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Republic Base (Michael's pov)

We were back at the republic base after Zach and I got picked up by a republic gunship. When we landed Ahsoka and Barriss tackled us both with bone crushing hugs as they were glad we were alive. We returned the hug and were also glad they made it out okay too.

Once we finished we received a message from Anakin and Master Kenobi who were heading to the planet of Hoth after completing their mission. But then they stopped when they heard of what happened on Hoth and how we won the planet back. So we headed off to the command base so we could give our report and explain what happened.

When we got to the command bay we saw Anakin and Obi wan in holographic form as they were waiting for us. Next to them was also Master Yoda and Master Windu who were also in holographic forms.

"Master Yoda, Kenobi, Windu, and Skywalker what's up?" Zach asked.

"We heard you took back Hoth, well done all of you not only taking back Hoth but defeating the separatist forces as well" Obi wan said as he congratulating us.

"Thanks master but we have something else to tell you. It seemed the separatist were building not one but two Malevolence ships which could have done a lot of damage if it wasn't for Zach and Ahsoka" Barriss said as the masters seemed surprise when she mentioned the Malevolence especially two of them.

"How did you four stop the Malevolence?" Windu asked.

"Zach helped took out the first one thanks to Ahsoka and Barriss who held off the Separatist forces. And it was Ahsoka who came up with the plan to take out the second Malevolence as it was trying to take off" I said as I told them how we took out the Malevolence.

"And where were you Michael?" Obi wan asked curious where I was.

"I was um taking out the power and…" " And he helped take out some of the separatist droids that were trying to get in yep that's right" Zach said interrupting me and helping me not mention I was fighting Grievous since I know Obi wan would be a bit mad that I fought Grievous again with no back up.

"Excellent job then all of you did well on this mission…even you padawan Tano" Windu said as he turned to Ahsoka. "How did you manage to take down the second Malevolence?"

"Well master I figure if the first one still worked we could use its ion cannon to take out the second one. And the rest well I'm sure you can figure out what happened next" Ahsoka said as she explained to the masters how her plan helped us destroy the second Malevolence.

"Well done Ahsoka you have once again proven your skills are quickly becoming worthy of a jedi knight. Perhaps in a way they already are" Obi wan said which made Ahsoka smile that Obi wan thinks she's ready.

"Thank you Master Kenobi but I couldn't have done it without my friends" Ahsoka said as she turned to all of us and thanked us. "Without them or without us working together I don't think we would have been able to take down the Malevolence."

"Yes but it was your plan on how to take down the second one before it could escape. That and because of your plan the second ship crashed with the first one taking out both ships" Zach said as Barriss joined in the talk.

"And because of her plan the ships wiped out half of the separatist base including their soldiers. Once the other half were taken care of we were able to take the base with minimum losses and damage" Barriss said

"Indeed thanks to Ahsoka we not only kept two powerful ships from doing any damage to the galaxy but we took back the planet from General Grievous who once again ran off" I said.

"I see…well nice job snips you I'm proud of you. All of you" Anakin said as he congratulated his padawan and all of us.

"Thank you master" Ahsoka said happy to hear her master congratulate her.

"Proven yourself you have once again padawan you have. Perhaps ready to be a knight you will soon" Master Yoda said which was what some of us wanted to hear.

"All right then we'll send a dropship to go pick you guys up. So get your things ready it's time to head back home" Master Windu said as he turned off the transmission.

"Finally I can't wait to get back home. First thing I'm going to do is take a long relaxing hot bath" Zach said relief that he was going home.

"A hot bath does sound nice its better than taking a bath in a cold planet like this one" Barriss said.

"Well you two better get packing then otherwise we might leave you two behind" I said earning a smile from Ahsoka.

"Yeah yeah we're going come on Barriss I need some help telling the Wampas we're leaving. I think Bob is the one who is going to miss me the most" Zach said as both Barriss and him left the room to get their things and say their goodbyes to the Wampas.

"Thank you Michael for what you and the others said" Ahsoka said as she thanked me for telling our masters about what she did.

"No problem maybe hopefully this mission will convince Anakin to let you take the trials. If not I can always talk to him for you if you want?" I said hoping Anakin does let her take the trials if not I would have a word with him.

"Thanks Michael but I think after you should let Obi wan talk to him. After what he said maybe he might convince Anakin to let me try to take the trials" Ahsoka said.

"Fine but if Anakin still says no I will talk to him. Then Barriss and then if we don't convince him I can have Zach talk to him" I said smiling a bit mischievously.

"What are you up to?" Ahsoka asked curious on what I had planned.

"Nothing nothing…you know we got time before we have to go back home" I said as I looked around first then leaned forward to kiss Ahsoka on the cheek.

"I think I like where this is going" Ahsoka said as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me in for a kiss. I soon returned the kiss and wrapped my arms around her waist keeping the kiss going. "My room?"

"Your room my angel" I said as Ahsoka led me to her room where we would continue our private moment out of sight and sound from any nearby clones.

Outer rim

Count Dooku was on board his ship mediating after his talk with Grievous. Dooku was disappointed that Grievous has failed him again. This time failing to kill one of the boys again and allowed the jedi to destroy not one but both of the Malevolence ships. And to top it all off they also took the planet of Hoth after the ships exploded wiping out much of the separatist troops and much of their base.

After Dooku was finished talking to Grievous he return to his quarters to meditate. He told Grievous he would decide on what to do with him once he finished meditating. Dooku then received a transmission from his master. He got on one knee and bowed before his master.

"My master I am sorry to say our plan to defeat the jedi and the boys has failed" Dooku said thinking his master would be furious with him.

"I am disappointed very Count Dooku but it does not matter. I have foreseen the future and in the end those boys will fall. If not by our hands then by the hands of the one that is destined to destroy us" Sidious said.

"Once the boys and the jedi fall the sith will rise once again my master just as you have foreseen it" Dooku said.

"Be patient Count the boys time will soon come and soon our time for revenge on the jedi will come as well" Sidious said with a sinister smile on his face.

Jedi Temple (Ahsoka's pov)

I was walking out of the council chambers with Barriss. We had just finished giving our report since the boys were busy with other things. When we were finished I saw Master Skywalker and Kenobi waiting outside the room. "Ahsoka how did the meeting go?" Anakin asked.

"It went fine though it would have gone much faster if the boys didn't take off" I said wondering where the guys could have gone.

"Zach said he wanted to get some rest and take a long hot bath. Michael I'm not sure where he went didn't he tell you?" Barriss said.

"No he didn't where could that boy be?" I asked wondering where Michael could have run off too. "Do you know where he is master?"

"Well I actually ran into him a few minutes ago after he was talking to Anakin isn't that right?" Obi wan said as he turned to Anakin.

"Really? What did you two talk about?" I asked curious on what Michael said to Anakin.

"Um well nothing just some things he wanted to talk to me about" Anakin said who seemed a bit nervous about something which was new to me since I have never seen him nervous. "Ahsoka I have decided that with everything that you have done since becoming my apprentice well I have decided to ask the council if you will take the trials."

"Really you mean it?" I asked excitedly that my master was going to let me take the trials but then I wondered why now. "Wait you told me before I wasn't ready yet…so why the sudden change of heart?"

"Oh nothing just that maybe I just didn't think you were ready. But after your mission and when you survived the Trandoshans I have decided that maybe you are ready after all" Anakin said which I could tell he meant what he was saying. "You're ready snips and I should have known that before."

"Thank you master" I said as I thanked my master for letting me take the trials.

"You're welcome snips now then Obi wan and I are going to go give in our report to the council. Then I will speak to them about letting you take the trials" Anakin said. I nodded as Anakin and Obi wan entered the council chamber leaving me alone with Barriss.

"Well Ahsoka I guess you're going to get your chance to become a jedi knight after all huh? Congratulation" Barriss said as she congratulated me.

"Thanks Barriss…though there is one more person I should be thanking" I said as I walked off to go look for Michael and see what did he say to Anakin to convince him to let me take the trials.


Michael was sitting in the cafeteria eating some of his food with Zach trying to cook up his own meal. After Michael finished his 'talk' with Anakin he went to the cafeteria to get something to eat. When he got there he saw he was all alone since it was late and most of the younglings and older jedis have gone off to bed.

Michael decided to make his own food and sat alone in his seat till Zach came in after finishing his long shower. Zach came to the cafeteria to make some food for Brian and Beth then was making some for himself which he was having trouble with since he hadn't cook in a long time.

"Need some help Zach?" Michael asked if Zach needed some help.

"Um no it's fine I can do this…just need the right (BOOM!)….ouch" I looked over and saw some of the food Zach was making exploded in his face. Not enough to wake everyone else but enough for him to make a mess in the kitchen. "I think I'll just stick to the usual."

"Whatever" Michael said as he continued eating his food while Zach went to make something he knew wouldn't blow up in his face. Just then Ahsoka came in with Barriss behind her. "Oh hey Ahsoka, Barriss how did the meeting go?"

"Oh it went fine we told them what happened and I had an interesting talk with Anakin when we left the council" I said as I sat down across from Michael who stopped eating and seemed nervous about something.

"Really…well what did he say?" Michael asked as he put down his fork.

"Oh that he was going to let me take the trial…after you talked to him" I said as I narrowed my eyes on Michael who was trying to act all innocent.

"I don't know what you're…" "It was Michael's idea he said he was going to talk to Anakin and convince him to let you take the trials. And if he didn't he would tell Obi wan about him and Padme. That and will tell Padme that he isn't going to let you take the trials" Zach said interrupting me from the kitchen.

"Why why would you do that?" Michael said as he turned to Zach wondering why he betrayed him.

"I don't know" Zach said which confused some of us before we just forgot about and went back to what we were talking about.

"Michael what did you say to Anakin?" I asked wondering what he said to my master.

"Well I just talked to him, I told him that he shouldn't keep you from trying to take the trials and that he should consider giving you a chance after everything you have done" Michael said as he told me what he wanted from Anakin. "I'm sorry for doing that Ahsoka I know I shouldn't have without you knowing but if I had told you no doubt you would have made me not ask."

I sighed and knew Michael meant well, and I knew it was too late to tell Master Skywalker not to worry about me taking the trials. "Michael I know you mean well and I guess it's already too late to stop my master. Just promise me next time you do something you will tell me first."

"I promise and I will prove it to you…Zach is planning on when you're asleep to put your hand in warm water so he can see if it's true you will wet yourself or not" Michael said as he told us what Zach was planning.

Zach stopped making his food and smiled innocently as the girls approached him. "Well um you know it was just um what I wanted to really do was eh…okay I got nothing" Zach said as he gave up trying to say something.

As much as I wanted to hurt Zach I had a much better idea. "Well I know what I want to do" I said as I picked up a tray that had Zach's food and then I smashed the tray with the food all over his face.

Michael, Barriss, and Ahsoka laughed by what just happened as Zach just wiped some of the food off his face and just smiled as he picked up some of the food and approached Ahsoka. He then threw the food at Ahsoka who ducked but it hit Michael instead. "Michael are you okay?" I asked.

Michael got up and grabbed his tray still full of food and approached Zach who was trapped. "Nice shot Zach now it's my turn" Michael said as he approached Zach and was close to throw the food. Zach waited for the food to hit his face but instead Michael smashed the tray all over my face.

I was surprised by what Michael did as Michael, Zach and even Barriss were laughing. "Sorry Ahsoka but you did duck and the food hit me so yeah" Michael said. I smiled and kissed Michael but as we did we also licked some of the food off around our lips.

As we stopped kissing I grabbed another tray of food but as I grabbed the tray I saw Michael do the same along with Zach. Except for Barriss who decided to stop this before it got out of hand. "Guys hold on first of all we're all jedis and what we're doing is childish. We should just put the trays down and clean this mess up before the other masters see this" Barriss said as she tried to play negotiator.

We all looked at each other and knew Barriss was right. But then I saw the look on Zach's face and I knew what he was going to do. "Your right Barriss we shouldn't do this I mean after all we're jedi and as jedis we need to act like jedis" Zach said as he held the tray on one hand and hand his arm around Barriss. "But on the other hand acting like a kid once and a while doesn't hurt." Zach smashed the food into Barriss's face as Michael and I laughed a bit by what just happened.

"Sorry honey I just thought after all this time you and I have been together you would have learned to loosen up a bit" Zach said as Barriss put her hood down and turned to Zach angrily.

"Really well then you don't know me as well as you thought you did then" Barriss said which made us worried if Barriss was going to break up with Zach.

"Barriss look I'm sor-" Barriss grabbed some of the food near her and smooshed it all over Zach's face. "Because if you did then you would know I can have some fun too" Barriss said as she smiled and kissed Zach on the lips.

We all smiled and continued with our game once the two stopped kissing. Barriss and Zach teamed up as they began to throw food at us from the kitchen while we hid behind some tables and retaliated. We continued doing this for almost five minutes with all of us covered in food. Michael stood up to throw some more food at Zach who ducked and threw a tray with food at Michael but he accidently threw it too hard. Michael ducked but as he did we heard the door open and the person who stood when the door opened got hit hard with the tray knocking that person out.

We stopped and ran over to see who it was. "Oh damn we just knocked out Mace Windu" Zach said as we saw it was Master Windu and he was indeed knocked out.

"Wait we you're the one who threw that tray that hit him. Plus how do we know you didn't know he was behind the door and did it on purpose" Michael said which did sound right since we know how Zach and Windu don't like each other.

"Okay yes I don't like him but that didn't mean I wanted to kill him. Besides if I wanted to kill him which I don't I can think of a better way than killing him with a tray that's a lame way to be killed" Zach said.

"Okay so what do we do then should we tell the council?" Barriss asked.

"The real question is should we tell the council which then they will find out about the mess we made in here and have to clean all of this up? Oooor we run away and never speak of this again?" Zach said as he gave us our options.

"Well personally as two future jedi knights we need to accept the consequences of our actions" I said. "However the last thing I want to do after coming back from a big fight is clean this whole mess up soooo…" I grabbed Michael's wrist and ran off with him.

"Wow I didn't see that coming so Barriss I guess we better…" Barriss grabbed Zach and the two ran off as well leaving Windu's unconscious body in the cafeteria.

After a few minutes Windu was finally regaining consciousness as he rubbed his head. Windu sat up and saw what happened in the cafeteria. He saw there was food all around the cafeteria and some on his clothes as well. Just then he heard someone behind him and saw it was Master Yoda.

"Master Yoda what happened here?" Windu asked as he got back on his feet but still had one hand on his head where he got hit.

"Ask you I was about the mess in here Master Windu. Know something do you?" Yoda asked which sounded like he thought Windu made the mess.

"Master it wasn't me I heard some noises coming from here so I went in to check it out. Next thing I saw was I got hit in the head with this tray and that's it I blacked out" Windu said as he knew he didn't do this.

"Hmmmm did this I know you did not. But still clean this someone has to and since you are here and have nothing else to do. It appears clean this mess you will" Yoda said as he walked off leaving Windu to clean the mess.

"But Master Yoda I didn't….(sigh) never mind" Windu looked back at the kitchen and knew this wasn't going to be easy. "This is going to be a looooong night" Windu said as he walked into the kitchen to begin cleaning the mess.

There we go the final chapter is over and I hope you all like how I ended it. A food fight bet you didn't see this ending coming. And I hope many like how I had Windu clean up all the mess. No one seems to like him but for those who do if you don't like what I did then sorry but had to do it since I don't like him very much.

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