Two views of one world

Chapter 1

The small dragon couple watched over their cluster of three eggs wearily.

For past months they had been waiting for their children to hatch and emerge into a new world, but both feared what fate awaited their un-hatched babies.

"You're mad!" Their siblings scoffed.

"Cousins shouldn't marry!" Their parents would scold, glaring.

Their fellow cousins made gagging noises and some even 'Ewwwwww-ed' upon hearing the news of their two cousins.

But the dragon's ignored them. From the Forbidden forest they ran to Dragon country to seek peace from the constant nagging of their disapproving relatives and to raise a family together.

Now, deep in a cave they sat hand- or claw in claw, eagerly awaiting the arrival of their young ones.

Dawn came, and still no sign of the eggs hatching. The couple sighed.

"Maybe more luck tomorrow?" The male dragon spoke turning to his mate. The female turned to him and nodded.

"I hope so..." The female sighed with a much more British accent than her husband's. The male smiled at her.

"Don't worry, Mizie." He comforted her. The dragoness known as Mizie smiled.

"I'm not worried Fritz, just... scared..." she trailed off. Fritz tiled his slightly chubby head questioningly.

"Why dear?" He asked. She shrugged,

"I... I don't know... I just... have a feeling..." She couldn't say much. Fritz just smiled warmly and took her hands in his. She looked into his yellow eyes.

"Please, love. It will all be fine. Let's get some sleep and not fret about it." She blushed. Fritz always knew how to calm her in situations like this.

"Your right. Sleep will be best." Mizie giggled.

He grinned. "Aren't I always right?" He replied coolly. Mizie rolled her yellow eyes playfully.

The two dragons curled around their nest of eggs, tails wrapped around each other, noses touching. Fritz yawned. Mizie nuzzled him.

"Night honey." Fritz sighed. Mizie giggled

"Goodnight Sweetheart." She replied. Soon the dragon couple dozed off. Neither of them stirred when one egg began to shuffle slightly.

As the moons rays shone over the silent dusty landscape, Fritz and Mizie didn't stir as one of their eggs began to shake. A small crack appeared as the baby dragon trapped inside struggled to escape its shell prison. A small foot smashed its way out of the egg, as the baby dragon tried desperately to break out. The egg rolled over into Fritz's side. He grumbled slightly, ignoring whatever was lightly beating against the side of his belly. He was not a dragon who liked being woken up during sleep.

The egg rolled back.


Two arms and a new leg shot from the egg. At this point another egg began to shiver almost.

The currently hatching dragon was now able to scramble, using much effort, over to Mizie, who upon feeling something fall onto the side of her blue tummy, Began to wake up. She wearily opened an eye, lifting her head slightly. She gasped at the sight. Their eggs were hatching! It was finally happening!

"Fritz! Fritz, Sweetheart! Wake up!" She shook her husband lightly. He flinched, and opened an eye.

"Honey? What is it?" He asked rubbing an eye with his fist. His answer then came, tumbling over his wife's tail. It rolled over to him. The two watched flabbergasted as the baby dragon finally cracked out of its egg. It looked up at them, identifying them as its parents.

Fritz lowered his head to his son's height. The infant looked at him before poking his daddy's muzzle.

"Has his father's looks..." Mizie giggled. True she was. The baby dragon had hints of chubbiness mainly around his cheeks. Short ears and stubby little horns, which may grow in passing time.

Fritz smiled warmly and cuddled his son.

"WHAAAAAAA!" Both dragons turned back to the nest. Another egg had hatched. It was a dragoness. The young female shook a piece of eggshell off her head revealing her slightly long horns. She had her mother's looks. Long, pointed ears, a slightly longer muzzle and she was skinnier than her brother.

The young dragon sniffed. Mizie picked up her daughter cautiously and cradled her.

"Shhhh...My little Melodie..." She cooed as Melodie calmed. Fritz smiled.

"Melodie... Suits her." He praised. He turned to his son. "Hmmm... Asher..." He mumbled.

His wife smiled. "Melodie and Asher... Cute." She stated. Fritz smiled back at her then looked back at his children. Both sleeping peacefully in their parents arms. Mizie looked back at the nest. Their lay one last egg.

"Fritz... That one hasn't hatched yet." The two lay the slumbering children in the nest not far from the un-hatched egg. Mizie snuggled them in before joining her husband in waiting for the one baby to hatch.

"What cha' wanna call this one?" Fritz asked Mizie.

She thought for a second. "Well... I was thinking... Devon... maybe." She suggested.

"Hmmm... What about... Cornwall?" Fritz also suggested.

Mizie hummed. "We'll see." She confirmed. Fritz nodded.

After an hour... The couple realised it was going to be a much longer night than they thought.

It was early morning. Melodie and Asher slept on, unlike their parents. Mizie was starting to let worrying thoughts flood her head.

Fritz saw how distressed his wife was. He placed an arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer. She laid her head on his scaly chest.

"Darling... It will be okay." Fritz assured her, though he knew he may be deadly wrong. Mizie sniffed.

"But... What if... if..." She choked. This baby may have not hatched yet, but that didn't stop Mizie talking to the eggs before they had hatched and building a motherly connection with them.

Fritz patted her back and cuddled her closer. He too began to worry about his un-hatched child. Mizie nuzzled her face deeper into Fritz's soft chest. Fritz sighed as no signs of life appeared to be coming from the egg.

The two were silent.


Fritz and Mizie raised their ears at that sound. It was faint, but close.


It was coming from the egg. The two dragon's faces lit up with hope and excitement.

"Oh fritz..." Mizie was able to say. Fritz shuffled closer to the hatching egg.

A small skinny arm carefully broke through on the left hand side of the egg. Suddenly a much chubbier arm violently smashed through, and it was the same with the legs. A crack appeared half way between the remainder of the shell. Suddenly, the shell cracked open. Fritz and Mizie gasped...