Chap 4
Reba groaned as she slowly opened her eyes, she quickly shut them as all she found was a blinding light. She then groaned louder when she felt the start of a migraine.
"hey Van she's wakin' up." she heard a familiar voice call. She opened her eyes again and was grateful when she realized the light had been turned down. She looked around and sure enough there was Lori Ann sitting in a chair next to her. Then she looked around a noticed she was lying in a hospital bed. She had I.V's and wires connected to her head arms and chest. "hey there Reba how ya feelin'?" she asked. Reba tried to speak but her throat hurt like she hadn't drunken in years. "oh yea I'll have some one get you some water." she said in her strong drawl. Reba saw more people standing behind her. Then Van came up with a small paper cup full of water. Lori Ann took it from him and they helped Reba sit up and take a few sips. When she was finished she felt much better. She lay beck down on the bed. "what happened?" she asked. Van stepped up.
"we were headed to your house after packing up some close and stuff we'll need while the fire damage was being repaired, when Mr. H cane speeding around the corner and crashed into the car you were driving. You guys have been in a coma for a few weeks. Mr. H is still out, but I hope he'll wake up soon. The family had to go home a while ago but Lori Ann had a feeling and she made me stay with her" Van said.
"wh...what?" Reba asked sitting up again. "where is he?" she asked moving to get out of the bed.
"whoa whoa whoa, no you don't little Missy your gonna stay down. I'll go check on him!" Lori Ann said putting he hand out then standing up and moving to the bed hidden by a blue curtain.
Reba looked at the curtain where her friend had disappeared then back to Van.
"did you say 'fire damage'?" she asked just now catching it.
"yea you know the fire I started on accident. We are moved back in and the heater is working correctly this time." he said. So that mention that Brock hadn't left for Little Rock yet! She might be able to stop him!
"hey Brock glad to see you up!" she hear Lori Ann say from the other side of the curtain. Reba smiled as she heard Lori Ann.
"ya ya ya where's Reba I gotta talk to her." Brock said. Lori Ann objected trying to hold him down but he pushed through and the next thing Reba heard was his heart monitor screaming that it read no pulse. Reba's heart stopped at the sound but a second later Brock burst through the curtain, Lori Ann under his arm helping him walk. Reba was shocked to see her being nice to him. They walked over and Brock sat down in the chair Lori Ann had previously occupied.
"hey Reba." he said a huge smile splitting his face. "how are you?" he asked her.
"I'm doing fine how are you doing?" Reba asked him back.
"fine, um did you have a strange dream?" he whispered to her. She nodded her head. "do you think it was sign?" he asked again.
"I think it's our second chance, Brock." she said. Brock smiled and was about to tell her that he still loved her but Barbra Jean and the family stormed in. Reba looked to them in shock then to Barbra Jean a sadness bubbled up in her. The blond rushed over and pulled Brock into her arms, then pulling Reba into the same bone crushing hug, squealing about how she was so worried about them. All of Reba's dreams and plans of what the future would be like with Brock was crushed by Barbra Jean's hug. After BJ calmed down Cheyenne pulled them into a less crushing hug, soon followed by Elizabeth, Kyra, Jake, and even little Henry gave Reba a hug. Then with the family came the doctor, he came in since Lori Ann had finally found the page button through the mess of people. Reba and Brock stared at him in shock. Standing before them was the tall brown (with some white) haired man, they had both seen in their dreams.
"okay I'll need every one to clear the room please I'll need to talk to them alone." He said. Then everyone cleared out, leaving Reba, Brock, and the doctor.
"So have you two learned your lesson?" he asked looking them straight in the eye.
"yes!" the said in unison.
"alright, by the looks of it you can go home tomorrow if nothing goes wrong, oh and Mrs. Hart you no longer need to take the blood pressure medicine. But I want you keep and updated bottle with you just in case it decides to come back, alright." He said writing down notes on his clipboard.
"now I have done everything I could for you two, it's up to you where you go from here." He said giving them a knowing look.
Then He got up and left the room. Reba and Brock looked each other in the eye, so it must have been a dream, or was it. But the fact still remains that Brock is once again married to Barbra Jean and Reba knew what she had to do... but did Brock?

Another story complete! I am already working on the third.