Characters: These characters will replace: (All personality descriptions include the actual character, not how they will/may appear in the story.)

Haruhi – Ryoma (Echizen): He is a brilliant tennis player who can beat almost anyone. He is very quiet, but incredibly thoughtful. His favorite drink in Ponta (grape soda). He has blue-ish/black hair. (Series: Prince of Tennis. Manga/Anime)

Tamaki-Soubi : He is a "servant", quite opposite of the actual Tamaki. He has a very quite but serious demeanor. (Also he looks great with his long, blond hair in a pony-tail.) (Series: Loveless. Manga/Anime)

Kyoya- Inui : Incredibly intelligent, he monitors every move. He is amazing at data tennis. Warning, he makes a deadly vegetable juice! He has black hair and is blind without his glasses. (Series: Prince of Tennis. Manga/Anime)

Hikaru- Light: He is evil; known for killing anyone in his path that he doesn't like. He is a rival of L. He has brown hair and his nickname is "Kira". (Series: DeathNote. Manga/Anime)

Kaoru- L (Law Light): He is good, but a little bit twisted. He has a funny posture and loves to eat sweets. He has brown hair and is a spy/detective. (Series: DeathNote. Manga/Anime

Mitsukuni (Honey) - Ruki: He is an adorable male model. (Though he can only fit into child's size clothes.) He is very loving and understanding. He has blond hair. (Series: Never Give Up. Manga)

Takashi (Mori) - Sasuke: He is "quiet but deadly". But you probably know more about him than I do. He has black hair. (Series: Naruto. Manga/Anime)

From Vive-bleu: These are just quick opinionated summaries of the characters. If you have a dispute, leave it because their personalities are completely different in my crossover. Otherwise, spelling and other corrections are very welcome as I am extremely prone to making those. Also, please note that I wrote this many years ago so it is quite scatter-brained at most times.

And now we can get on with it!