I thought it would be nice to do and fic about Nubia

Nubia's POV

I watched Flavia and Flaccus and sighed I'll never find true love without Aristo.
"Nubia? Come it's dinner. Come on Nubia you live here don't you?" Came Flavia's carefree voice.
"Coming I am." I said fully aware that my voice went back to the time when I was learning Latin.
"Good Nubia, Aristo's saved you a space." Called Flavia's happy voice again. I didn't know whether to feel happy that Aristo had saved me a seat or to feel pain having to sit next to the love of my life.

"Sit here with me." Aristo said casually and so I sat down, avoiding his gaze which uncomfortably seemed to be on me all the time. I made an excuse and left the table only to find Aristo sitting on my bed.

"Aristo? What-?" I asked but was stopped as Aristo kissed chastely at first and then his tongue brushed my lip begging entrance and there I pulled away.
"Stop it! Why Aristo? Why…." I trailed off realising someone must have told him.

"Who told you?" I demanded rather harshly

"What? Most girls would be dyeing to kiss me." Aristo said mildly surprised.
I ran out the room to the garden and then back to my room after I saw Aristo leave to collect some clothes, some money and my blanket and Nipur.

I ran as quick as a girl could run out into the market which was quite deserted apart from some stray animal lurking in the shadows. Suddenly I was pushed to the floor, my money taken and my blanket. The last thing I remembered was Nipur whining beside me.

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