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The crowds went wild when Phineas stumbled into view with his red guitar. Girls cheered his name and boys whistled and waved. Even the teachers clapped.

But Candace noticed the immense anxiety on her brother's face as he nervously walked up to the lead microphone. Phineas swallowed with great difficulty and bit down on his bottom lip as Ferb and the others walked onto the stage with their instruments.

Jeremy leaned towards his fiancée. "Is Phineas alright?" he wondered. "He looks a little on the nervous side. I didn't think he was stage fright."

"That's because he's not, Jeremy," Candace replied.

"Then, why does he look like he's going to go freak out?"

Candace did not reply to this. She simply looked at Vanessa and noticed that she too, seemed just as worried as Candace was.

"Ferb, if you have a plan, you'd better not screw it up now," Candace muttered behind her hand.

Phineas had never thought to find himself with stage fright before. He had always enjoyed performing in front of people while managing to keep his head. He relished the idea of entertaining others through music.

But there he was, standing at the front of the stage, trying to keep his legs from shaking.

His heart beat in his ears as he looked over at Ferb, who was getting into position in front of the microphone to Phineas' right. A few feet behind Ferb and a little more to the right was Baljeet, installing himself and his own electric guitar by his keyboard and moving the microphone over to stand in front of it. When Phineas turned his head, he saw Isabella standing in front of her microphone to his left and a few feet behind the lead singer. She had discarded of her pink acoustic guitar and was now holding nothing more than a tambourine. Right behind Phineas and Ferb, at the back of the stage, was the drum kit, and Buford had just sat down on the stool, waiting for the cue to begin.

Phineas looked at the crowd next for a moment or two before staring at Ferb with wide eyes, just as his brother looked up at him. As discretely as he could, Phineas shook his head.

Ferb frowned and nodded his. "Just start playing and singing!" he shouted over the crowd.

Phineas shook his head again.

"Do it!"

Phineas did not want to start another argument with his brother on stage, and so he turned and faced the microphone before him. Attempting once more to tame his limbs, he looked at the back of the hall where his sister was standing with the others.

Candace bit her lip for a moment or two but smiled wryly and nodded her head while placing her hands together.

Phineas stared at her silently before looking at Buford over his shoulder. The drummer nodded firmly and held his sticks at the ready. Phineas straightened his back out and looked down at his guitar. Taking a deep breath, he shut his eyes tightly and began playing the first song on their list. Ferb and Buford immediately played along with him while Isabella and Baljeet waited for the first verse to be sung.

Phineas felt his chest tighten, but he did as Ferb instructed him to and, eyes still closed, he opened his mouth and attempted to sing:

Out of all the reindeer

You know you're the mastermind!

His eyes opened wide in shock when audible vocals emanated from his mouth. He stared at the crowd in surprise as they cheered louder, before turning his head and shooting a curious yet bewildered look at his stepbrother.

Ferb was smiling cleverly in return while strumming his bass guitar, one eyebrow raised, creating a look that said, "I told you so!"

Run, run, Rudolph

Randolph ain't too far behind!

Phinneas continued to stare in amazement at his brother while he sung; then, little by little, a smile crept over his lips. He looked up at his family in the back of the hall, and already, Candace was jumping up and down and cheering along with his mother and Vanessa.

Phineas bared his teeth before he, Ferb, Baljeet and Isabella leaned towards their microphones and continued to sing:

Run, run, Rudolph Santa's gotta make it to town

Santa, make him hurry, tell him he can take the freeway down

Run, run, Rudolph, 'cause I'm reelin' like a Merry-go-round

Said Santa to a boy "Child, what have you been longing for?"

"All I want for Christmas is a rock-n-roll electric guitar"

And then away went Rudolph whizzin' like a shooting star

Run, run, Rudolph Santa's gotta make it to town

Santa, make him hurry, tell him he can take the freeway down

Run, run, Rudolph, 'cause I'm reelin' like a Merry-go-round


Linda clapped her hands happily as she watched her youngest son dance around on stage with his guitar. "Oh, I can't believe it!" she said happily. "After an entire week of not speaking, he lets it all out like a star! Oh, it makes me so happy to hear his voice again!"

Candace clapped along to the beat while smiling along with Vanessa. "You and me both, Mom," she said. "You and me both."

Said Santa to a girl "Child, what would please you most to get?"

"A little baby doll that can cry, sleep, drink and wet"

And then away went Rudolph, whizzin' like a Sabrejet

Run, run, Rudolph Santa's gotta make it to town

Santa, make him hurry, tell him he can take the freeway down

Run, run, Rudolph, 'cause I'm reelin' like a Merry-go-round

Phineas raised an arm into the air, indicating that the crowds needed to sing along, which they did gladly.

Run, run, Rudolph! Run, run, Rudolph!

Run, run, Rudolph! Run, run, Rudolph!

Run, run, Rudolph!

Randolph ain't too far behind!

Phineas and Ferb strummed as hard as they could on the last note and Buford slammed his stick over the symbol. The crowd cheered loudly for their performance and whistled. Immediately, they demanded for more.

Ferb was the first to turn and dash off stage, quickly followed by the others. Phineas placed a hand around his microphone while pushing his guitar backwards over his shoulder. "Stay put, everyone! We'll be back with more in a few minutes!" With that, he turned and rushed off after the others.

Ferb had just unhooked the Vocal Box when his brother stepped off of the stage. Turning to face him, Phineas cheered as loudly as he could and leaped into his brother's arms. "Feeerrb, YOU DID IT!" he exclaimed joyfully as they others rejoiced as well. "You did it, you did it, YOU DID IIIIITTT!" Phineas pulled himself back but kept his hands on Ferb's shoulders. He smiled brightly. "You got my voice back!"

"So I did," Ferb replied, although he was unable to hide his pride this time.

"How did you do it?"

Ferb shrugged with a smile. "A minor calibration," he confessed. "I made a mistake; who knew?"

"Holy cow, you made a mistake?" Buford joked, making the others laugh. "That's a first."

Isabella and Baljeet immediately threw their arms around Phineas when the red-head pulled his hands away from Ferb's shoulders. "It's so good to hear you speak again, Phineas!" Isabella said happily. "So, SO good!"

"Likewise!" Phineas replied while hugging them both as well.

"It must have been a pain for you to write constantly what you were thinking," Baljeet added as he and Isabella pulled themselves away.

"Speakin' of which, I uh, apologize for the jokes I made earlier this week," Buford admitted while rubbing the back of his neck. He smiled nervously at the red-head. "I didn't really mean it, you know. I was just goofin' off."

Phineas waved a hand before him. "It's in the past, forgive and forget," he replied. "Besides; you'll have to live with it now, anyway."

"Heh; yeah, no kidding."

Phineas opened his mouth to speak again when an excited shriek caused him and the others to jump in surprise. Candace rushed towards them, followed closely by Vanessa, and threw her arms around her youngest brother. "Oh em geeeeeeee!" she squealed loudly as Vanessa hugged the red-head as well. "I know I normally say that you're an annoying chatterbox, Phineas, but you don't know HOW happy I am to hear you right now! Say something!"

Phineas giggled. "Hi, Candace," he said.

"Yes! It's not a fluke!" Candace immediately planted a kiss on Phineas' cheek. Just as she did, Vanessa did the same with his other cheek.

Phineas laughed as the two of them planted at least three kisses each on him and pointed at himself while looking at Ferb. "Hey, Ferb!" he said. "Lookie who's getting the love, Hero!"

Ferb rolled his eyes amusingly and waved an arm through the air, making the others laugh. Candace pulled herself away and pushed back some hair as Vanessa walked over to her boyfriend and gave him a kiss. "I suppose you deserve one two, for playing that card at the last minute," the girl said as he placed an arm around her waist.

Ferb kissed her again. "Just doing my job," he replied. After a moment, he pulled his arm away from her and cleared his throat. "However, we do need to get ready for the next bit of our program," he added.

"I will go set up the stage then!" Baljeet announced excitedly before grabbing a few other instruments and dashing off.

"Ditto!" Buford added as he and Isabella followed him.

Candace watched them leave before turning and rubbing Ferb's head. "Not bad, I'll admit," she said. "You held your end of the deal, so I won't bust you this time. Though you did cut it pretty close there, Ferbster."

Phineas scoffed and placed his hands on his hips. "Yeah, no kidding," he muttered, making the girls laugh. "I mean you could have given me a heads up that you had a plan."

"I didn't have time!" Ferb replied. "We were going up on stage! What was I supposed to do, give you a speech in less than thirty seconds?" He covered a laugh afterwards. "But you've got to admit; it was priceless seeing THE Phineas Flynn with stage fright."

"It wasn't real stage fright."

"Sure. Says you."

Phienas shrugged in reply as Vanessa kissed her boyfriend once more and walked off. "When you guys take a break, come have something to eat," she suggested.

"Will do!" Phineas replied while waving. "Thanks for helping in the rescue, Vanessa!"

Candace waited for Vanessa to leave before looking at her brothers again. "Rescue?" she echoed.

Phineas opened his mouth to reply, but Ferb quickly placed a hand over it while shooting him a tedious look. "You can take a breather, Phineas," he said, making their sister laugh. As Phineas shrugged innocently in reply again, Ferb removed his hand from his mouth and looked at Candace again. "It's a long story," he said.

Candace waved a hand through the air. "Good enough for me, I guess," she said while walking off.

Ferb waited a moment before opening his mouth again. "Um, thank you—!"

"Bah-ah!" Candace snapped while turning around. She frowned softly, although there was a grin on her face. Pointing at Ferb, she said. "Remember what I said? You can thank me by going back to normal. That means you the quiet one and him the chatterbox. Starting now." She put her hand down and walked off while laughing softly. "See you on break time," she said before walking out of view.

Phineas and Ferb watched her leave silently before the green-haired teenager sighed and turned to face his brother. Phineas looked at him silently, curiosity in his dark blue eyes. His brother remained just as silent for a moment longer before taking a breath and opening his mouth. "… Phineas," Ferb began. He rubbed his arm while looking away shamefully. "I want to apologize for the things I said to you… earlier today…"

Phineas looked down at his feet.

"I didn't mean them, honest…" Ferb paused for a moment before looking at his best friend. "It… is true that you tend to talk… a lot… sometimes…"

Phineas played with his hands.

"… But…" Ferb waited until Phineas was looking at him again. "Other than your personality, out of all the characteristics that make you… well, you…" He smiled. "I like that part the most."

Phineas blinked a few times before smiling back.

"And even though you can get a little irritating at times, I don't want that to change." Ferb held out his hand. "Best friends?"

Phineas rolled his eyes. "Ferb, just because I ran off, it doesn't mean that I tossed out our friendship," he said. "I'm a chatterbox; not a dummy. Yeah, what you said was pretty harsh, and it really hurt, but that's not enough for me to just toss everything we did together away." He paused here before continuing. "And if I really had done that, I wouldn't have wanted you to rescue me. I don't hold grudges, remember?" He looked at Ferb's hand for a moment. "But if it makes you feel better…" He held out his hand and grabbed Ferb's, performing their secret handshake together. After high-fiving, Phineas winked. "Best Brothers," he corrected.

Ferb smiled in reply, just as Isabella stuck her head out from the curtains. "Hey, guys!" she called. "We're just missing you two! You gonna come up and help us sing the next song, or are you gonna stand there chit-chatting?"

Phineas pulled his guitar back over his shoulder. "Coming!" he said; but just as he had taken a step, Ferb pulled him backwards by the shirt and caused him to fall into a chair nearby with a yelp. Grabbing his bass, Ferb saluted him silently and dashed onto the stage.

"Hey!" Phineas exclaimed. He rose to his feet. "That part could have changed!" He ran up to the stairs and walked on stage. "I've only been talking for barely ten minutes and you're already giving me a hard time!"

"What are brothers for?" Ferb replied, making the others laugh.

"Don't get me started on that."

"Welcome back, Phineas."

Phineas stuck out his tongue in reply, but immediately afterwards saluted him with a smile and walked up to his microphone. "Okay, Danville High!" he began. "Who wants to hear some music?"

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