BLURB: What if Voldemort caught Harry and Dumbledore when they were in the cave trying to get to the Locket Horcrux?

WARNING: This story is anti-Dumbledore and many of the other main characters of light.

-The Truth Revealed
-The Truth Revealed: What If

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Harry felt a hand grab his arm, and pull him out of the clutches of the Inferi, who had taken him underneath the cold, dark water. Once out of the water, Harry clung to his saviour's chest quietly sobbing, while his saviour tightly wrapped their arms around him. For the second time in his life, Harry felt safe; the exact same way he felt when Mrs Weasley held him after Cedric's death.

'Thank you, Professor,' Harry sobbed into Dumbledore's chest. 'I'm sorry, I forgot all about using fire to get rid of them.' Then after a short pause, Harry whispered, 'I've never been so scared in my life, even when I have faced Voldemort, I have never felt so scared.'

'Really? I guess I need to try harder then,' came the cold voice of his saviour.

Harry froze. He had thought that his saviour was Dumbledore, who else could it of been since it was only the two of them there? How wrong he was. Harry slowly looked up into the face of Lord Voldemort. However, it wasn't as he remembered. Voldemort had somehow regained his Tom Riddle appearance. Hazel eyes, jet-black hair with a few grey hairs and pale skin.

After vaguely wondering why Voldemort was holding him like that, and after recovering from his initial shock, Harry quickly tried to get out of Voldemort's grip, but failed horribly. Voldemort kept a tight grip on Harry's wrist. Even when they both got up from the ground, he did not let go. Once off the ground, Voldemort dragged Harry over to the slumped form of Dumbledore. For a horrible moment, Harry thought that Dumbledore was dead, but that was until Voldemort bent down, wand in hand, and muttered a few spells under his breath. Eventually, Dumbledore opened his eyes and looked up at the grinning Voldemort and the drench, shaken, but otherwise all right, Harry.

'Get up, Dumbledore!' hissed Voldemort, pulling Harry back against him with his wand digging into Harry's neck. 'Or else.'

Slowly, Dumbledore got to his feet and looked around for his wand, but then he noticed that Voldemort had both his and Harry's wand in his pocket. They were both defenceless.

'Hurry up and get into the boat, Dumbledore,' Voldemort said impatiently.

Dumbledore, unsteadily, got into the boat and watched as Voldemort forced Harry into the boat before him. Once they reached the opposite shore, Dumbledore, unsteadily, got out of the boat followed by Harry who ended up back in Voldemort's firm grip the minute Voldemort was one dry land. The strange thing though, was that Harry's scar wasn't hurting with Voldemort touching him or being close to him. Not that he was complaining, but it did make him feel uneasy.

When they reached the wall, Voldemort cut Dumbledore's hand and made him open the doorway. The trio walked in silence towards the sea, with the only sound being their footsteps echoing around the cavern. Dumbledore led the party with Voldemort and Harry right behind him, during which time, Voldemort's wand never left Dumbledore's back nor did his grip loosen around Harry's upper arm. When they arrived at the entrance of the cave, Voldemort slipped his wand up his sleeve and roughly grabbed Dumbledore's shoulder and Apparated them away.

The moment they arrived at their destination, Voldemort pushed Dumbledore away from him, causing Dumbledore to crash to the ground and laughter to erupt around the hall that they were standing in. It was a little smaller than the Great Hall at Hogwarts. It was also well furbished with dark green curtains and throne sat at the end of the Hall with a great snake wrapped around the top of the throne. The room was also packed with laughing Death Eaters.

'Crabbe. Goyle. Please escort Dumbledore to one of our lovely cells.' Voldemort smirked down at the vulnerable old man.

Crabbe and Goyle Senior roughly grabbed Dumbledore and dragged him unceremoniously out of the hall, followed by Voldemort with Harry. Harry thought that Voldemort was taking him down to the dungeons with Dumbledore but was surprised when Voldemort led him up a flight of stairs while Crabbe and Goyle led Dumbledore down a flight of stairs.

Voldemort led Harry through the mansion, along long corridors and up many flights of stairs. Eventually they came to a pair of dark mahogany doors. Harry knew that these would be Voldemort's personal chambers, but why was he taking him there? Was he going to make Harry his slave or toy or something? Harry shuttered at the thought. He was probably overreacting. Maybe he had been listening to too many of Dudley's movies and reading too many books about evil lords that take prisoners and everything. Besides, as evil as Voldemort was, Harry seriously doubted he'd be that sick. Once inside the room, Voldemort marched over to a door that led to a walk-in-robe, which Harry soon found out, as he was pushed in to the small, black room.

However, before Voldemort locked him in the wall-in-robe, Harry caught sight of a huge portrait above the fireplace. The portrait was of a smiling Tom Riddle. A smile that Harry had never seen grace Voldemort's features before. A smile that was full of happiness and love? As you can imagine, this one little detail shocked Harry. He didn't even think that Voldemort knew how to smile like that! Anyway, Voldemort was standing with his arms around a beautiful woman with chocolate-brown hair and dark green eyes that were full of love and understanding. The woman was holding a baby, which Harry assumed was only a new born, no more than six weeks old with the same dark green eyes and a tuff of jet-black hair. Finally, there was a young man, maybe nineteen or twenty, that stood next to Voldemort and he looked like a carbon copy of him, except his eyes were the same colour and the baby's and woman's.


Harry sat in the middle of the wall-in-robe for what felt like hours. He didn't even bother to find a light switch, seeing as he couldn't even see his own hand in front of his face let alone look around for a light switch. True, he could have felt around for one, but knowing Voldemort there was probably some strange dark artefact in the room, and knowing Harry's luck, he would find it and end up doing damage to himself. So instead he sat there thinking… thinking about the lady in the portrait. Why had she seemed so familiar to him? It's not like he would have meet her before if she were close to Voldemort. Maybe she was one of his Death Eaters? No, he would have remembered her if she was. No matter how hard Harry tried to think of how she would look so familiar, he always ended up at a brick wall.

Suddenly, Harry heard the door unlock and then it opened letting in bright light. Once Harry's eyes adjusted to the sudden light, the first thing he realised was that it was dawn. The second thing that he realised was that Voldemort was staring at him.

'You can come out if out want. Breakfast will be served soon,' Voldemort said coldly, before he walked away to his desk and began to write a letter of some sort.

At first, Harry just remained where he was. Was this some sort of trap? Would he walk out and get hit by a dozen curses or something? Nah, if Voldemort wanted to hurt him, he would have dragged him out and started to do it already. But why was he telling Harry about breakfast being served? Was he going to feed Harry instead of kill him?

After a while Harry cautiously came out of the wardrobe and looked around but just like last night, his attention was driven to the lady in the portrait. Slowly, Harry edged his way to a table in the middle of the room and sat down on one of the chairs that surrounded it, never taking his eyes away from the lady's. When he did look away for the portrait, it was abruptly, and that was when he heard a knock on the door.

'Enter,' called Voldemort.

The door opened to reveal Severus Snape. Snape quietly shut the door behind him and walked into the room, pausing briefly when he saw Harry sitting at the table watching him. He walked over to Voldemort and sat next to him on top of his desk waiting for the Dark Lord to finish writing his letter. During this time he stared at Harry thoughtfully.

Harry was definitely now confused, and not because Snape was looking at him thoughtfully, even if that was weird to see that expression on his most hated professor's face. No, Harry was confused because of the way Snape acted around Voldemort. Every time Harry had seen Death Eaters around Voldemort, they were always tense and would kneel in front of him until he told them to do otherwise. Snape on the other hand was acting so casual. No fear in his body language whatsoever. It was as though he was just sitting next to one of his work colleagues at Hogwarts during a Quidditch match. Normally if a Death Eater did that, they would be under the Cruciatus Curse before they could say "forgive me".

When Voldemort had finished his letter and had placed it in a tray on his desk, he turned smiling, yes smiling, to face Snape, but as soon as he took one look at Snape's face his smile disappeared and was replaced with a look of exasperation. It seemed that it was a look that Snape was used to for he quickly looked at Harry and then back at Voldemort.

'Don't worry about him,' said Voldemort. 'He won't be telling anyone, and even if he did, who would believe him?'

Then, before Harry's very eyes, Snape's appearance changed into an older version of the nineteen year old painted in the portrait.

'What news do you have?' Voldemort asked as though nothing had just happened.

'We only lost two Death Eaters last night for they were captured by the Order of the Phoenix. The Markus brothers, I think it was,' replied Snape. 'Why did you want us to pull out, after months of planning, Father?'

Harry's jaw literally dropped. Father? Well, that explained Snape's, no Riddle's behaviour, but Harry couldn't believe it. Voldemort was a father? He would have expected Bellatrix to be a mother before Voldemort became a father. That also explained the portrait. How could Harry be so stupid and not realise that the teenager had to be Voldemort's son. Why else would he look like a carbon copy? However, if Sn-Riddle was Voldemort's teenage son in the portrait, did that mean that the woman was Voldemort's wife and the baby another one of Voldemort's sons? Why hadn't anyone told him that Voldemort had a family?

'I caught Dumbledore and young Harry trying to get to one of my Horcruxes,' said Voldemort, interrupting Harry's thoughts and never ending list of questions. 'I brought them back here in order to find out how many Horcruxes they know of and how many they have destroyed. I also found out that they are not the first to go after my Horcruxes.' Voldemort handed his adult son the locket that was in the basin. 'Do you know who R.A.B is?'

'R.A.B? Weren't they Regulus Black's initials? That would explain his sudden disappearance if it was.'

'True,' agreed Voldemort, before he turned and faced Harry. 'So, young Harry, are you going to be a good boy and tell us all that you know about my Horcruxes?'

Harry just glared at Voldemort.

'I'll take that as a no.' Voldemort sighed. 'Oh well. I'll get my answer soon enough.' He then turned and looked at a House-elf that had just appeared with the breakfast.

Once the house-elf had left, Voldemort and Sn-Riddle walked over to where the breakfast laid and where Harry was sitting and began to dish it out. To Harry's amazement Voldemort dished out a generous serving for him. Harry eyed it warily. Had Voldemort put something into it, without him noticing? To be safe, Harry muttered a number of spells under his breath, checking for poison or anything else that might have been slipped into his food. This little display of wandless magic didn't go unnoticed by Voldemort and Riddle.

'I'm impressed, young one,' said Voldemort. 'Most wizards don't have enough power or strength to be able to do wandless magic, let alone the spells that you used. Out of curiosity, who taught you? Mad-Eye Moody? Dumbledore himself?'

Harry, seeing no harm in answering, replied, 'No, Remus Lupin taught me, actually.'

'Remus Lupin? The werewolf?'


'How interesting. Well, you don't need to worry about us poisoning you for we want you to be healthy for what you are going to help us with. So, eat up.'

'I'm not helping you with anything!' snapped Harry, glaring at Voldemort.

'I don't think you have a choice, Potter. Whether you do it willingly or not, it will be no skin off our noses,' Riddle smirked. Harry then aimed his glare at him. How could Dumbledore ever trust that – that… dungeon bat?

'Sanaro,' Voldemort said warningly. 'Do you have any Polyjuice Potion on hand?'

'Yes, when would you want it?' Sanaro asked, giving his father a curious look.

'Straight after breakfast would be nice,' was all Voldemort said, returning to his breakfast.

After breakfast, Voldemort went down to the dungeons and into the torture chamber, which currently held Dumbledore.

'Whatever you do to me, Tom, I will not talk! Nothing in this whole wide world will make me talk!' Dumbledore said weakly as soon as Voldemort walked into the room.

'We shall see,' was all Voldemort said as he prepared everything that he needed, without looking once at Dumbledore. When he was done, he walked back to the door and called out to Lucius Malfoy.

Next minute, Lucius Malfoy walked in with a struggling Harry, before chaining the small teenager to the wall opposite Dumbledore. Voldemort noticed a huge amount of fear across Harry's features; even his body language expressed how he felt. He also noticed the desperate look he sent his Headmaster. A looking crying out to hear the words, "Everything will be alright" from Dumbledore. Voldemort looked back at Dumbledore, wondering why he hadn't started to comfort the child, when he noticed a strange gleam in the old man's eyes. Voldemort shrugged it off, and turned back to Harry.

'Now we shall see how much Dumbledore really cares for you,' Voldemort said quietly in Harry's ear, before he addressed Dumbledore.

'Here's how it is going to work, Dumbledore. You are going to answer all of my questions and if you do, we won't hurt young Harry. However, if you refuse… we will torture him inhumanly until you talk. Understand?'


'Good. Let us begin. How many Horcruxes do you know of?'


'How many Horcruxes have you destroyed?' Voldemort tried again.


'How did you find out about them?'


'Are you going to answer any of my questions?'


'Did you not understand the part about Potter being tortured if you didn't speak?'


'Very well; Lucius, hit Potter with the Cruciatus Curse for as long as you can hold it or until Dumbledore speaks.'

Lucius complied. He held it for twenty minutes. Twenty minutes of Harry screaming and begging for it to stop. Twenty minutes in which Dumbledore remained silent and Voldemort became uneasy.

'Let's try again, Dumbledore; how many Horcruxes have you destroyed?'


'Lucius, pull out the boys fingernails,' said Voldemort, without turning around. He just continued to stare at the old man, trying to understand him. He didn't even turn around when Harry began to plead.

'No!' screamed Harry. A sound that Voldemort had never heard come out of the boy's mouth like so. 'Professor, please, Professor!' Realising that his beloved Headmaster wasn't going to help him, Harry started to plead with Voldemort instead, but nothing helped. No matter how much Harry struggled, screamed and begged he didn't get any mercy. His screams filled the room as Lucius began to slowly pull out each single one of Harry's nails. The whole time, Dumbledore remained quiet.

Two hours later; Harry was still pinned to the wall, crying and covered in blood, trying to recover from the last means of torture Voldemort got Lucius to inflict on him.

'I grow tired of this game, Dumbledore,' Voldemort growled, hiding his current confusion of why Dumbledore was not reacting to anything they did to the "Golden Boy". He was also growing uneasy. It was almost as though Dumbledore wanted him the torture the boy. 'If you do not answer my questions, I will kill him!'

'No, please.' Harry sobbed pathetically, finally broken. 'Please stop.'

Voldemort ignored what Harry said; instead he walked over to the "Chosen One" and put his wand under Harry's chin.

'Last chance, Dumbledore.'


'Very well. AVADA KEDAVRA!'

Harry dropped dead in his chains. Voldemort motioned for Lucius to undo the boy's restraints. Lucius obeyed and undid Harry's restrained, with shaking hands. He then let the corpses fall to the ground with a thud. Voldemort turned back to Dumbledore, and he nearly dropped dead himself.

Dumbledore was smiling.

Voldemort just stared at Dumbledore, not understanding the old man chained up in front of him. Why was the old coot grinning, when he had just killed the boy in front of him? Lucius was currently in the background looking as though he was going to be sick. Lucius could torture any adult without flinching, but when it came to children… he hated it, as did most of the Death Eaters, especially those with children of their own. Voldemort himself didn't like it, but this case was difference. Very different.

'Why are you grinning Dumbledore?' demanded Voldemort. 'How can you be so happy when your "Golden Boy" was just tortured and killed right in front of your very eyes?'

'He has never been my "Golden Boy" as you put it.' Dumbledore laughed, dropping the grandfather act. He never acted in front of Voldemort or the other Death Eaters unless one of the light followers were around. 'More of a puppet or a pawn would be a better name for him.'


'I sent him to the Dursleys knowing that they would beat him and make him obedient, but sadly they were unsuccessful and I have no use for someone like him. He was also growing too powerful. Bluntly, you have done me several favours regarding the boy.'

'What do you mean?' Voldemort's mouth had become very dry.

'Firstly; you removed one of my greatest threats. Secondly; you destroyed one of your own Horcruxes, and thirdly; you killed your own son!' Dumbledore smirked triumphantly.

'What do you mean "I've killed one of my sons?"?' Voldemort asked, totally perplexed. He could understand the part about Harry being one of his Horcruxes. He couldn't believe he only just figured it out, but he couldn't understand the second part about his son. 'I know for a fact that Sanaro is outside watching and you killed my youngest sixteen years ago…' He slowly closed his eyes in understanding. 'You never killed him, did you? It was a trick, an illusion of some kind.'

'That's right! I never did kill your precious little brat! I had the Potter's adopt him seeing as the Potter's own son had only just died and no one knew about it yet. I thought that it would be a clever plan to have him kill his own father when he was older, then I would get him thrown in Azkaban or killed, but I like this outcome better. Now you will need to live with the guilt knowing that you killed your own child! "The Dark Lord murders his own sixteen-year-old son, Damian Marvolo Riddle". I can see it now in the Prophet.' Dumbledore laughed cruelly, hoping that he was inflicting pain on Voldemort.

He was wrong.

'Sanaro,' Voldemort said, motioning to his son through the mirror next to the door, from which Sanaro was currently watching everything, but he wasn't the only one that saw and heard everything that had been said.

Dumbledore stopped laughing immediately when Sanaro walked in. Not because he recognised him as his Potions Master at Hogwarts and trusty spy, but because Voldemort's eldest son led in a very upset and a very, very angry, Harry Potter.

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