Hopes and dreams are useful after all

Sara packed away her old journal from two years ago in her private box full of meaningful yet very private items like her purple teddy bear named Alexandra Rozera.

Her brother Will was leaving today, moving out early and was getting in her way on purpose trying to aggravate her as usual. His maturity was like a five year old's. He always tried to make fun of her and pull stupid pranks. It was deceiving and annoying. And it made her want to punch him in the face but that would make her parents change her mind on what was to come.

Sara walked back into her room and sat on her small twin bed. It had stripes that were pink, blue, turquoise, teal, and sky blue. Her pillows were thick and heavy because her parents made her buy new ones so she can't confuse 'em with her little sister's—Emmy Rodriguez.

They had the same kind and the same type in brands. Emmy had always taken Sara's because they were "very soft" and "comfy".

"Sara Rita Gonzalez, if you don't bring your sorry ass here…" her mother, Lisa began. "Come on! There's a limo waiting for you outside and if you don't hurry up I'm going to be the new au pair. Talk about a thirty-two year old babysitting a bunch of wild children…girl you gonna have a crazy summer."

"I'm coming, mama! Where did abuelita put my Prada and Vera Wang purses and shoes? And what about my Vera Wang outfit I just got from Ali Rivas' boutique? I cannot forget those! And my teddy bear Alexandra will not be stuffed in—"

"—a suitcase, tote, and duffel bag. I get it hija! Just get your overexcited ass down here!"

"Okay, mama. Thank you."

"Si, si. Just stop being a drama queen, qué?"

"Si, mama."

EVER SINCE HE WALKED INTO MY life, I have been normal—well at almost. It has been wrong and just horrifying to look into his eyes and know that he has something on me that have been hanging over my head for almost 14 years now. It was years ago yet he still threatens to tell on me, to snitch. 17 years ago I was a baby. I have been personally tortured and it really sucks. What have I done while I was a baby? Puke on 'him?

Sara was packing as her mother kept yelling upstairs. Her memory of that boy—her brother, her molesto hermano—annoying sibling that always bothers her.

"Hija! What are you doing up there? Lets go! We must get back to New York three hours! You have that interview with Anna Perry!"

"Okay, mamá! Estoy en mi camino!" ("I'm on my way!") "Oh Dios mío que está poniendo de los nervios!"

She was reliving the memory of Will's evil look. He was always so childish, trying to act all cool, saying things like, "Ha, ha! That's why I'm gonna tell on you!" Actually he said it in Spanish, so it sounded like this, "Ja, ja, es por eso que voy a decir de ti!" Will always had some kind of sneaky vibe. Always pulling pranks on Sara, doing things like putting pudding in her bras and stuffing her dressers with custard and milk.

Their mother, Angelina...