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Gasser fell and landed right on Beauty

"Are you ok beauty" he asked. Beauty looked straight in his face, with a blank look and slightly colored cheeks. Gasser blushed and realized he could take advantage of the situation.

Should I kiss her? No that will scare her away! LOOK AT HER FACE SHE'S BLUSHING! Yeah with a bored face, 'he too close, the pervert, and touching my boob!' she is probably thinking. What!

Gasser finally felt the enticing object of his many fantasies under his hand. He squeezed it out amazement that he was actually touching it. A small cough from the owner brought him back to reality before he tried again.

"Oh shit," blushing harder, he quickly put booth hands in mid air.

Maybe it was his confusion, or that things were happening to fast for him, or the sudden loss of blood going from his head to his…. But gasser forgot the laws of physics and landed face first into beauty's breasts.

Gasser, now resembling a beet, quickly pulled himself off her. Both were now sitting on the ground facing each other.

"Oh shit, beauty I didn't mean that, I didn't even like, I mean, um I did, your pretty no matter what your bra size is, shit, no, no I, it was fine, but not in a creepy way!"

There was a pause after Gasser yelled in Beauty's face, his own face was getting redder by the second.

An awkward silence.

Beauty looked up straight into his eyes. Her hands started to extend, they wrapped around his neck. Her mouth parted into an elusive smile. She brought Gasser's ear to her mouth

"Guess what"

"w-what" Gasser stammered back unsure of what to do.

Baeuty's smile grew, and moved her hands to the back of his head. He shuddered and she went for the kill. She stuffed his head into her chest.

"You're a real wimp sometimes," she said giggling. Gasser made a little sound in response. "I'm not going to let go of you, you know" another small sound.

They stayed like that for awhile until Gasser was able to gather his nerves and Beauty let him move abut to make himself more comfortable on her.

The night was beautiful, and so was the teenagers love.



"… I'm not wearing a bra"

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