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Their eyes met across the small table and Sam's breath hitched in his throat. He knew he would never get used to that look.

Castiel's eyes bored into his unflinchingly. There always had been something off about his gaze. He didn't just look at you, he looked through you.

No - that wasn't quite right. Castiel looked into you. Ever since he had first met him, Sam couldn't shake the feeling that the angel could look into his heart, his soul, at all of his desires and hatreds. His darkest bloodlusts and carnal wishes.

Castiel tilted his head to one side and Sam's hand twitched into a fist. Maybe he could see all of those things? Perhaps he was reading his mind? Sam hurriedly tried to think of beautiful things, of sunshine and puppies, of things an angel would be happy to see. But staring into those all-knowing eyes made hum panic, and suddenly all he could think of were the things he definitely didn't want Cas to see : all the punches he had thrown, the insults he had spat, the sins he had committed, the women he had made love to.

Castiel's eyebrows shot up his forehead and Sam's stomach twisted when he realised that yes, the angel really could see all of his thoughts and memories. But still he couldn't look away - wouldn't look away - so they were stuck in a stalemate.

Sam's cheeks reddened until he saw Castiel's lips twitch upwards reassuringly. He began to wonder why he had been embarrassed in the first place - an angel of the Lord would surely accept the display of love, even if Sam wasn't exactly ecstatic with his more intimate moments being broadcast like a racy romance movie.

But then he was thinking of Ruby - of sex with Ruby - and those times hadn't quite been the most…tender experiences of his life. Castiel frowned but it did no good - Sam's panicked brain picked a rather uncomfortable topic to stick on. The more he tried not to think about it, the more he thought about it. Gone were the sweet memories of slow love-making, Sam was remembering experimental kinks and harsh fucks. Edible body paint, love bites, bondage, dirty talk - but the two men continued to stare at each other unblinkingly. Sam's eyes burned, watered and begged to be closed but he refused to look away.

'Everything would be fine,' Sam told himself over and over. As long as he didn't think of that one drunken fling with Jessica in that deserted church…she had told 'Father Sam' about all of the dirty little things she had done…and she moaned, gasped, begged for forgiveness…and he had pushed her up against the altar and-

Oh shit. He was thinking about it.

Castiel recoiled, his mouth dropped open and he squeezed his eyes shut tightly as if to block out the sordid images.

Sam gasped and pushed back in his seat, blinking rapidly.

"Dude!" The silence was broken as Dean slapped Sam on the back and grinned. "No way did you just beat Cas in a staring competition! Damn, Sammy!"

Sam reluctantly looked back over at the angel's face. After a second Castiel opened his eyes wide, his usually expressionless face flushed bright red. He looked so taken aback, so violated, like a small child would after being told Santa Claus was a lie.

Sam blinked, and he was gone.

"Huh. Guess some guys are just sore losers." Dean shrugged and smirked.

Sam groaned, letting his head fall against the table with a thud. He had shocked and embarrassed an angel with his blasphemous, pornographic memories.

He was so going to Hell.