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Chapter Three

Tokiya hadn't seen Fuuko in nine days. He didn't even have the chance to give her a proper goodbye. Her mother had come to the police station to pick her up. She would've been a very beautiful woman if not for the fact that she was glaring at Tokiya as if she wanted to sever his balls with a rusty knife. They tried to explain to her that Fuuko was not in a rave, there were no drugs, she didn't drink alcohol and for once was completely innocent. Except for the whole sneaking out to have sex with him part, which he wisely left out. However, Mrs. Kirisawa would have none of it. It might have something to do with the clearly visible hickeys on Fuuko's neck.

During the time they were both suspended from school he tried to call her several times. After the third time the stupid operator told him that her mobile was out of service, he went ahead and called her home phone number. That turned out to be a horrible idea. Turned out Mrs. Kirisawa had a rather colorful vocabulary. He felt the need to rinse his ears with chlorine after that.

"Mr. Mikagami, care to tell us the answer to the problem?"

Tokiya stared back at his balding Calculus teacher as if he was an impertinent fly. "The limit is negative one."

His teacher sputtered like the bumbling fool he was and resumed his lesson instead of acknowledging the senior's answer. Tokiya rolled his eyes, he may have been distracted but his instructor must be mental to think he could ever be caught off guard.

Tokiya checked the wall clock above the blackboard in front of the room. It would be a few minutes more before they would be let out for lunch. He would finally have the chance to see her. His nose scrunched up. But what would he say to her? When he was outside the haze of his lust for her, he was able to think clearly. He remembered his words to her right before they were about to have sex. He wanted her to be his. But what did that even mean? He lusted after her, he was very much attracted to her; an attraction that he was certain couldn't be satiated with a single encounter. But was that all that he wanted? He would like to think not. He never thought himself to be that kind of man.

The bell rung, signaling the beginning of their lunch period. He quickly gathered his notebook and pens in his bag and walked out of the room. He hoped to catch Fuuko alone, before any of their friends arrived. By the time he reached the rooftop though she was already flocked on either side by Yanagi and Domon. Fuuko gave him a small smile when she caught his eye.

Recca spoke up as soon as Tokiya took his place in the half circle they made. "Heard you got arrested, Mikagami."

"Get your fact straight, imbecile. I was just detained, they finally believed my story when Ishijima managed to misspell his own name," Tokiya retorted acidly.

"I was tired, okay!" Domon whined.

Tokiya rolled his eyes. "How are you?" he asked, glancing briefly at Fuuko and trying to appear nonchalant.

Fuuko shrugged. "Okay, I guess."

And that was the end of that. Neither him nor Fuuko made any attempts to separate themselves, it would just raise many questions and they weren't ready to address any of them when they themselves weren't exactly sure where they stood.

The warning bell for the end of lunch came on. He noticed Fuuko taking longer than usual to pack up her lunch and he decided to dwindle as well. Thankfully their friends were a bit on the thick side and didn't notice.

Fuuko waited for the sound of the metal doors to close before she said anything. "Room 323, after school."

She gave him a small grin. He couldn't help but grin back.

Tokiya cautiously opened the door to one of the classrooms on the third floor. He could see from foot long square glass panel that she was alone, but it didn't hurt to be careful.

Fuuko's head shot up and gave Tokiya a most alluring grin when she saw his familiar face. "Hey, stranger."

He smiled wickedly at her. "Hey yourself." He took the seat beside her and placed his book bag on the floor. "What happened when you got home? I was a bit worried, your mother seemed rather furious."

She preened at his words. "You were worried about me?" she teased.

"Well, I did get you into a lot of trouble," he admitted.

Fuuko sighed and began playing with the hem of her very short skirt. "Let's see, there was a lot of yelling, at one point she accused you of being a drug dealer and a pimp, and then she grounded me until I was thirty."

He couldn't help but chuckle at her version of the events. "You should've gone home that night. You didn't need to come with me to the police station."

Fuuko looked at him as if he was insane. "Are you kidding me? I wasn't going to leave you alone with just Domon. He'd probably manage to get you two incarcerated."

One of the traits he'd always admired about Fuuko was her loyalty to her friends. His heart warmed at the thought that she considered him one of her best friends. He supposed, that after everything that they had gone through together, it didn't seem right to go back to being just casual acquaintances. And though he never said it out loud, he was glad for it. Team Hokage shed a light in his life that he never thought would return. But Fuuko, there had always been something special about her. And no it had nothing to do with the fact that he thought her tits were amazing (and it was. He was still a man underneath that icy exterior.) It was different from the way Yanagi was special. He had always regarded Yanagi with such reverence, as if he thought she was breakable. But Fuuko, she unnerved him. She had always challenged him because he knew she was his equal physically, mentally and emotionally.

"Thank you, Fuuko," he said sincerely.

Fuuko immediately put her hand on his forehead.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Checking if you have a fever. Did you just thank me?" she said gravely.

"I am capable of giving credit where it's due," he said, trying to sound annoyed. "You should probably head home now, your mother might be looking for you."

He wanted nothing more than for her to stay but he didn't want her to get into trouble for his sake. Well, not again.

Fuuko shook her head. "I told my Mom I'm staying late at school to make up for the lessons I missed last week. She's not expecting me for another hour or so."

He smirked. "You're too cunning for your own good."

She smiled at his backhanded compliment. Her face took a serious tone all of a sudden, revving for the talk that they were delaying. "Mi-chan, maybe there's a reason why it just wouldn't happen." She didn't need to clarify what 'it' was. "Maybe the universe is trying to tell us that it's not right."

Tokiya tilted his head to the side and regarded her pensively. "Is that what you really think?"

Her lower lip quivered and she began twiddling with her fingers. She stood up and leaned against the teacher's desk directly in front of him. "We're friends, good friends. What if we end up not friends after this? I don't know about you, but I really don't like the thought of that."

"I don't either," he said without a second's hesitation.

She nodded although he wasn't sure what she was nodding at. "So we agree?"

"That we're friends? Of course," he said. He knew he was being cheeky but he liked the way her face flushed when she got a bit high strung.

Fuuko rolled her eyes. "And that we shouldn't do this?"

"I never agreed to anything of the sort." He tried to hold back his snickers as she stomped her foot lightly.

"But you just said that we're friends!" She threw her hands up in frustration.

"Yes. I also want to kiss you right now," he said with a devilish smirk.

"Mi-chan! Stop playing with me!"

He stood up and walked towards her. He placed his hands on the table behind her, caging her body between his arms. Her fresh, clean scent calmed his senses. "We're never going to be not friends Fuuko."

"How sure are you?"

"I'm not, actually. But I believe we're worth the risk."

She blinked up at him. "You do?"

"With everything I've got. Do you?"

Her lips quirked into a smile and her eyes flashed with mirth. "You'd make an a fantastic salesman."

"I'll take that as a yes," he whispered sensually before dipping his head low enough to kiss her.

The kiss quickly became heated, their lips and tongue clashing with each other without sense or rhythm. Her nails scraped along the front of his polyester uniform jacket, feeling the rippling of his muscles underneath. His hands slipped underneath her skirt, reveling in the feel of her silky skin underneath his fingers as he traced the round curves of her ass.

"How long before your mother starts looking for you?" he asked between kisses.

"Give or take an hour," she mumbled.

He began unbuttoning her blouse. "Good."

Fuuko helped him the rest of the way. She threw her shirt to the side as he removed her bra. He massaged her breasts with both hands as he laved and sucked the skin on her shoulders, making sure not to leave a mark. He didn't want to get her into trouble again. One hand slipped between her legs and the abandoned nipple was replaced with his hot mouth. Deft fingers pushed her panties aside and played with her wet folds. She moaned wantonly as he stroked her clit and her pussy juices flowed out of her like waterfall.

Tokiya grabbed Fuuko's hand that was holding onto his shoulders and placed it over the bulge in his pants. "Touch me too, Fuuko. I want to feel your hands on me."

It was like someone had set her on fire when she heard his words. Her nimble fingers began undoing the buttons on his shirt. It was hard to concentrate on the task while his fingers were fucking her heated pussy but she wanted to please him too. She parted the fabric of his uniform, exposing muscled chest and well-defined abs to her hungry gaze. Her fingers scraped along his skin and she heard him groan as her nails scratched his nipples. She traced the treasure trail that started just beneath his navel until her hands reached the top of his trousers. Her eyes met his, liquid brown eyes filled with want and desire. She unfastened the clasps of his pants and lowered the zipper torturously slow, dragging out his anticipation. She pushed his pants down along with his boxers, just low enough for his erection to jut out. Her eyes lowered and she couldn't help the sharp intake of breath that took over her. Her fingers carefully explored the blunt head of his cock, white viscous liquid seeping out the slit, before she wrapped her hand around it. He was hot and seemed even thicker in daylight. Her long fingers could barely wrap around his girth. It was strange how something so hard could feel so soft.

Fuuko had noticed that his fingers had gone slack but still buried within her folds. His forehead was leaning against her head. "What do you want me to do, Mi-chan?"

"Move your hand up and down," he instructed with heavy breaths.

"Like this?"

"Tighter." He smirked. "You won't hurt me."

She gripped him tighter as she continued the motion of her hands. She could feel him pulse against her palm, his hips jerking slightly in time with the rhythm she created. His head moved down to rest against her shoulders, warm puffs of his breath ghosted her skin.

"S-stop," he stuttered out as he took hold of her wrist.

"Did I do something wrong?" she asked worriedly.

He gained his bearings and retorted. "On the contrary, my dear, you did something very right."

Tokiya kissed her gently before urging her to turn around to face the desk. His hands skimmed the bare skin of her back before moving down her arms. He guided her hands to bend over and rest on the tabletop, her round, plump derriere poking out inadvertently.

"Spread your legs, Fuuko," he whispered against her ear.

She couldn't stop herself from giving in to his perverted demands, and she really didn't want to. Her feet slid apart on the tiled floor until she was good and spread just for him.

"Good girl," he praised as his tongue licked the length of her spine. He kissed the twin dimples on her lower back before flipping her skirt upwards. Large, calloused hands rounded her hips before he hooked his fingers on the strings of her flimsy, white panties and pulled them down to her calves, as far as the fabric would stretch.

Tokiya knelt behind her, eyes trained on her dripping, pink pussy, while his hands spread her cheeks apart for his viewing. "Just a taste…"

Fuuko's eyes snapped open as she felt Tokiya's nose delve inside her snatch. His tongue invaded her tight hole, going so deep as if he wanted to taste her insides. She screamed his name as his tongue pressed a rough spot. Her arms gave in and she fell forward on the desk, her breasts crushing against the cold, hard wood. He alternated between sucking her clit between his lips and licking the juices that seemed to endlessly flow out of her. The coil in her stomach wound tighter and tighter and the tension between her thighs was taking over her consciousness. Her moans got louder and her knuckles had turned white from the tight hold she had on the edges of the desk. When Tokiya suddenly lunged two fingers inside her as held her clit between his teeth, Fuuko yelled his name to the heavens. Her entire body shook as a lightning bolt of pleasure ran beneath her skin.

The intense waves of her orgasm were still coursing through her blood when she felt a weight press against her thighs.

Tokiya stood behind her and lined up his cock against her breathing slit. He knew she would feel less pain if he entered her while she was still coming down from her climax. He teased his head with her opening, letting her cum spread over his manhood and in a swift jerk, sheathed himself inside of her.

"Holy, fucking shit!" Tokiya wasn't normally the type to swear so forcefully, he found it too plebeian for him, but holy, fucking shit he never knew anything could feel this good. She was scorching hot, setting the blood in his veins to boil and her nether lips were strangling his cock in ways unimaginable.

"Kami, Fuuko, you taste amazing, you feel amazing, you're so bloody fucking amazing," he babbled out, not caring if he sounded like a complete idiot, because he was actually inside her and there was nothing in the world that could feel better than this.

"Mi-chan," she breathed his name out uncomfortably, the side of her face was pressed against the desk.

Despite all the instincts in his body telling him to fuck her to the ground, he held himself back. He pressed sweet kisses on her back and on her neck. "Does it hurt?"

She blinked and shook her head. "It's not so bad. Just take it slow."

He molded his chest against her back and kissed the side of her face. He began a slow and cautious rhythm, he barely moved out of her, just rocked back and forth, letting her enjoy the small strokes he made within her. He felt her muscles relax underneath him as low, shy moans made its way out of her mouth. He really wished he could look into her eyes…

"Mi-chan?" Fuuko questioned as he lifted himself off her body.

Tokiya pulled out of her completely before helping her stand up and turned her around once more.

"I want to see your face," he said tenderly.

He lifted her by her waist easily and let her situated on top of the desk. He stood between her parted knees and hugged her waist. Her arms coiled itself around his neck. He could feel her smile on his lips as they kissed languorously while he entered her again in a slow and steady pace. Their lips parted but their eyes remained connected as their faces were an inch breadths away from each other. Tokiya could see the reflection of his grey eyes in her brown pools, his eyes filled with want, lust, possession and something else he couldn't quite tell, but it was in her eyes too.

He pulled halfway out of her and pushed in again slowly. He continued the slow rhythm, wanting nothing more than to make her feel comforted and pleasured. His mouth openly kissed the slopes of her jaw, her chubby cheeks and the lids of her eyes. Soft moans that seemed to speak to him bubbled out of her throat.

"Mi-chan," she whispered huskily, her hands taking hold of the sides of his face, "Faster. I can handle it."

Tokiya gave her that familiar cocky smirk that made many women before her swoon. "I'm only here to please you."

Fuuko giggled at his words but her giggles turned into a low moan as he plunged inside her rough and fast. The vacuum heat of her pussy took him in deep with every thrust he made. His hands grabbed her thighs and pulled her closer to him, her ass precariously hanging on the edge of the wooden desk.

"Is this what you wanted?" he growled out as he continued his brutal assault on her.

Every bone in her body quaked with the force of his thrusts. She felt like she was being stretched into exhilaration as he entered her so deep she felt like he was a part of her. His movements were relentless, persisting with no plans of stopping until she achieved that sweet, sweet release.

Fuuko's thighs clamped around his hips, their sweat slicked skin slapping together. "I-I'm c-coming," she groaned aloud.

"Me too," he uttered brokenly from between lips puffed up from kissing her. "Fuck," he swore loudly when her damp walls squeezed him.

There was something so incredibly sexy about seeing Tokiya Mikagami, ice-cold Ensui wielder, out of breath, eyes unfocused, sweat dripping down his hair and mouth chanting dirty, sexy words to her. The tight coil broke within her and Fuuko felt like she was spiraling down from the heavens as bright stars exploded behind her eyelids.

Her name fell out of his lips like a prayer as her walls closed deliciously around him. Practiced hands bruised her hips as his fingers locked down on her hips. He stiffened from his head down to the tips of his toes as so much cum spilled out of his cock in gushes. His head fell on her shoulders, her clean scent gently soothing him from down his high.

Her fingers played with the hair on his head, his lips touched the skin he could reach as the air around them was filled with their tired gasps.

Tokiya knew, he had an idea of course, that having sex with Fuuko would feel great. He didn't quite expect the experience to be religious. Touching her, kissing her, being one with her was like a sacred gift. There was nothing and no one in this world that could make him feel this absolute contentment and euphoria but her.

He couldn't help but be thankful that Recca and Yanagi had sex. Otherwise he might have spent who knows how many years denying how he felt about her.

"Hear that?" Fuuko's voice entered his head.

He lifted his head and furrowed his eyebrows in askance. There was nothing but silence.

"No one's coming," she answered with a bright smile.

He chuckled. "You came twice."

Fuuko slapped his arm. "Pervert!"

"Only for you," he promised. He kissed her softly and felt his cock pulse excitedly once more. He groaned and decided to pull out of her. As much as he wanted another round, he wasn't about to push their luck.

Fuuko looked down to where they were joined and watched his length draw away from inside of her. She only then noticed the rubber that covered half of his manhood.

"Were you expecting this?" she teased.

He shook his head. "I wasn't expecting, but I was hopeful."

She punched his arm lightly and laughed.

Tokiya knotted the top of the condom and moved away to throw it at a garbage bin at the corner of the room. On his way back to her, he picked up his bag and took out a packet of wet wipes. He motioned for her to spread apart her thighs and cleaned her up before he took care of himself. He grabbed her shirt, bra and panties on the floor and they helped each other right their clothes on.

"So what happens now?" she asked shyly as he pulled her panties over her hips.

He tapped her ass with one hand as the other tucked a stray hair behind her ear. "How about I walk you home, we stop by that restaurant that makes those tiny cupcakes and we have dinner with your mother so I can show her what an upstanding citizen I am?"

"My mother owns a shotgun," she warned.

"Don't underestimate my charm. It worked exceedingly well with you, after all," he said smugly.

Fuuko couldn't really deny him that.

She blushed prettily as he took her hand in his and their fingers intertwined. They walked out of the classroom with matching smiles on their faces.

"I hate you."

"I really don't give a shit." The smacking noises resumed.

"Why her?"

"What's wrong with me?"

"Ignore him, he's just being a thick dolt as usual."

Domon threw the remote control at the couple making out on the couch.

Tokiya sighed. "Let's move this to the bedroom." Fuuko grinned widely and nodded.

Domon popped a raisin into his mouth. "Assholes." And then he thought Mikagami deserved another party for losing his virginity. He grinned wickedly; oh yeah, payback is a bitch.


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