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Part three:

Slamming the receiver back down, frustration crawling through his veins, as he cursed his stupidity and carelessness; for hurting the one woman who meant the world to him. Anger pierced his emotions deep and simmered while he wrung his hands trying to think of something he could do, something that would help. With nothing coming to mind, Hotch raked a harsh hand through his dark hair, grasping the short strands and giving a slight tug.

"The offer still stands, Hotch," Derek said, from his leaning position against the door frame, his posture casual.

Aaron looked up, all ideas having flown out the window, he nodded. "What's your idea," he relented begrudgingly, dropping his hands to his lap.

"Remember that movie that Pen likes so much?" Derek offered, taking the short leather armless chair in front of Hotch's desk, turning the chair and having a seat.

Aaron gave him a dull stare, "Of course Morgan, I remember," he replied, sarcasm dripping from every word.

Derek rolled his eyes, "Her favorite movie, Hotch! Come on man, you can't tell me you don't remember which one that is?"

Aaron racked his brain for a few minutes, nothing coming to mind 'till a small fragment of a memory surfaced. "You mean that old movie…"

"For the love of God man, don't let Penelope hear you say that, she'll jump your shit," Derek muttered, taking a quick look towards the open door way. "Yes that old movie, it's sentimental for her."

Hotch nodded his head, "I remember her telling me it was the last one she went to see with her mother," he answered, raising his hands and spreading them out over his desks surface. "What does that have to do with anything?"

"Clueless," Derek muttered under his breath. "There's this scene in the movie where the lead male goes to the house of his romantic interest with a boom box and plays a song to her."

Hotch gave Derek another dull stare, "And that's going to help how?"

"Gee's man, how were you married from almost ten years?" Derek muses with a shake of his bald head. "Penelope, man, find out what her favorite song is and play it for her, she'd like that."

Giving the younger man a disbelieving look, Aaron tips back in his chair clasping his hands together in thought. "Sounds cheesy."

Derek rolled his eyes, "Your point? Women love that kinda thing man."

"And this would be something you'd do?" Hotch asked, knowing the answer.

"Uh no, but then I didn't forget Valentine's Day and have never been in a situation like this before," he answered sheepishly, but with a pang of longing in his eyes. Living the single life wasn't all it was cracked up to be after all.

Hotch waved his hand dismissively, "I didn't forget Valentine's Day," he growled, wanting to get one point strait. "It merely slipped my mind with the case load and Jack getting sick. I bought something, just didn't give it to her."

Derek snorted, "You forgot Hotch, plain and simple. The sooner you own up to that the better it will be on you."

"Better yet, the bigger the present you got her, the easier the punishment on you," Rossi stated, from the door way.

"Yet, money doesn't buy love, Rossi," Reid added, from behind the older man. "It's a fact that most women would want something from the heart than the wallet any day."

"And you would know this how pretty boy?" Morgan asked, a hint of mischief lighting his dark cocoa eyes as he turned to face the newcomers.

"Oh by all means join the roast," Hotch gouged, resting his head in his hands and mumbled, "My humiliation isn't complete till the whole Bureau knows. Hell why don't you shout if from the top of the FBI building."

"Not a bad idea Hotch," Rossi joked, with laughing, light chocolate eyes. "It may save you some of the wrath of Tornado Garcia."

Derek snored, "Yeah right, nothing will save you from that."

"But Garcia isn't a tornado, she's human how…" Reid was cut off from his question when Hotch glared at him. "What? It's a fair question."

"One that doesn't get me out of the dog house," Hotch retorted abrasively, running stiff fingers through his hair tugging slightly.

Stepping forward, Rossi perched a hip on Hotch's desk, faced the younger man and said, "Then take Morgan's advice and run with it. I mean the man can't always be wrong, look how many women he's had."

Derek rolled his eyes, "You make me sound like a gigolo."

"Well, if the shoe fits…" Rossi returned with a shrug of his thick shoulders trying to look innocent.

Aaron looked up at Reid, not having heard what he thought, and asked, "What's your two cents Reid?"

Reaching into his pocket, Spencer pulled a quarter out, "All I've got is a quarter Hotch."

"I didn't…" Aaron shakes his head, "I meant, do you have any idea how I can make this up to Garcia?"

"Make up what to Garcia," Reid asked innocently, knowing full well what he was asking but secretly enjoyed seeing his always put together boss losing it.

"Valentine's day Reid," Hotch gouged, fraying at the edges just a touch. "I forgot to give Penelope her gift."

"Oh," Reid put forth, then almost as if an afterthought, "flowers."

"What?" Hotch demanded, eyes bulging just a touch. "I've got Morgan wanting me to play some sappy love song on a boom box and Rossi urging me to buy the biggest gift I can and you give me flowers?"

Reid shrugged his thin shoulders, "It's an idea Hotch, plain and simple. It's up to you to decide what you do to get back in Garcia's good graces. None of us can tell you how. Not only that, I'm sure a simple apology and really meaning it would work to. Garcia is a very forgiving woman."

All three men stared at Reid like they've never seen him before. "What?"

Rossi shook his head, "Trying to decide if you're a pod person or not."

Rolling his eyes, Reid sighed, not understanding his co-workers lack of faith in him understanding the opposite sex. "I may not have had many sexual encounters with women in my life, but I do know how to treat a lady," and with that, Reid turned and walked out of the office door.

"The kid's got a point," Derek said, with a slight shake of his head, having under estimated his friend. "It may just work."

"But if not, make sure you hide your balls so she doesn't geld them," Rossi tossed, in rising from the perch.

"I'd have to hide a lot more than that," Hotch groaned, laying his arm over his eyes and leaning back in his chair, frustration running through his veins.

Both men silently exited the office, giving there not so fearless leader sometime to think.

Peeking out from under his arm to see he was alone once more, he knew that they were right and it was time for him to face the music or in this case, his executioner. He only hoped that Penelope would forgive him for forgetting Valentine's Day when that hadn't been his intended path of choice. Standing, he grabbed his black suit jacket, took his leave quickly before the floral shops closed for the night and needed to get his own i-pod© and speakers, before returning to woo the love his life off her feet.