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Alfred sat at his desk at GeneCo filing through some paper work that had been long forgotten for a while. More people were not paying for their surgeries and his repomen have been working overtime-reclaiming GeneCo property.

Across his desk, all sitting in separate chairs, his two sons and his daughter. After hours of searching for them, doing who knows what, restricted them from leaving his office until he had to leave in a few minutes.

The elevators opened suddenly and his two bodyguards walked in, each carrying their far share of various guns and knives, and handed Alfred a file full of pictures. The pictures were all grotesque in their own way, Romano standing over a munch of teenagers, all of which were dead, that probably pissed him off for Romano was infamous for blowing up over very VERY little things. Natalia passed out in another picture, probably from the illegal Zydrate she says she's off of. And Feliciano taking one of the faces off one of the teenagers while gives the camera his adorable one of a kind smile.

Alfred scanned over all three of his children, disgust clear on his face.

"All three of you… you all are a disgrace"

Romano just sat cowardly in his chair, Natalia ignored him, and Feli just tried to make himself invisible.

The elevator doors opened again this time to one of GeneCo.'s doctors. The doctor walked nervously into his office, fearing what reaction his boss would give to the news he was giving.

He handed the file to his boss.

"I-I'm sorry sir… you have a terminal disease… s-sir, it's moving rapidly… y-you don't have much time"

Alfred looked down at the file one last time before slamming it to his desk startling the doctor. One of his bodyguards then pulled out on of her handguns and shot the doctor in the head.

All three siblings looked at each other, the competition was now on. Which of the three would inherit GeneCo.

Alfred then got up out of his chair and made his way to the elevator, his bodyguards not far behind him. It was time for him to put his plan into action.

"Maggots, vermin...

You want the world for nothing.

Commence your groveling...

Alfred, your king, is dying.

Even Alfred Jones

Cannot prevent this passing.

Who will inherit GeneCo?

I'll keep those vultures guessing"

With that he got in his limo and drove to the location of his target.

(Another side of town)

Matthew, who finally got out of his locked bedroom, crept through a passage way that let out to the graveyard that was behind his house. He then came to the end of the passage and the door that led to his papa's mausoleum. He closed the door and took some time to look and picture of his papa. His father told him he died giving berth to him and that his blood disease that he had also contributed to his death as well. Unfortunately, Matthew also inherited his papa's blood disease, so he wasn't allowed to go outside and risk raising his blood pressure.

He sat down next to the door that led outside to the graveyard, pulled out a sandwich and began to read one of his favorite bug books. Matthew liked to collect bugs. He would open his window when his father wasn't around and catch the bugs that flew in.

Matthew sat there for a good five minutes when out of the corner of his eye he saw a bug he hadn't caught already. He set his book and sandwich aside and pulled out a can from his book bag that he brought. He made his way slowly to the bug, trying not to make it fly away or worse fly outside. He was so close… he then leapt forward just missed the bug and he watched it fly outside and land on a tombstone right across from his papa's mausoleum. He wanted that bug really bad, but he didn't want his father to find out. But he was at work at GeneCo. And it was just right there. So for the first time in his life… he went outside.

"I'll make this quick…

It's in my sights…

I'll capture it…

And run back inside… and be back home in time…"

He snuck up to the bug like he did inside. He made sure not to move so quickly this time. He was so close now he couldn't mess this up. As soon as he was close enough he leapt forward again but this time he caught the bug. As he celebrated to himself of his new object of study, he was unaware of a certain albino walking around the graveyard looking for a corpse that wasn't too decomposed already but just enough so he can get his illegal Zydrate.

The graverobber then saw a sign behind the boy that he saw in almost every graveyard.

'All graverobber will be shot on site'

Almost right on cue, a guard walked in for his nightly patrol of the graveyard. He smiled to himself. Not one guard in a graveyard had ever caught him, so he often tried to see how far he could go until he got caught.

Matthew saw the guard and hid behind one of the gravestones. He had never been so scared in his life. It was then that he heard chuckling. He looked up to see an albino man dressed in black and even though the guard was not even 20ft away… he didn't hide. The man looked down at him and smiled… then laughed this weird 'Kesesesse' sound. He looked back to see if it was clear but then the weird man got his attention again.

"Industrialization has crippled the globe…

Nature failed as technology spread…"

During his talking, he was opening up a grave just across from Matthew.

"And in it's wake, a market erected…

An entire city built on top of the dead…"

And with that he picked up a body from inside the grave and dropped it on the ground. Matthew was so scared at this point. He just wanted to go back inside and stay there forever. The weird man the leaned in close to him.

"And you can finance your bones and your kidneys...

For every market a submarket grows…

But best you be punctual with making your payments…

Lest it be you on the concrete below…"

The man went back over to the body and pulled out this weird syringe thing and stuck it into the nose of the dead body and this strange blue stuff came out into in.

"It's quick, it's clean, and it's pure…

It could change your life, rest assured…"

He then pulled out the needle and held it close to Matthews face.

"It's the 21st Century Cure"

He then stood up away from Matthew.

"And it's my job, to steal and rob...


The man screamed at the top of his lungs attracting all the guards that were in the graveyard. Soon alarms were going off, dogs were barking, and a ton of guards ran towards them. Matthew, without even thinking, ran towards the door only to find that it locked itself on the other side.

He then felt himself being pulled away from the door. The graverobber was leading him away from the guards, but he was still carrying the body with him.

He led Matthew to a wall where he smashed the dead body into the wall where then some of the brick fell. He smashed the head of the body a couple of more time in the wall before a hole was big enough for both of them to crawl in. But when they got in all Matthew wanted to do was get out.

Thousands of bodies, as far as the eye can see, piled on top one another and more were being dumped in.

The graverobber looked a little too happy for his liking.

"Whoa… I hit the jackpot this time"

He looked back at Matthew, with a smile, and continued is little lecture.

"So why care for these petty obsessions?

Your designer heart still beats with common blood!

And what if you could have genetic perfection,

Would you change who you are, if you could?

'Cause it's quick, it's clean, and it's pure!It could change your life, rest assured"

He then knelt down and did the same thing to another body as he did to the he used to get them into this… room. Words couldn't describe how terrified Matthew was at this point. All he wanted right now was to go home.

"It's the 21st Century Cure!"

Matthew then backed up to the hole in the wall ready to make his escape and run around the house to the front.

"And it's my job, to steal and rob...


Too late. He screamed his loudest again which attracted the guards everywhere there to their location.

Suddenly Matthew was dragged from the hole and thrown onto the ground. There were guards all around him. Tears formed in his eyes knowing that soon these people were going to kill him. His wrist monitor went off warning him that his blood pressure was too high and he needed to take his pills.

Tears rolling down his face, the guard lifted his gun to his face. His vision went blurry. But before he passed out he saw a man push away all of the guards. He in all black attire, but he wasn't the graverobber he had met.

He kind of looked like… the repomen that he heard about.

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