"I refuse to let her stay in this house, father," Marik complained, glaring at Haledon with blazing amethyst eyes.

"Are you the man of this household, little boy...?" Haledon questioned, raising an eyebrow at his son as he stared at the novel in his hands, A Night to Remember. A small anime vein could've been present if this was an anime. Being disturbed while he was reading was one of Haledon's pet peeves, and he wouldn't allow anything to be of more inportance besides Sarah... and sometimes Marik. Sadly, it wasn't one of those times with Marik's situation.

Marik only huffed angrily for a response, the wolvian girl's tail wagging slightly at his misfortunate luck. Due to Haxutani's persuasive reasons for her to stay in the humble Ikana Residence, Marik had nothing else to argue on for the situation. Besides the fact...

"Sarah has her own room... why can the wolf stay in there?"

"Because Haxutani is too big for Sarah's bed. It'll only be for a bit until I can get her a bed made, so quit being a priss and let her share the bed with you," Haledon explained, glaring at his spoiled son. He had expected his son to be acting more... well, mature. 'And I thought Sarah was supposed to act like this in 6 more years...' Haledon pondered as he saw the aggitated look on Marik's face and Haxutani's calm expression. She knew she had won the arguement, and Haledon smiled at how mature she was about the victory.

"Ugh, fine! But I simply refused to be sleeping in the same bed as her..." Marik sighed angrily, glaring at Haxutani like she was the last person on earth that he would ever gaze at.

"Then you can sleep on the floor if you're scared of the big bad wolfy," Haxutani teased, jumping onto the floor from the short height of the kitchen counter, her tail brushing against the floor as it wagged slightly.

Marik's expression of hatred and shock quickly took over his face, making him a walking, talking tomato faced teenager. "I am not scared of you. To me, you're more like a tiny little puppy that can't find its own food bowl rather than a big bad wolf..." Marik commented, rolling his eyes as the wolvian girl stepped past him.

"Oh really...?" Haxutani turned to face him, a small smile on her face as she began to wrap her tail teasingly around Marik's leg, making him jump slightly. She laughed softly, unraveling her tail from his limb. Marik only glared with a slight shade of pink appearing on his face. "Never. Ever. Do that, Again."

"I'll do it when I feel like it, Marik..." Haxutani purred softly, smiling innocently at the male in question.

"Like hell you will..."

"My goodness you two fight like an old married couple..." Haledon commented as he rose out of his seat and exited out of the wood floored kitchen.

"IT'LL BE A MILLION YEARS BEFORE I TRY AND MARRY SOME HALF-WOLF, HALF-HUMAN CREATURE LIKE HER!" Marik shouted, flailing his arms crazily in the air.

"So you have been thinking of me in those ways!" Haxutani laughed, tapping the tips of her deerskin boots against the floorboards.

If he could, Marik would've had a large anime sweatdrop on his forehead. "Quite the opposite actually..."

"Umm... Utani. I believe someone is here to see you..." Haledon's voice announced from the hallway.

The wolvian girl's ears twitched with confusion as she walked away from Marik's side, into the hallway and taking a sharp left turn. Marik, being the curious male he was, followed on her heels. Something didn't seem right, and he still couldn't trust that Haxutani girl to be alone with any member of his family. While Marik was keeping a close eye on Haxutani, the wolf girl could only wonder one thing; if her tribe was dead... then who would've known that she was here?

"Who could it b-" Haxutani froze in her tracks as she caught a glimpse of who was in the half-way opened doorway.

" 'Ello, Kaizoku Ohime-sama... I thought we forgot someone on the team..."