyone grined. Seeing that gazelle caught the flowers and there was a ring on his ring finger. Gazelle looked at them, confused. He turned to burn who was looking away from him. He asked,

"Why is everyone staring at me?"

Burn could only blush even more. Everyone laughed except for a blushing burn and a confuse gazelle.

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