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Pairing: Hotch/Garcia

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Song: Have I told you by: Rod Stewart

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Part one:

He was so royally screwed and not in the good way either. He could only imagine what hell she'd put him through and for that matter what nightmarish ordeal she would inflict on his credit and electronic life. Penelope Garcia may not be a physical attack type of person, no she'd do something much worst, something that would take years to correct unless she felt like giving her forgiveness and arranging everything back to the way it was. Right now his ass was firmly placed in the fire, water boiling and salt ready to cook his goose. He didn't need anyone to tell him how badly he messed up.

He'd never been afraid of a woman before, till now, but that didn't make any sense right? It was, after all, just another day one that shouldn't mean so much to the opposite sex, yet it did and men all over the world had to suffer the torture of finding that one perfect gift. Lord, have mercy on his soul, 'cause when she finished with him there'd be nothing left.

"Sneaking around are you Hotch?" Rossi's deep amused voice asked.

Straitening to full height from peering around the next corner, Aaron turned to glare at his oldest friend. "No, I was not."

"Yeah right and I'm the king of Scotland," Rossi snorted and leaned against the wall arms, crossed. "So what'd you do this time?"

"What makes you…"

David held up a hand, "Don't try to pull that one on me Hotch. Remember, I've been married three times."

Reluctantly, Hotch mumbled, "Valentine's."

"Damn, right up there with birthdays and anniversaries. Yeah, I'd say you're pretty much screwed."

"Thanks, like I needed to be reminded of that," Hotch gouged, rubbing his forehead trying to think.

He hadn't forgotten to buy anything, the day just slipped from his mind with back to back cases, Jack getting a cold and life in general coming to bite him on the ass.

"Idea's, Dave you got any?"

"None that would save you from Tornado Garcia right now," Rossi answered quickly, taking his leave back through the BAU's glass doors.

"Chicken," Hotch whispered under his breath trying to prepare for the worst.

"Agent Hotchner," Penelope's crisp voice made him wince.

"Penelope…" she held up a hand.

"The files you requested," she stated, primly handing over the manila folders.

"Garcia," he tried again and only received a glare for the effort. "I didn't forget."

"Pff, my calendar says otherwise Agent No Good, as does that fact that I received nothing at all," she tossed back, crossing her arms under her ample bosom.

"There is a good explanation for that," Hotch reasoned, thanking God that most of the staff had gone home already and were not here to witness anything. But then he may need an eyewitness in case things went south.

"Well then, explain away Professor know-it-all 'cause right now it's the dog house for you and that's being nice," Penelope said, tapping her black heeled foot impatiently.

"I was busy," he muttered, dropping his eyes towards the floor.

"Busy!" Penelope screeched, jamming her hands on her hips. "Busy! You were too busy to even call and say Happy Valentine's day, to drop me a freaking note, to… to send flowers. Some boyfriend you turned out to be."

"Penelope, be reasonable," Hotch groaned, hating the words the minute they left his lips, but he forged ahead. "You know how crazy things were, back to back cases, Jack being sick. Can't I get a bit of a reprieve?"

She glared at him, her bright coffee colored eyes flashing. "No, you cannot," she growled, stomping off, only to turn back.

Hope bloomed in his chest. "Tell Jack I won't be seeing him for a few days and that I love him," and with those words hope took flight and ran away laughing.

"You royally messed this one up, didn't cha'?"

"Listing in where you don't belong again Morgan," Hotch growled, stalking off.

Morgan just chuckled and followed. "Need help?"

Aaron spared a quick glance back and muttered, "None from you."

"If you do, you know where to find me," Derek called after him while detouring back towards his own office, wanting to go home soon.

Once safely enclosed in his office, Aaron sat heavily in his black leather high back computer chair, fisting his hands in his hair, elbows on the desks edge. He knew Penelope was more hurt than angry with him. The thought that he could push a special day aside for work wounded Penelope more than anything. The one thing he always swore he'd try and change after Haley's death two years ago was to spend more time with those he loved and to finally show and tell them what they, or in this case, she meant to him. A quick thought raced across his mind. As he booted up his desk top, hoping that he could still win her back, a plan formed in his mind as he searched for the right bouquet that spoke to him.