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Chapter 22: Worry

Rin stared into Sesshomaru's eyes; fear and dread of what he would say entering into her.

Sesshomaru: "I can't allow what happened last time to happen again. But I can't hurt you that way..."

Rin didn't dare to breathe a sigh of relief for not knowing what he meant.

Sesshomaru: "My mother shall stay with us and monitor you and make sure everything is going smoothly. And we'll see what to do as your pregnancy progresses."

Rin smiled up at Sesshomaru before giving him a tight hug. Tears of joy and relief threatened to roll down her cheeks.

Rin: "Oh, thank you, thank you."

Sesshomaru returned the tight embraced; caressing her hair with one hand.

Sesshomaru: "No need to thank me. This is my doing after all."

Rin smiled and giggled to that.

The following day there was a knock on the door, signaling Satomi's arrival. She walked right in before the door could be opened for her, much to Sesshomaru's displeasure.

Satomi: "Oh, Sesshomaru, how kind of you to allow me to stay here. I was needing a vacation. Desperately."

Satomi started to fan herself to get the point across on how much she needed it. Rin smiled at her while Sesshomaru's expression didn't change.

Sesshomaru: "You are here to make sure things go smoothly with Rin."

Satomi looked sharply at her for what he was implying.

Satomi: "Of course. What kind of grandmother would I be if I forgot that? Really Sesshomaru, who do you think I am?"

Before Sesshomaru could respond Satomi turned to Rin, with a smile on her face.

Satomi: "Now, where is my precious grand baby?"

Rin: "Asleep in the parlor."

"Oh, I must see her."

She gave Sesshomaru a pointed before she continued what she had in mind to say.

Satomi: "And then I shall examine Rin."

With that Satomi turned to Rin and draped an arm around her, chatting as she guided her to the parlor. Sesshomaru mentally rolled his eyes before following.

As soon as they entered the parlor Satomi immediately went over to Sarea, who was still in the midst of her nap.

Satomi: "What a precious little thing."

The proud grandmother gently rubbed her finger against the little one's cheek. Sarea made small noises in her sleep, which caused a smile on Satomi's lips.

Satomi: "Well, I don't wish to wake her..."

She turned to Rin, who had obviously been smiling at the scene.

Satomi: "Let's examine you and see how far along you are. Come and lay down on the couch."

Rin did as she was told and Satomi sat on the edge of the couch by her. She raised Rin's dress up, much to the young mother's embarrassment as indicated by a bright blush adorning her cheeks.

Satomi: "No reason to be embarrassed. I am practically your mother, you know."

Rin shyly nodded, but was still unable to calm her blush down completely.

Satomi: "Hm, let's see."

Satomi placed her hand on Rin's stomach then leaned down and put her nose there. That brought Rin's blush back in full force. Soon Satomi lifted her head and smiled.

Satomi: "You're a couple months along, you know."

She then gave Sesshomaru a look.

Satomi: "You should have known."

Rin looked down, guiltily.

Rin: "I forgot about my period..."

Satomi looked down and smile at the girl.

Satomi: "Not your fault."

She then gave Sesshomaru a pointed look.

Satomi: "It's Sesshomaru's. He should have realized."

Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes at his mother, but chose not to say anything in reply. He did clearly agree with her, as much as he didn't want to.

Satomi: "Well, everything is going fine. Definitely no need to worry."

She clapped her hands together and a smile appeared on her face.

Satomi: "Now, I shall see if you are properly stocked with tea and then look at the garden. I may decide to do some changes to it. And around here. There's seems to be something amiss with the decor."

She then looked at her son.

Satomi: "Really, I thought you would do better with the decor after I left, Sesshomaru. I should have known better though..."

Sesshomaru gave his mother a deadpanned expression.

Satomi: "Really, Sesshomaru, don't blame Rin, she's too busy taking care of that adorable baby of yours. Blaming your sweet little mate. Where are your manners?"

Sesshomaru: "I wasn't."

"Good! You seemed to have learned something."

With that Satomi whisked herself away to the kitchen. Sesshomaru stared after her, clearly not happy at the conclusions his mother had jumped to. He stopped mentally fuming when he heard the chime of Rin's laughter. He looked down at her and his expression immediately softened. He walked over and sat down beside her; wrapping an arm around her as he did so. Rin looked up at him and smiled.

Rin: "So?"

Sesshomaru: "So what?"

"Isn't what Mother said a relief?"

Sesshomaru placed a hand on his mate's belly before kissing her tenderly on the forehead, causing her to giggle.

Sesshomaru: "Most definitely."

Rin smiled up at him and he couldn't help, but to lower his lips to capture hers in a loving kiss. As the kiss started to get more heated, they were interrupted by the sounds of their daughter waking up with a loud cry. Rin smiled up at Sesshomaru as he broke away.

Rin: "She must be hungry."

Sesshomaru: "I'll get her."

Sesshomaru got up and went to his little girl. He picked her up, but it was apparent she didn't want to be held by him at the moment. As he got near Rin, Sarea leaned over, reaching for her mom. Rin smiled at her as she took her while Sesshomaru lowered his mate's dress so their little one could nurse. Both parents watched her tenderly as she very readily did so. Rin smiled as she gently caressed her hair.

Rin: "You're going to be a big sister soon, Sarea."

Sarea looked at her mom as if she understood what she meant. Rin smiled and gently ran her hands through her daughter's hair.

Rin: "Sarea has gotten so much stronger hasn't she?"

Sesshomaru: "Yes. She's still small though."

"I don't mind. She's perfect just the way she is."

"I agree."

Rin smiled at Sesshomaru.

Rin: "And soon another perfect little one will be born."

Sesshomaru nodded and kissed her on the head. Rin's smile got bigger and she turned back to Sarea.

Rin: "Don't worry, Sarea. You shall always be our little baby too."

It was clear Sesshomaru wasn't sharing all of Rin's joy for the upcoming baby as he was far too worried to...

A couple months later...

Satomi, with Sarea in her lap, and Rin were sitting on a bench in the garden having tea. Roses were blooming beautifully in a burst of color all around them. The trees calmly rustled in the wind. And in the distance Entei and Ah-Un could be seen grazing. It was all such a peaceful place.

Rin: "You really did make this place beautiful."

Satomi: "Thank you dear. Now, tell me, what's bothering you."

Rin looked down at blushed.

Rin: "How did you know something was?"

Satomi: "Mother's intuition. Now, tell me what it is."

Rin's blush deepened. It was apparent she was uncomfortable telling her what the matter was.

Rin: "Well... Lately Sesshomaru has been acting different..."

Satomi: "That son of mine is letting him get all worked up over his fear. Really, it'll do him no good. Just makes matters worse."

"Yeah... Well..."

Rin's blush deepened and she covered her face. Satomi looked at her quizzically before it dawned on her.

Satomi: "Don't tell me he has abandoned his amorous ways because of that silly fear of his?"

Rin shyly nodded.

Rin: "He still kisses me a lot, but he then stops before..."

Satomi: "I see... How foolish of him. Well, here is what you do..."

Satomi whispered in Rin's ear and as each second went by Rin's cheeks got redder and redder.

Satomi: "Come! I shall help you prepare..."

Satomi promptly stood up and dragged Rin along with her to the house.

Sesshomaru was in the library, walking up and down the aisles. None of the books held his attention. Images of Rin first birthing were plaguing his mind. He put his arm on one of the shelves and leaned his head against it.

Sesshomaru: "Rin... I'm sorry..."

That night Sesshomaru entered his room and an enticing smell immediately hit him. He looked at where it was coming from to see Rin sitting on his bed. She was dressed in very alluring lingerie and a bright blush adorned her cheeks.

Rin: "Hi Sesshomaru..."

Sesshomaru furrowed his eyebrows and refused to look at her as he got ready for bed. He laid down on his side, still refusing to look at his mate.

Rin stared at Sesshomaru's back; obviously a little hurt that he refused to look at her. She hesitantly placed her hand on his arm and felt him flinch under her.

Rin: "Sesshomaru..."

Sesshomaru: "I refuse, Rin. I won't hurt you."

"But you won't! And I really need your touch."

"No Rin."

Rin leaned over Sesshomaru and embraced him in an awkward hug.

Rin: "You shouldn't worry so much. Everything shall be fine..."

Sesshomaru: "..."

Rin started rubbing circles on Sesshomaru's arm.

Rin: "Please Sesshomaru. Don't worry..."

Sesshomaru sat up and looked down at his little mate. He saw that he was causing her stress and worry from his own and immediately felt guilty for it. He took her in his arms and held her tight.

Sesshomaru: "Rin, I apologize. I didn't realize I was affecting you."

Rin smiled and returned the embrace.

Rin: "I'm glad you care, but I just don't like to see you like that..."

Sesshomaru: "..."

She then giggled.

Rin: "I didn't know you could resist me. Mother said you wouldn't be able to after what all she did to me."

Sesshomaru: "So she's the reason... I should have known. You are far too innocent to do something like this on your own..."

Rin looked down at his chest, clearly ashamed.

Rin: "I'm sorry... I know I can't do this right... In the end I couldn't really do it like she told me..."

Rin feeling ashamed didn't sit well with Sesshomaru at all. He then whispered in Rin's ear to rid her of all her insecurities.

Sesshomaru: "That's the way I like you. You are so adorable... with your blushes and shy glances... I could barely control myself when I saw you when I came in..."

Rin blushed and giggled, but they soon turned to gasps as he attacked her chest with his mouth. He abruptly stopped himself and looked down into her questioning eyes.

Sesshomaru: "I don't want to hurt you..."

Rin: "Mother said this helps the baby too... That's part of the reason why Sarea is here... And so am I..."

Sesshomaru's eyes widened before he let his head fall on Rin's shoulder.

Sesshomaru: "How could I have forgotten that...?"

Rin ran her hands comfortingly through his hair.

Rin: "It's alright... I understand..."

Sesshomaru looked up at her with a glint in his eye.

Sesshomaru: "I better make up for lost time then..."

He claimed a passionate kiss and pushed Rin down on the bed without breaking it. As soon as he let go of her lips he attacked her neck. He pulled off her lingerie to reveal what little it didn't before attacking her chest...

Sesshomaru watched Rin sleep. She was exhausted from their activities, which caused a smirk on his lips. He still worried for her, but he decided to be sure not to show it to her. He didn't want to cause her any additional stress and he couldn't live with himself if he harmed her in any way.

Sesshomaru's hand glided to Rin's belly where their child laid within. His eyes furrowed as he felt it and looked down at it. She was already showing a good bit.

Rin: "What's the matter?"

Sesshomaru immediately got rid of the look on his face and looked softly down at her.

Sesshomaru: "You're already showing a good bit. More than the last time at this stage..."

Rin: "Perhaps the baby is bigger? It could be a boy..."

Sesshomaru: "...Perhaps... We shall ask Mother about it tomorrow."

Rin: "Alright."

Sesshomaru looked at Rin and a mischievous glint entered his eye. He leaned over her and she looked up at him questioningly. He did nothing, but slowly moved his hand down her arm.

Sesshomaru: "You do look so beautiful when you are carrying my child..."

Rin blushed deeply at that. He smirked down at her, which made her wonder what he was up to. He was obviously up to something.

Rin: "Sesshomaru?"

Sesshomaru's hand then reached its mark and clamped around one of her breasts. Rin's eyes widened and a gasp escaped her lips.

Rin: "Sesshomaru!"

Sesshomaru smirked; enjoying his mate's response. He kneaded the breast in his hand; molding it and toying with it; and fully enjoying the moans coming from Rin's mouth.

Sesshomaru: "As I said I have to make up for lost time..."

With that said he lowered his mouth to the other breast, taking as much as he could of it in his mouth. He lapped at it greedily with his tongue. Mews of pleasure flew from Rin's lips as another session of loving began...