Ninja Kitsune



Summary: Ryu Hayabusa comes to Konoha and saves a 5 year old Naruko from a savage beating. How does this change the future? FemNaruto/GoodFemKyuubi. True Ninja Gaiden Crossover.

Chapter 1: When Kitsune Met Dragon

A child's life should not be a life or death struggle. However, that's exactly what it was for young Naruko Uzumaki. The five year old girl had no idea why the entire village hated her, but they did, so she did her best to hide as best as she could.

Today, though, her luck at evasion was a little less than stellar, as a mob of villagers had her surrounded, and had proceeded to beat the small child within an inch of her young life. Little did Naruko, or her attackers know, but they were being watched.

A ninja stood on a high rooftop, and had observed what was happening with the young girl. His anger continued to build by the second, until he had come to a decision. It was time to act.

Naruko was about to lose consciousness, when she saw a black figure jump down from a nearby rooftop. She could have swore this figure was making hand-signs. She finally slipped into the blackness of unconsciousness as she felt someone lift her off the ground, and heard a shout of, "Dragon Style: Fire Wheel Jutsu!"

Naruko tossed and turned for a while before realizing she wasn't on the ground anymore, but in a soft bed. She opened her eyes, only to see a man stading at the window, tying a forehead protector around his head. He was wearing a black, sleevless suit, that looked like a suit of flexible armor, had a sword, and a staff slung on his back, and had brown hair, cut short.

"You're awake," he said, turning around to show a kind, yet strong face, with green eyes. On his headband was the kanji for "dragon", "How do you feel?"

"Still hurt," she answered, "But I'll be ok, now."

"Do the villagers do that to you on a regular basis?" the mysterious ninjas inquired.

"Yeah," Naruko responded, "I really don't know why they hate me. I'm only five."

"Unforgivable," he thinks, "What did this child do to deserve this?"

A kunai flew through the window and impaled into the floor. Naruko jumped up, but he mystery ninja only smiled and said, "It's a message from a friend of mine." He took the paper off the kunai and started to read.

"With friends like that," Naruko thought, "Who needs enemies?"

"I've got to see the hokage," the mystery man told Naruko, "Something has to be done, and if possible, I'll do what I can to help you."

"Why are you being so nice to me?" the young girl asked, shocked that someone would actually want to help her, "I don't even know your name."

"It's Ryu," he responded, "Ryu Hayabusa, and I can't stand by and do nothing while a child is needlessly suffering these kinds of savage attacks by angry mobs. You never told me your name."

"Naruko," she answered, "Naruko Uzumaki."

"Uzumaki," Ryu thinks, "She can't be." He then takes a good look at the girl again. "Blonde hair, down to the middle of her back, sky blue eyes. No doubt about it. She's almost an amalgam of Kushina and Minato." He then turns to the door and says, "I'll be back soon, Naruko-chan. You just stay here and rest. My friend will be around if you need her. Don't worry. She'll be easy to recognize. Just look for the lavendar hair." He then walked out the door, leaving Naruko to rest and wonder why this Ryu Hayabusa would want to help her.

A/N: This idea hit me during a particularly quiet (read: boring) night at work. I'm still in the planning stages on the sequel to "Of Foxes, Dragons and Wolves", titled "Return of the Dragon Lineage". Unlike my last fic, though, this is only a crossover with Ninja Gaiden. The only non-naruto characters appearing in this one are Ryu, Ayane, and Muramasa.