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Feldt Grace was never a fan of large crowds.

She watched a group of scantily clad girls pass by, their laughter ringing out in octaves along the hallway. They resembled models that had stepped out of a fashion magazine – hair donned up and skin tanned to a perfect bronze, with heavy strokes of makeup that completed the supposedly glamorous, enticing look.

Feldt did not react as the girls paused for a double take. She did not even wince or bat an eyelid as they pointed at her hair and sneered. After all, she was used to this already. Feldt's bubblegum pink hair had always attracted unwanted attention, even since a young age. Everyone else had common-colored locks, thus she stood out like a sore thumb wherever she went. It did not help that Feldt was simply different, attitude and personality wise - she was not outgoing, obeyed the rules and was interested in unusual things.

One of the girls shot Feldt the middle finger. The rest of them snickered with contempt.

Feldt Grace decided that she would never, ever be a fan of large crowds.

She entered the university library. It was a bright day and most of the students were outside, taking advantage of the good weather to hang out and have fun. The ones who remained were either cramming for an upcoming quiz or rushing to meet assignment deadlines.

"Ah, Feldt, you've reached! I'm sorry if I called you out today for an extra shift…"

"No problem, Marie. I enjoy being a librarian. This place is my second home after all."

"It still is Saturday though…you could have been out there enjoying yourself. It's just that, I really couldn't cancel out on Allelujah…" Marie smiled apologetically at Feldt, hands tugging the hem of her dress nervously.

Feldt gave hera gentle smile. Marie and Allelujah had been inseparable ever since Allelujah, one of the most sought-after males had approached Marie in the library for some reading materials. Naturally, many had been flabbergasted over his choice, but Allelujah would have none of that. He wanted Marie, and that's all there was to it.

"Go for your date, Marie. Look, he's come to pick you up already."

Marie didn't need telling twice. She went over to Allelujah, who took her hand in his. Feldt watched as the two of them exited the library, chattering about plans for the day ahead.

And now, the library was once again, under her watch. Feldt took the job of a librarian very seriously – she remembered the case where Allelujah's twin brother, Hallelujah, had caused a ruckus. His anger over studies had made him set aflame a pile of books in the library – and Feldt had been the one to witness it all. They had lost quite a number of books, and it was the exam season too.

She sighed. Well, Hallelujah was nowhere near the library for now, and neither were the Trinity siblings, a devious trio who enjoyed picking on Feldt on a weekly basis. She supposed she could relax and have a good read on the latest technology news.

Feldt enjoyed technology. To be more specific, she enjoyed robotics engineering, which was the current course she was taking. She found herself not too bad in it, considering the fact that she ranked around tenth amidst the hundreds of male students.

"Hmm…where is it? I wonder…" The latest tech magazine should have been on this shelf, she thought. Could someone have taken it?

"Is this what you are looking for?"

The deep voice belonged to a male. Shocked, Feldt turned around so quickly that she stumbled and fell. A squeak was uttered when she saw who was the one speaking to her.

Setsuna F. Seiei, the top student of robotics engineering, was looking down at her impassively. He was often praised for his extensive research and creations, though Feldt was unclear on what exactly they were. One thing was certain, though – Setsuna was highly respected throughout campus by everyone, not only by the students, but also teachers as well. Sometimes officials from the government would drop by to have a word with him and on certain occasions, he would be on the news with some sort of breakthrough that brought mankind to yet another step forward. Feldt wasn't sure. The government never elaborated much on what breakthroughs were those, and she never asked Setsuna about it due to fear and respect.

"Is this what you are looking for?" He repeated, holding out the magazine to her.

Feldt realized she was still sitting on the ground. Silently scolding herself for her slow response, she quickly stood up.

"Y-yes! Thank you so much."

Stammering had to come now, of all times!

Of course, Feldt always saw Setsuna during lectures and field practice. They weren't friends, merely acquaintances that crossed paths now and then when it came to passing right equipments over during practical work. There was no conversation beyond that. She never initiated one, and neither did he.

He was handsome – she couldn't deny that. Setsuna's dark hair and middle-Eastern features, along with his well-toned body (Feldt blamed this knowledge on her observant skills and the tight suits they wore during practical work) made him a target of girls in the university. Setsuna never reciprocated any of their feelings, though – he was silent, hardworking, brilliant – and was a mystery to many. No one knew much about his personal background, and he never divulged any information on that topic.

Feldt realized that Setsuna was still staring at her. Flustered, she decided to begin a conversation.

"D-do you keep up with this magazine?"


"Do you find it interesting?"

Ugh, that's a silly question, Feldt Grace. Of course he would be interested!


"Uhm…it's a good magazine, isn't it?"


She was running out of things to ask already. Was there anything else that would result in a response from him other than 'yes'?

"Uh, you are Setsuna, aren't you? My name is…"

Before she could complete her sentence, he interrupted. "…Feldt Grace."

She blinked, surprised.

"…You know my name?"

He nodded. "Feldt Grace. Ranked tenth out of four hundred in robotics engineering. Your report on reactors came in third in the previous year's international technology challenge."

What? She had no idea that he actually remembered that!

He continued on. "Also once appeared on newspaper after successfully coding a sequence program for the Flag machines, was interviewed by major world figures like Graham Aker and Billy Katagiri..."

Feldt could not believe it. Here she was with Setsuna, someone who she rarely, no, practically never conversed with, and he was reciting out her details, achievements and awards.

"How…how do you remember all these things?"

Setsuna did not respond to the question. Instead, what came out was, "Are you going to take this magazine?"

Feldt realized that she had been so caught up in her thoughts that the magazine was still in Setsuna's hands. A blush crept to her face as she took it, noting how her fingers brushed his as she did. "Y-yes, of course I'm taking that!"

Without another word, Setsuna turned and walk away.

"Wait! Setsuna!"

He stopped in his tracks, prompting her to continue.

"I'll see you…in class?" Feldt asked, biting her lip.



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