Title: Happily Ever After
Kurt tells their daughter how he and Blaine met.
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After "and remember when i moved in you," my good friend cacell requested a fic where "kurt and blaine live happily ever after. together. ALIVE." guess i traumatized her a little...XD

"Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!"

Kurt looks over the back of the couch where he was sitting to see Charlotte tripping into the apartment, Blaine following behind her. Literally tripping, catching herself on hands and knees over the hard-wood flooring. Blaine and Kurt hold their breath for the half-second pause but Charlotte bounces up, her bright smile not faltering in the slightest.

"Daddy, Daddy, Daddy! You promised you'd finish the story after school and it's after school now!"

Kurt grins wide as Charlotte bounds around the couch, dropping her book-bag against it and immediately climbing into his lap. Arms around his daughter, Kurt hums as if thinking it over. "All right, well where did I leave off, hmm? Do you remember, Papa?" He tips his head back a little, eyes meeting Blaine's.

Blaine stands just behind the couch, fitting his fingers through Kurt's hair and leaning over slightly to drop a tender kiss to his lips. "I think the short handsome prince had just finished serenading the tall handsome prince."

Kurt grins up to him and cuddles Charlotte a little closer, pressing his nose to hers briefly. "All right, dollface. So the tall handsome prince had just finished serenading the short handsome prince with a devastatingly cheesy bubblegum-pop song."

"What song?" Charlotte interrupts, looking from her Daddy to her Papa.

Kurt pulls slight face before humming the opening. Blaine's entire face lights up as he comes in with "You think I'm pretty, without any make-up on."

Charlotte claps her hands excitedly, light brown curls bouncing in her enthusiasm. "I like that song! Daddy, you sing it when Papa has to go away on long busy-ness trips!"

The tops of Kurt's cheeks color and Blaine sends him a triumphant smile. "Oh you do, do you?" he asks, resting his crossed arms on the back of the couch and pressing his forehead to Kurt's temple. Kurt gives him a little shove, failing at hiding the grin on his face.

"Finish the story!" Charlotte interjects, their beautiful, quiet little moment breaking, but giving way to a different kind of beautiful.

Kurt smirks and fixes Charlotte's wispy, windswept bangs with a finger, finishing, "Well, the short handsome prince rescued the tall handsome prince but then the tall handsome prince did some rescuing of his own and…" He turns back to Blaine, inviting him to add anything he may have missed.

"And then they lived happily ever after."

Charlotte claps again, giggling, and adds, "With me! I live happily ever after too!"

Blaine sweeps his little girl off of Kurt's lap and holds her in the air, twirling her as she shrieks with laughter and "Papa!"s. "That's right, with you, Char!"

Kurt watches his husband dance around with their daughter a little, early spring sunlight filtering in from city. And maybe he chokes on air laughing when he hears Charlotte declare, "Well, duh, I could tell, Papa. Obviously you're the short handsome prince!"

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