Title: To Discover a Trickster

Author: SyFy-Girl

Genre: Au!High School

Pairing(s): Eventual: Gabriel/Sam, Castiel/Dean, Slight: Sam/Ruby, Sam/Jess, Dean/Jo, Past: Gabriel/OFC

Wordcount: WIP

Warning(s): OFCs and OMCs, NO Mary-Sues

Summary: The Winchesters just moved to Kansas City, leaving their home in Lawrence. The summer has ended, and school is starting. It is Dean's Junior year, and Sam's Freshman. What happens when Dean's school guide turns out to be an antisocial boy with the deepest stare and bluest eyes in existence? And what about when Sam's guide is a snarky, sarcastic jackass with a superiority complex? And just who IS this mysterious "Trickster", and why has he taken an interest in Sam?

Disclaimer: If I owned Supernatural, Gabriel wouldn't be dead, and the boys would have paired off by now.

A/N: So after reading enough AU!High School fics, I decided to do one of my own, It was really just an excuse to write Gabriel pranking the school. And please forgive me. All information I know about police officers comes from Cop Shows. Here is the age list as of the first day of school (will let you know if any ages change):


Dean Winchester-17

Sam Winchester-15

John Winchester-53


Anna Novak-15

Castiel Novak-17

Gabriel Novak-18

Balthazar Novak-21

Raphael Novak-22

Lucas "Lucifer" Novak-26

Michael Novak-27

Eve Novak-51

Joseph Novak-55


Chuck Shurley-17

Alex "Rayelgh" Morgan-17

Uriel Jackson-19

Samael Jackson-25

Ruby Alexander-16

Jess Moore-15

Lilith Andrews-18

Jo Harvelle-17

Edit: I fixed Jess, Ruby, Anna, and Sam's ages.

It was August 14, and the 3 Winchesters were moving into their newly purchased home. They had just left their life-long home in Lawrence, Kansas, and had traveled an hour to Kansas City. The Winchesters had not left because of any problems, but because John Winchester had received a promotion. Back in Lawrence, the police department had been quite small. He had been offered, by the state of Kansas, a job at the Kansas City Police Department as a detective. So, after talking it over with his two sons, he had taken the job. They had looked for property in Kansas City, and found a nice house near the local high school the boys would be attending. Once they purchased the house, they sold their old one, and packed up.

"Phew, we're finally done unpacking" Sam, the younger of the two Winchester boys, said, falling onto the couch.

Dean, the older of the two, snorted, "If by 'done', you mean we keep all our own crap in the boxes, then, yeah, we're done. Move over bitch." He said, shoving Sam's feet off the couch to make room for himself.

"Whatever, jerk. Hey, you worried about school next week?"

"Why would I be?"

"Well, new year, new school, new town, new people, new-"

"Okay, okay, I get it, it's all new. Sheesh. No, I'm not worried. Why are you?"

"I'm not." Sam saw Dean's look of disbelief. "Okay, maybe just a little. I mean, all the Freshman get a senior guide, and what if mine's an asshole? And what if he leads me the wrong way?"

"One. You don't even know if it's gonna be a dude. And two. If it's an asshole, you can steal my guide. I don't even want one anyway, I can find my way around the school just fine."

"Oh, right. I forgot they were giving you one as well. Is you're guide gonna be a senior or a junior?"

"Dunno, don't care. Gonna ditch them anyway."

"Good luck with that."

"Boys, dinner!" They heard their dad yell from the kitchen.

A/N: Yeah, I know, really short. So what do you think: Love it? Hate it? Think it should be tossed in a ton of acid? Reviews are like crack to me ^_^