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Stopping the Malevolence

Hoth (Ahsoka's pov)

I was in my room going over the plans of the separatist base I got from Zach and Barriss who were going over the plan with the clones and the Wampas. Meanwhile Michael was in his room resting before the fight began. While I was in my room I began to think back about how I acted earlier saying I was jealous of Zach and the others getting ahead in the jedi while I wasn't getting the chances because Master Skywalker thinks I'm not ready. I knew I shouldn't have reacted that way and knew I couldn't blame the others. They're masters trusted them and knew they were ready but Anakin I don't know why but he is having trouble letting do something on my own.

I'm a great jedi and I have proven myself that I can handle myself. Granted I have had some missions where I have had close calls but that is no different than what Anakin goes through on every mission he is in. So why isn't he giving me a chance to prove to the council that I am ready?

Just then I heard the door knocked and I heard it was Michael. I walked over and opened the door to find Michael covered in some snow. "Um what happened to you?" I asked trying not to laugh or snicker.

"Turns out where I was sleeping is bellow where Zach has his Wampas practice fighting…one of them hit the floor hard and the ceiling landed on me. Which was half snow and half ice...sooo cold" Michael said as he covered his arms shivering.

"Come here" I said as I let him in my room and gave him a big hug trying to keep him warm. "Better?"

"So much better thank you" Michael said as he returned the hug. "So you ready for the mission?"

"I think so but I'm just worried about the entrance into the base" I said as we broke up the hug and I walked over to my bed and showed Michael the entrance to the separatist base on my holonet. "The entrance is too narrow to take any vehicles and if there were any explosions then the walls would fall on us and we would be killed."

"I know but I wouldn't worry about it Zach did say the seps don't know about the entrance. What I am worried about is how much time we have before the ships are ready for takeoff" Michael said.

"Barriss said we don't have much time but the only thing I am worried is what happens if they do leave the planet. I have seen what one can do in action but if two are out there…so many lives will be lost" I said remembering how we almost lost Master Plo Koon when he encountered the first Malevolence and how much damaged it caused.

"Don't worry Ahsoka we'll stop those ships before they get a chance to leave the planet. So just relax because if you go on a mission stressing out then it will end bad for you" Michael said as he sat behind me and began giving me a message which was indeed helping me relax but I still couldn't get the thoughts in my mind about what I was thinking earlier. With Anakin not letting me take the trials even though I clearly am ready and why Michael hasn't taken his trials yet either.

"Michael can I ask you something?" I said as I stopped Michael from massaging me and turned around to face him.

"Sure what's wrong?" Michael asked.

"Okay well I need you to be honest with me and don't lie. I need you to tell me the truth okay?" I asked wanting to know if Michael will be truthful to me or not.

"Ahsoka I told you I would try to be honest with you and I will so please tell me what's the matter?" Michael asked wondering what it was that I wanted to know.

"Okay…Michael why aren't you taking the trials? I know you're ready, Obi wan knows your ready, and the entire council knows your ready so why aren't you taking the trials?" I said wondering why Michael isn't taking the jedi knight trials.

Michael sighed and I could tell he knew I was going to ask him that. He had his hands grab mine and held them. "Ahsoka the reason I'm not taking the trials is…I'm worried that you will hate me for being a knight before you like you said on Mortis" Michael said reminding me of what happened on Mortis. I don't remember what happened when the son turned me evil but from what the others told me I had some issues against Michael.

"What did I say exactly?" I asked curious on what I said to Michael when the son turned me evil.

"You told me that you hated that I was getting ahead in the jedi order while you were getting nothing. And how I didn't accept being a jedi knight before because I felt sorry for you, even thought that isn't true" Michael said as he placed both his hands on my shoulders. "I'm afraid if I do become a jedi knight you will hate me and would not want to be with me."

I could tell Michael was worried to lose me because of what I said on Mortis. Even though I know that wasn't me Zach had told me that the evil me who tried to kill Michael was born because of the son's evil and because there had to be a part of me that did hate that Michael was getting ahead than me who worked harder and longer than him. I soon understand why Michael would feel this way and I knew he didn't want me to hate him.

"Michael I won't be mad nor will I hate you. I love you and you deserve a chance to become a great jedi knight. I will get there even if it takes some time I will be a knight like all of you but I won't hate you if your one before me" I said trying to show Michael I won't hate him. I leaned forward and kissed him on the lips then pulled back after a few seconds.

"Thank you Ahsoka…and if you're okay with it then I suppose I should tell Obi wan I'm ready then?" Michael said as he smiled.

"Yes and who knows like you said if we do well on this mission then Anakin will finally see I am ready to take the trials" I said returning the smile.

"And if he doesn't he will have to answer to me then" Michael said which I laughed a bit and agreed he would do that for me. We lean in forward and kissed again on the lips except this time I pushed Michael on his back without breaking the kiss. I was on top of him as we continued the kiss for as long as we could.

One hour later (Zach's pov)

We were underground traveling towards the separatist base. The Wampas found a tunnel that led towards the entrance that would take us through the separatist base. Captain Rex and his men would distract the separatist forces while we made our way into the base with no problems.

Barriss was behind me along with Michael and Ahsoka. The troops were also behind them along with nine Wampas with one of them in front of me leading us towards the entrance. We knew traveling in the open would be too risky but traveling under the tunnels would be safer and would be less risky.

Once we arrived to the entrance we signaled for Rex and his men to begin they're attack. We ordered them not to get too close but to use our remaining tanks and cannons to hit them so we don't lose a man in the fields. Once the fighting began the Wampa let us through the tunnel. It was indeed narrow but it was still wide enough for us to fit through. We silence any radio or talking since these tunnels would echo all over the place with the chances of the enemy figuring out.

So while the others kept silence Barriss, Michael, Ahsoka, and I communicated with our thoughts which was easy to do. All right everyone do everyone know the plan then? I said through my thoughts wanting to go over the plan one more time.

Yes Michael and I will go take care of the power generator to shut down the power and hopefully stop them from finishing the Malevolence while Ahsoka and you go take care of the ships. Barriss said through her thoughts.

I still think it should be Michael and me going and Barriss and you Zach go. Ahsoka said who didn't like that she was coming with me and not Michael.

Sorry kid but I heard how whenever Grievous is around you seem to attract him to you. So I need you around so in case we run into metal head I can take him on one on one. I said getting excited I was going to face Grievous.

Zach I thought we agreed to focus on the mission then you can fight Grievous not the other way around. Michael said not liking that I was too focus on fighting Grievous than the mission.

I can do two both relax and besides you fought him it's only fair that I get to fight him too. I thought wanting to fight Grievous after hearing how tough he was from Michael and the other jedi.

Fine just promise me you won't overdue it if you confront him. Barriss thought not wanting Zach to get hurt or his friend Ahsoka as either.

I promise…oh we're here. I thought as we arrived to the entrance into the separatist base. The Wampa removed what appeared to be a piece of the wall that was already removed before. He set it down and peaked inside and signaled us to go on in. I went first and saw we were between the wall of the separatist base and the walls of the mountain they build near.

Once we all came out of the walls I leaned forward onto the wall and tried to sense for any danger if we cut through the walls. While I did that one of the clones was able to cut a small hole onto the wall and use a small camera to see inside the hallway. He saw no cameras or any signs of danger as did I meaning the enemy didn't know we were coming. Ahsoka and Barriss cut through the walls and Michael used the force to grab the piece of the wall they cut and dropped it slowly. That way when we are inside we will make it look like no one came in once we patch the wall up.

Once everyone was out of the hole I had two clones and one Wampa stay in the tunnel in case we need to get out. We then patched up the hole and made sure it didn't look like someone cut a hole into it. When that was done we all looked around and back to each other knowing this was it. "All right everyone stay safe okay?" I said wishing everyone luck.

Michael put his hand in the middle of Barriss, Ahsoka, and me. Ahsoka put her hand on top of Michaels, Barriss did the same on Ahsoka's hand, and I did the same putting my hand on hers. "Good luck guys and may the force be with you two" Michael said which Ahsoka and I nodded.

"May the force be with you too as well" Ahsoka said as Michael and Barriss nodded as well. Soon Ahsoka and I headed off with ten of our clones and nine Wampas while Michael and Barriss went off in a different direction with ten of their clones. As we four headed off to stop the Malevolence from being activated and to shut down this base once and for all.

Command Base

General Grievous was in the command room as he watched the republic forces once again launch another attack against his base. Grievous wasn't worried since he knew the cannons and tanks blasts can't get through his deflector shield but there was something about this attack that made Grievous think.

Strange the republic ground forces have been hiding for almost months since I arrived. So why would they come out of hiding now. Grievous thought as he tried to figure out what the republic forces were up to. Before Grievous could think more about this one his droid commander walked up to him.

"Sir we're receiving a transmission from Count Dooku" the droid commander said.

Grievous didn't say anything. He looked back at the screen before leaving the room to speak with Dooku in another room. Once Dooku's holographic image appeared Grievous bowed to his master and greeted him. "Greetings Count Dooku."

"General I have been informed by my master that Skywalker and Kenobi's padawans have are on the planet of Hoth. No doubt they have joined up with the two other jedi who were on the planet before" Count Dooku said.

"Kenobi's padawan? Good finally I will have my revenge on the boy who defeated me and killing Skywalker's pet will be a good bonus" Grievous said who remembered when Michael defeated him a year ago.

"The boy isn't alone he is with the one who defeated Assajj Ventress, his name is Zachary and he is just as strong as his friend" Dooku said remembering how the boys defeated him and how they took his lightsaber. "Do not underestimate them General they have become stronger than before."

"I understand my lord I will not let my guard down like I did before" Grievous said.

"Good and when you do see the boys kill them. Then when you have disposed of them kill the rest of their little friends" Dooku said.

"Yes my master" Grievous said as he bowed his head to Dooku before Dooku disappeared. "Commander I will leave you in charge of the command room while I go check on some things" Grievous said as he left the room with several of his Magnaguards. "We may have some intruders in the facility half of you go to the power grid while the rest of you follow me."

(Ahsoka's pov)

Zach and I made our way towards where they were keeping the Malevolence when we spotted several battle droids guarding the entrance. We hid behind the corner and Zach checked to make sure we weren't spotted. So far it was all going according to plan though the one thing that did worry me was what if Grievous knows we're coming and has a trap set up for us.

"Sir should we make our move now?" one of the clones asked.

"Not yet, not until Michael and Barriss knock out the power. We go in and the cameras will see us and then we will have more troops to deal with" Zach said not wanting us to get caught.

"You think they will be okay?" I asked as I referred to Michael and Barriss.

"Yeah they'll be fine we just have to trust in them to complete they're part of the mission. So that we can do our part as well" Zach said who seemed confident we will complete our mission.

"Still what if Grievous knows we're here and is setting us up for a trap?" I said remembering the last time I encountered Grievous he had set up a trap that got me captured and nearly got Michael killed.

"Don't worry old tin man may be smart but I doubt that smart to think we're here and come up with a plan" Zach said when we heard some more troops coming. There we saw several Magnaguards taking the place of the super battle droids.

"Huh this could be a problem" Zach said who still didn't seem worried.

"Do you think General Grievous knows we're here?" Fives asked.

"I don't think so if he knew we were here he probably would have sounded the alarm. Let's just hope the others don't run into the same trouble we are in" Zach said hoping the others made it okay.

I hope so too…be careful guys. I thought hoping the others would be okay and that they don't run into Grievous.

Power Generator (Michael's pov)

Barriss and I made it to the generator where we were able to get past the security cameras. Once we were inside we took out the droids and headed towards the power generator. It was indeed big and we knew we would need to take out this generator soon before we run into trouble.

"Barriss get the men to plant the detonators while I contact the others to get them ready" I said to Barriss who nodded and went with the men to plant the bombs. I activated my wrist com and contacted Ahsoka. "Ahsoka the bombs are being placed are you guys ready?"

"We are but it looks like Grievous has replaced the super battle droids with the Magnaguards. There is a good chance he might know we're here" Ahsoka said as she whispered into the wrist com.

"Which means he could be sending some of them over to us...okay get ready and hopefully the explosion will not only knock out the power but get everyone's attention including Grievous giving you guys the chance to finish the Malevolence" I said explaining the plan to Ahsoka who I knew didn't like it.

"Michael that's too risky if Grievous and his men capture you guys he will kill you all" Ahsoka said not wanting Michael or Barriss to get hurt.

"Relax I took down Grievous before and I will do it again. Plus I got Barriss, the clones, and the Wampas as backup. We'll be fine just finish the mission before they leave" I said trying to calm Ahsoka and have her get worried.

"Michael just promise me you two will be careful" Ahsoka said.

"I will and you promise me you'll do the same as well" I said to Ahsoka who did promise me she'll be okay.

Once we finished talking Barriss walked up to me and told us they finished. I nodded and we walked towards the door. I knew the enemy would be waiting for us at the door and they would blast us if we tried to get out.

"Michael look up there" Barriss said as she pointed up to a vent above the door. I used the force and had one of the clones climb up to the vent. Once he was inside he signaled us to go in. Barriss and I used the force to have the men get into the vents. We then heard some metal steps coming towards the door. Barriss used the force to jump to the vent then I jumped up to the vent and climbed in just before the droids come in.

We crawled through the vents till we were halfway from the power grid. Once we got away from the droids bellow us we removed a piece of the vent and activated the bombs blowing up the power generator and the droids taking them out. Once they were taken care of we climbed down and saw the power was now out.

"Looks like the plan worked sir" one of the clones said.

"Now we can only hope the others can get through and take out the Malevolence ships before they take off" I said till I heard an all too familiar laugh. We turned over and saw Genera Grievous at the end of the hall with several of his Magnaguards behind him. Barriss activated her lightsaber while the clones aimed they're blasters at him.

"Well well if it isn't Kenobi's padawan Michael. I have been waiting a long time to see you again boy" Grievous said as he coughed a bit.

"General Grievous it's been a long time how have you been?" I said in a calm tone.

"Not bad a shame we didn't get a chance to finish our last encounter boy and I see this time you brought some new friends to help you. It doesn't matter this time you will die…all of you" Grievous said.

"Last time I remembered I defeated you and you ran off while I dealt with your droid friends. This time I am going to beat you Grievous" I said as I took out my lightsaber and activated it.

"Surrender General Grievous you can't beat us all" Barriss said.

"Of course I can and if you jedis think you have me beaten think again. By the way boy how is Skywalker's pet padawan?" Grievous said as he laughed again making me think he really did know we were coming. "Kill them all!" Grievous shouted as his droids charged at us.

Docking bay (Ahsoka's pov)

We made it inside the docking bay where they were building the two Malevolence ships. Once the power was out we took out the droids then the Wampas used their strength to force the doors open. Once inside we soon saw what I had feared I would ever see again. It was the Malevolence except it was bigger and it seemed more menacing than before.

We saw several droids on the loading dock putting in supplies in the ship which meant its already finished being build. "We don't have much time we need to take these things out now" I said which Zach agreed.

"Fives take half the men and Wampas and try to see if you can keep them from opening those doors while Ahsoka and I take care of ship" Zach said as we all agreed and headed off towards out objectives.

Zach and I used our speed to attack some of the droids. They soon saw us and opened fired but we activated our lightsabers and blocked all their blasters. Soon the clones and Wampas joined in the fight. The clones used their blasters and hid behind the crates for cover while the Wampas went up the ramps and went inside the ship taking out the droids that were loading the ship with supplies.

Zach and I continued our assault taking out as many droids as we could in hope to stop them from taking off. We were soon pushing the enemy back till we saw on the other side more droids coming in all super battle droids and a few were droidekas. "Damn more droids fall back for cover!" Zach shouted at me which I agreed we ran back behind some of the crates. Some of the Wampas inside the ship saw more droids coming and also hid behind some of the crates inside.

"Damn it looks like Grievous was expecting us huh?" Zach said as he laughed a little by what happened which surprised me.

"Why are you laughing at a time like this?" I asked wondering why he was laughing.

"It's just I didn't think old tin man would plan this whole thing it's amazing. But like you said we need to take this ship out so…." Zach looked over at the ship near us and saw some restrains keeping it in place. He then sensed some of the Wampas were still inside and then he looked over at where we came in. I knew he was planning something and I knew whatever it was it wouldn't be good. "Got it cover me and then once I'm inside pull back where we came in."

"What why?" I asked wondering why he wanted us to pull back.

"Just do it kid I know what I'm doing trust me" Zach said. I nodded and ordered the clones to cover Zach. Who jumped out of the crates with his lightsaber activated then made a dash towards the entrance towards the ship. Once the droids had their sights on him I came out behind the crate and used the force to push the droids back giving Zach enough time to make it through just barley as one of the droids did scratch him with one of their blaster shot on his left leg.

I made it kid now get the man back what I'm about to do is going to be one you don't want to be here for. Zach told me through my mind. "Men pull back now hurry" I said as the men pulled back while I blocked the droids which more came in their blasters. Zach you better have a good plan otherwise this will turn out badly for us all. I thought as I got the men to back up towards the entrance.

(Barriss's pov)

I was helping the clones fight off the Magnaguards while Michael disappeared fighting General Grievous. I knew I had to end the fight soon in order to help Michael against Grievous. Michael managed to take out some of the droids before taking off while I had to deal with the rest. Some of the clones got killed leaving me with only five clones who I told them to back off while I fought the three remaining Magnaguards.

I blocked two of the Magnaguards electrical staffs while the other one was fighting the clones. It took out one of them but the other ones were able to finally shoot it down. The other two I decided to handle on my own. One tried to hit me with its staff which I blocked but as I did the other tried to hit me as well but I was able to dodge the attack. They continued doing the same trick trying to make me make a mistake. I couldn't allow them to do that because I knew if they did keep this up they would catch me off guard. I used the force to push them back. Once they were off guard I dashed at one of them and cut off both its arms, then cut it in half, and cut off its head. The other one tried to take me out but I ducked his attack and I pierced it in the chest I then twirled around it and cut off its head taking out the last droid.

"Good job General should we go help the commander with General Grievous?" asked one of the clones.

"Yes let's go" I said as we ran off looking for Michael. We soon turned the corner and saw Michael was fighting with Grievous but instead of his lightsabers He had his arms around Grievous's neck holding him in a chokehold while Grievous was trying to get Michael off of him.

"Michael hang on" I said till Grievous finally grabbed Michael and threw him at us.

"Ouch okay that probably wasn't a smart idea" Michael said as he rubbed his head and got off of us. "You guys okay?"

"We're fine now then let's end this fight with Grievous" I said as I got up with the clones and we got ready to end this fight.

"No I'll take care of this find the others and help them. Also contact Captain Rex and tell him to send the drop ships. Without their shields we will be able to take out their cannons so we can have some troops land and we can take this base" Michael said as he told us to leave.

"Michael you don't have to prove anything against Grievous we need to take him down now" I said not wanting Michael to face Grievous alone.

"Trust me I'm not trying to prove anything. I kind of owe him a rematch and trust me I can handle this" Michael said as I could see the confidents in his eye. I knew he wanted to fight Grievous alone and I knew I couldn't stop him.

"Fine just don't let your guard down and be careful" I said wishing Michael luck as we took off to find the others.

"So boy are you ready to die?" Grievous said as he extended his four arms and activated his lightsabers.

"First throw away your blaster Grievous if you want me then fight with honor then" Michael said wanting Grievous to fight him fairly.

Grievous deactivated one of his lightsabers and took out the blaster behind him. He threw it on the floor and crushed it with his big metal feet. "I don't need a blaster to beat you boy. Last time you got lucky this time you won't beat me" Grievous said as he reactivated his fourth saber and got into fighting position. "Let's go Michael."

"You got it tin man" Michael said as he prepared to make his next move and begin his rematch against General Grievous.

(Zach's pov)

I was told the Wampas of my plan which to them sounded very good. I was hanging on to Bill as the Wampas used their claws to climb the walls of the ship. Once we got to the half way top I used my lightsaber and cut a hole into the wall. Once we got out I used my cable to climb the rest of the way up with the Wampas right behind me. I looked down and saw the others were having trouble with the droids so I had to hurry. I told the Wampas to hurry up so they did I then concentrated in using the force. Once I had it I used the force to jump all the way to the top of the ship. There I had the Wampas aim the rocket launchers I gave them to aim at the supports that were holding the ship in place. I ordered the other Wampas to do the same once the ones on one side completed their task. At the moment they do finish I told them to head back down quickly while I finish my other half of the plan.

Ahsoka was blocking the droids blasters while her men were holding their own. So far they have been able to push the enemy back just at the loading dock but more was coming in which was becoming a bigger problem for them. Barriss soon came in with her men and began to help Ahsoka along the others.

"Where have you been?" Ahsoka asked as she continued to block the enemy's attacks.

"Sorry ran into some trouble with an old friend where's Zach?" Barriss asked wondering where her boyfriend was.

"He's inside the ship he said he had a plan but didn't give me much detail" Ahsoka said as she pointed to the ship.

"When it comes to Zach's plan you never know what he is going to do but in the end they always end up with a bang" Barriss said who sounded like she knows all about Zach's plans.

"I hope so….wait where's Michael?" Ahsoka asked who just noticed Michael wasn't here.

"He's facing Grievous" Barriss said as she told Ahsoka where Michael was.

"Alone? Barriss why did you leave him to fight Grievous alone? He needs our help" Ahsoka said as she tried to leave but Barriss grabbed her and pulled her down in time just before a blaster shot almost hit her in the head.

"Careful Ahsoka and the reason I left him to fight Grievous was because he asked me to. I didn't want to leave him but he didn't give me much of a choice" Barriss said trying to calm her friend down.

"Barriss he nearly died last time he fought Grievous. I don't want to lose him" Ahsoka said not wanting Michael to die like last time he encountered Grievous.

"I know that Ahsoka but I don't think he would face Grievous unless he knew he was ready to face him" Barriss said as she explained to her friend why she shouldn't worry. "I saw the look in his eye, the look of confidence and it was the same look I saw in Zach's eye when he goes into battle. That look showed me he knew what he was doing and he knew he was ready. I believe that he will come back and now you need to do the same that Michael will come back alive Ahsoka."

Ahsoka breathed in and out before responding. "Thank you Barriss and I do trust him."

"Good now then let's take care of these droids and hope my boyfriend can complete his plan soon" Barriss said as both girls came out from behind the crates and continued to help the clones fight back against the droids.

The Wampas took care of the first few restraints which caused the ship to wiggle a bit. They soon joined the others who blew up the final restraints of the ship. Once they were taken care of the ship had no restraints to keep it balanced but not enough for it to fall so I ordered the Wampas to get off the ship while I did something stupid but hopefully it would work. I used cable to get to the other Malevolence ship. Once I landed on it I ran across the ship and began to build up the force. When I had enough I ran towards the end of the ship and jumped I then used the force to push the ship hard enough for it to tip over.

I grabbed mu cable which stopped me from falling as I saw the ship tip over near the droids. The girls and the clones saw this and moved away while the droids saw the ship falling on them but didn't have time to get out of the way. I closed my eyes as the ship finally fell on the droids crushing them destroying the droids and damaging the ship.

I saw the ship didn't blow up as I planned but it wasn't going anywhere so that was good enough for me. I looked down and saw my cable didn't go all the way down and I was a long way from the floor. Oooookay I now I need to make a new plan on how to get down. I thought trying to get down.

(Michael's pov)

I blocked another one of Grievous's attacks as he began to push me back towards the wall so he can kill me. But I would have none of that I used the force to push him back as I did I jumped out of the way as he moved forward with his lightsabers and tried to pierce me with all the sabers but he hit the wall. I tried to finish him but he kicked me with his big metal feet. He moved towards me as I backed away from him as he continued his attack.

I ducked and blocked all of his attacks which was becoming very hard to do considering he was using a lot of power in some of his strikes. I needed to stop him then I saw a nearby pipe I ducked his last attack and cut the vent in half causing steam to come out of it and the steam caught the face of Grievous blinding him temporarily. I used the force to grab his sabers and then I opened a door and threw the sabers in them so he doesn't have a weapon/

Grievous stood up and saw he didn't have a lightsaber to block my attack. Grievous soon began to laugh but stopped when he coughed a bit. "Not bad boy very smart but now it doesn't seem fair for a jedi to fight an unarmed opponent don't you think?"

"Huh your right so I guess we should settle this the old fashion way then" I said as I deactivated my lightsaber and threw it behind me which thanks to the steam caused a cloud of steam to appear all around the hall hiding my lightsaber from Grievous.

"I am going to enjoy this boy" Grievous said as he cracked his metal fists.

"Oh yeah let's go" I said as I used the force to push Grievous back again once he got off balanced I ran towards him.

He tried to hit me but I slipped under him before he could hit me. Once I was behind him I kicked him in the back. Grievous swung his arm at me but I ducked it and I kicked him in the chest but his metal chest caused me to fall back to the wall. Grievous tried to punch me again but I ducked. His fists broke through the walls one of them got stuck in the wall. I tried to kick him again but Grievous grabbed my leg with the other and threw me on the floor. I kicked up just as Grievous got his hand free and charged at me. I ducked and I jumped getting both my legs up and hitting both of them on his face. Grievous backed off but he came back at me again with me on the floor. But I kicked both his knees hard causing him to fall on his knees. I got up and kicked him across the face and then grabbed his head and dropped his face on the floor. I backed away from Grievous and used the force to grab him and then I used the force to throw him towards the wall causing him to go through it but only half of his body made it through.

I sighed and fell on my butt a little relief that I made it through this round but I knew it wasn't over yet. I saw Grievous pulling himself out of the wall and getting back on his feet. From the looks of things I managed to do two things one hurt his pride again and second pissed him off.

"You are going to pay for that dearly boy" Grievous said as he wiped some of the debri off of him.

"Yeah I know so shall we continue?" I said wanting to continue the fight. But before we could continue we felt the area shake hard.

"Sir the jedi have taken out the first Malevolence" one of the droids said as it contacted Grievous. This news made me happy since one of Grievous's ships have been taken out.

"One down one to go metal head you and once I take you down again it will be over" I said as I used the force to grab my lightsaber and activated it.

"Commander get the second ship out of here now!" Grievous roared ordering the second ship to take off.

"Wait you mean their operational then?" I said surprised to hear that both ships were operational.

"Of course since last night but that was for the second one the first one still had some problems which makes it useless at least for the flying. But don't worry the other one works just fine a shame you won't be here to see it" Grievous said as three droidekas appeared and activated their shields. "Kill him."

The droids opened fired and I activated my lightsaber to block their blasters. I saw Grievous entering the room where I hid his lightsabers and grabbed them before taking off. "Damn it that's it" I said as I used the force to push them back causing them to lose their shields. Once the shields were gone I used my force lighting to electrocute them and destroying them. Once they were out I ran off to chase after Grievous but he soon disappeared and I couldn't sense where he went. "You have escaped from me twice…there won't be a third time I promise you that Grievous."

(Zach's pov)

I finally made it down just in time to see the girls running up to me. "That was amazing Zach well done" Ahsoka said as she congratulated me.

"That really was amazing Zach I'm proud of you" Barriss said as she leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek.

"Heh well you know it comes with the job" I said just then Bill came up to me and gave me a big hug. "Bill…bill too tight…too tight" I gasped as I tried to breath. Just then we heard a rumbling and saw the second Malevolence was suddenly taking off.

"What the heck I thought you guys said they weren't going to be ready?" Ahsoka said as we ran out of the loading dock and climbed back up to see the ship taking off.

"We thought we did have time I can't believe we were wrong…wait look" Barriss said as she saw the hanger doors were opening. "I thought the clones were supposed to make sure the doors didn't open."

I looked up and saw commander droids were opening the doors. I had Fives give me a detonator and I threw it at where the droids were and blew them up along with the controls. But it was too late the doors were already opened and the ship was now levitating up towards the sky.

"Damn it not good okay I'm out of ideas anybody got anything?" I asked hoping the girls or someone had something.

Ahsoka looked around trying to find a way to stop the ship from taking off but soon turned her attention to the first Malevolence and soon an idea popped into her mind. "I got it do you guys think that ship might work?" Ahsoka asked as she pointed to the first Malevolence.

"What you want it to fly? Not going to work Ahsoka" I said till I noticed an annoying look from Ahsoka which tells me that's not what she was asking.

"No I mean what if we used the ships ion cannon to attack the second Malevolence. That should shut down the ship causing it to fall back down. What do you think would it work?" Ahsoka asked.

"It's crazy but I think it could work its firing cannon is facing towards it. I think it could work Zach?" Barriss said as she turned to me.

I walked over to Ahsoka grabbed her face and kissed her on both her cheeks. "Beautiful plan my dear let's do this Billy get Bob and Ben over here" I said as I ran towards the bridge of the ship so we can fire the ion cannon.

"Um should I ask why he kissed me on the cheeks?" Ahsoka asked confused why Zach just kissed her.

"He says it's something he learned on a planet. But don't worry about it he only does it to a few people. He tried it on Michael and Michael just punched him in the gut hard" Barriss said as she ran off to help Zach with Ahsoka right behind her.

(Michael's pov)

I got lost and somehow ended up outside the separatist base where I saw far from me the republic forces pushing through the separatist forces. "Michael come in" I heard it was Zach from my wrist com.

"Michael here good to hear from you again is Ahsoka okay? Did you guys take care of the Malevolence?" I asked hoping to hear some good news.

"Um we took care of one but the second one is escaping. Listen we got a plan but it turns out we need a few minutes for it to work. Can you stop the ship just enough for our plan to work?" Zach asked.

Before I responded I saw Grievous escaping in his ship. I wanted to stop him but soon I saw the Malevolence taking off. I knew I had to make a choice either stop Grievous or the Malevolence. "Damn it yes I can stop it just hurry up Zach."

"Good just hold on a few minutes" Zach said as I ran over near the Malevolence where it was taking off and I dug down deep summoning the force and used it to stop the ship from taking off. I was able to stop the ship but just barely since it was a lot bigger than what Master Ziva had us stop. A giant building is different from a ship that is bigger than a building. But I knew I had to stop it no matter what. I only hoped Zach's plan will work soon otherwise I might lose my focus.

(Zach's pov)

"Yes yes no no…wait not yes it's working it should be ready in a minute" I said as I was in the command bridge with Bob, Bill, and Ben who were helping me power up the ion cannon while the girls were out aiming the cannon at the Malevolence which wasn't moving. "Girls you guys got it locked on the Malevolence?"

"Yes its ready" Ahsoka said as the girls moved away from the ion cannon and began to run off towards the door. We ordered the clones to leave before the ships collided which we guessed would be a big explosion.

"Zach don't take too long and get out of there once you fire it" Barriss said warning me to get out before the ships collide and blow up.

"Got it now go!" I said to Barriss who Ahsoka and her got off the ship and made a dash out the room. "Okay boys you too get going now" I said as I turned to the Wampas who didn't want to leave. "You boys have done well now go."

The Wampas nodded and took off leaving me to my job. Once the ship's weapon was close to being ready I contacted Michael. "Hey Michael get ready to run my friend because something tells me things are going to get interesting once these ships collide."

"Gotcha…just hurry…up" Michael said hoping his friend would hurry up.

"Oooookay it should be ready riiiiigggghhhhttt… go go go" I said as I pressed the button and ran out of the command bridge.

Michael soon released the hold on the ship and ran off as well. Both men kept on running as the first Malevolence's ion cannon was fired hitting the second one completely taking out its power and caused the ship to slowly make its way back down to the hanger.

"Must go faster must go faster" Michael said as he saw the ship was already falling into the hanger.

Both ships hit each other which caused both to cause a huge explosion the explosion wiped out everything in the hanger bay and broke through the doors causing the explosion to spread out all around the base.

I finally made it to the hanger bay where I saw a separatist bomber ship (the same one grievous uses) and got on it. I activated it and took off. Once I was outside I saw Michael land on the front part of the ship. I didn't have time to talk to him so I flew the ship away from the separatist base which only half of it exploded. I soon landed the ship were Michael rolled over and fell on the snow. I got out of the ship and also fell on the soft snow as we saw the separatist base go up in smokes along with the plans of the separatist.

"That was…actually a lot of fun" Michael said.

"What?" I said surprised that Michael found that whole thing to be fun.

"Hey it's been months since I have had some real action so shut up" Michael said which actually made sense. He hadn't been in the fields for some time so being back in action especially how it turned out would make anyone act the way he was acting.

"I see well that does make sense…wanna go again?" I asked laughing a bit which Michael responded with a small laugh as well.

"No thank…I think all I want to do right now is go home and get some sleep" Michael said as he closed his eyes imagining himself back home.

"I think you just might get your wish" I said as I pointed to the drop ship coming towards us. "I can tell you one thing though I'm going on after this."

"Mind if I tag along?" Michael asked.

"Sure" I said as I laid back and closed my eyes as the dropship soon made their way towards us so they can take us to our warm and comfortable beds.

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