Chapter 4

Devon and Cornwall sat on a rock at the base of the cave, which had been their home for almost 100 years now.

So much had changed during the years, especially their siblings.

Melodie was always out now, hanging around with her girlfriends, and if not that, flirting with her boyfriend, whose name the twin dragons didn't recall. Even worse, she completely rejected the fact that Devon and Cornwall were her brothers, should they walk past her and a group of her friends. She also ignored them and avoided them whenever possible. She hadn't changed that much to her friends, but to her brothers, it was obvious how beauty had gotten to her head.

Asher had also changed.

He also had a small group of friends who he always talked with, whereas before, he stuck by his Siamese brother every day. Thankfully, unlike Melodie, he wouldn't ignore or reject his brothers, but he never seemed to have time for Devon and Cornwall. He was always either racing his companions in flying, or challenging them to tests of strength.

Devon and Cornwall watched. Melodie was with her boyfriend, as far as possible away from them. Asher was, of course, racing a friend of his. Every now and then, he and his friend would fly through a small canyon and emerge the other side with either one as the winner.

Cornwall glared, jealousy filling his eyes and rage flaming in his heart. "Pah! Look at them! Ditchers!" he grumbled angrily. Devon frowned, and nodded understandingly.

"I understand what you mean by that, but... we ARE all growing up... Remember, mother said people change over time." Cornwall rolled his eyes irritated; there he goes again with his 'mother said...' or 'farther told us...' he thought to himself.

"Ya know, I never asked you." He spat back his brother. Devon shot him a glare.

"Well, excuse me for trying to cheer you up!"

"I don't need cheering up!" Cornwall shouted.

"Very well then!" Devon turned away from Cornwall as best he could, if they had separate bodies Devon would have more likely stormed off, but no matter where one went, the other had to follow. Cornwall rested his chin in the green palm of his claw. The two didn't speak to each other for a while, instead, they listened to themselves ramble on about what they could be if the other didn't exists or if they simply had separate parts.

They were interrupted from their thoughts when they heard heavy footsteps heading their way, the heart both shared began to race, blood pumped in their ears and their bodies froze, as the same thought and pray came o their minds.

Was it the bullies? Please not them!

Cornwall felt a cold claw land on his shoulder, "Hey guys." The voice greeted.

But by this point, the two screamed and leapt in the air before they scrambled behind a rock. Devon's head peeked out. He sighed, it was only farther. He forced their shared body out from the shadows and the two walked sheepishly over to Fritz. He chuckled.

"You alright boys?" the two heads nodded slowly. Fritz smiled. "You two seemed a bit lonely; I'm going out to hunt for lunch if you want to come?" Cornwall's face lit up. He loved hunting with his dad. The same could not be said for Devon, he was always afraid to walk out of the comfort of his home and enter the danger zone.

"Yea! That would be awesome!" Cornwall cheered with enthusiasm.

"I don't know..." Devon mumbled. Cornwall gave him a look of anger and spite.

"Ya better not ruin this ya wimp!" He growled threateningly. Fritz placed a claw on Cornwall's head.

"Now Cornwall, you two need to learn to agree more." He pointed out. Cornwall growled.

Devon could see that arguing wasn't going to solve this, plus they didn't usually go hunting with their farther. Overall, there was nothing else to do. "Okay then... I don't mind." He finally said.

Cornwall punched the air, "Yes!" He shouted.

Not long later, the two heads were waiting for their farther to take the hunting. Devon saw Melodie walking over to them; she had the usual look of disapproval and disgust on her. Devon said nothing and looked away. When Cornwall looked at her, she was standing in front of the two, he sneered.

"Well if it isn't little miss beauty freak, going to catch up on your beauty sleep for the hour?" He snorted a look of hatred blazed in his eyes. His sister growled.

"Shut it, fatso! You listen up! You know Blaze, right?" Devon shrugged and Cornwall shook his head. Melodie sighed agitated.

"My boyfriend, Blaze! The guy I always hang out with?"

"Ohhh! That's his name! Surprised you even got friends with that temper of yours." Cornwall chuckled. Melodie gave him a disapproving look.

"You know... I'm just going to forget you even said that... Anyway, Blaze is coming over tomorrow and he said he has to bring his cousin with him. So I want you two not to talk to them, got it? I'm not going to have you two OR Asher, embarrass me, Okay?" She glared at them. Devon nodded.

"I promise you, with our lives, we won't embarrass you." Devon assured her.

"Whatever!" Cornwall grumbled.

Melodie smiled bitterly, and with that said, she walked away into the cave, leaving the two brothers waiting.

Later that afternoon...

Fritz continued walking about the grassy hillside, Devon and Cornwall not very far behind. Every now and then, the two would stop to watch a butterfly pass or to inhale the strangely wonderful smell of the nature around them. The two never usually gave thought of the world around dragon country until they were actually there, on the grassy fields. One place they never went though was the Forbidden forest, a place where their parents told them never to go near, no matter how much the brothers pleaded.

Fritz stopped. Devon and Cornwall accidentally rammed into his leg. They watched their farther carefully. He scanned the land far ahead and searched for signs of life. Devon also looked over the field as best he could. He didn't know how anyone could hunt in this area, a huge fog coated the land not far ahead, only high mountains and rocks could be see through the thick of the dark gray fog. Fritz turned to his sons after a period of time.

"You two wait here, I'll be back in a minute." Devon looked at him in confusion.

"Where are you going, farther?" Devon questioned, Fritz place a hand on Devon's shoulder.

"I'm just going to see if it's safe, okay? But make sure you stay here, unless wolves or anything else attack." Devon gulped at the mentioning of wolves. Fritz once again assured them he'll be back before entering and disappearing into the fog.

It had been at least ten minutes since their farther left. Cornwall quickly became impatient.

"I can't stand it!" He growled forcing their body of the ground and began to march him and his brother towards the fog, but Devon stopped them.

"What are you doing? Farther told us to wait here!" He said authoritatively. Cornwall sneered at Devon.

"So? Dad took us on this hunting trip, I'm not just going to wait here and do nothing!"

"But there are wolves out there!"

"Were dragons, we can out smart them anytime."

"But..." Cornwall poked a chubby finger into his brother's neck.

"Listen hear, bro'! I-" There was a low, yet fierce growl at that point. Both heads looked around, but all they saw was fog, grass, forest and mountains.

"Uhhh... Dev'? Tell me that was you growling...please?" Even Cornwall, the boastful and grumpy one of the two sounded frightened.

"I hate to say Cornwall, but... That was defiantly not me..." Devon replied shakily.

There was a distant howl. Devon flung his arm tightly around Cornwall's neck and shivered. Cornwall, surprisingly, hugged his brother back.

The two heads looked around.

Devon turned his head as best he could behind them. His eyes widened as he wished for his farther.

A huge gray wolf prowled out from the fog. Its yellow eyes fixed on the twin dragon, its teeth and claws bared, its tongue licked around its muzzle.

"C-c-c-Cornwall?" Cornwall turned his head and hugged his brother tighter at the sight of the wolf. It was almost as big as them, only halfway up. Cornwall turned his at another sound. Two more wolves emerged, growling and snarling. The two heads looked at each other.

"This is it I guess!" Devon confirmed. Cornwall let go of his brother and looked around quickly, he eyed an opening where the wolves weren't surrounding them. Devon caught eye line and moaned worriedly.

"Who said it's over?" Cornwall grinned. Just then, the wolves pounced. Cornwall shoved their shared body out the way as the two tumbled into the fog. They quickly picked themselves up and ran deeper into the fog.

The sound of the wolves growling and panting came to the dragon's ears almost encouraged them to run faster. The two look forward into the never ending fog, neither one daring to look back. The fact that they had two heads made it easier to breathe, but that didn't stop the pain from creeping into their legs and arms.

From the corner of his eye, Devon saw a wolf beginning to catch up the side of them, he forced their body faster, yet the pain both felt held them back. Cornwall breathed heavily and shut his eyes as an attempt to cease the pain. The two suddenly felt the ground beneath them slop down more. They ran slower, but it didn't help, the two tripped and tumbled down the grassy hill.

The two rammed into something cold and hard. Cornwall looked up at a high and very steep mountain, it looked almost impossible to climb. The two froze as the wolves familiar growls came into hearing range. They pressed their back against the a rock, hoping to sink right through and escape. Unfortunately, that was not the case. The two were surrounded by the three wolves, each one looked hungry and ready to attack any moment.

"NOW, It's the end." Cornwall stated.

"I'm sorry, for everything!" Devon cried, his arm flung around Cornwall's neck, almost strangling him.

'I'd rather be eaten by the wolves...' Cornwall thought. "Yea, Me too..." He was able to mumble.

"HELP!" Devon yelled at the top of their lungs. Cornwall felt massive pain in his ribs.

"SOMEONE HELP!" Cornwall yelled, not as loudly though.

The wolves closed in. The helpless brothers shut their eyes awaiting their fate.


Devon opened one eye as the floor beneath them trembled. All the wolves had stopped in their tracks and where facing toward the left side of the group. What were they looking out for?


Devon opened both eyes as did Cornwall. The ground shook again, only this time, it seemed stronger than the last one. The wolves whimpered and growled, slowly backing away of the sound.


The wolves fled into the mist. Leaving the dragons there to figure out what exactly had and was happening. The footprints sounded much too large to be that of a dragons. But if not a dragon, what was it?

"Cornwall? Do you have any idea what that is?" Devon whispered.


"N-No... but... Ya remember what dad told us about Ogres, Right? Y-Ya don't think..."

"Well I hope not... dragons are their favourite type of meal..." Devon gulped.


"Well there's no evidence it's an Ogre then." Cornwall sighed.

Just then, the skeleton of a dragon landed inches in front of the two headed dragon. Both looked at it, then each other in fright and shock.

"There's your evidence..." Devon murmured.

The foot of the ogre smashed down on to the skeleton, immediately shattering it. The two shut their eyes and embraced each other immediately.

The Ogre's footsteps got fainter and fainter. The two heads looked down on the remains of the skeleton. Only one or two full pieces of bone had survived, the rest had been reduced to nothing but dust.

"Who do ya think that was...?" Cornwall asked shakily.

"It was far too big to be farther, or another purple dragon for that matter..." Devon confirmed, "But altogether, we shouldn't concern ourselves about it, what we have to do now is find Farther." Cornwall sighed.

"Ya know something...?" Cornwall began. Devon turned to him questioningly.


"For once... I agree..."