They were just young. Possibly 12 or 13. They were both . different. Pink and blue. Kind-hearted and cold-hearted. She broke into his barrier and he became soft. They got through hard times together no matter what. If she got hurt, he would defend her. Her family didn't care about her. His family didn't love him.

They were inseperable like brother and sister bond. She secretly loved him, but he didn't know.

"I promise I'll never forget you!" he said and hugged her while she blushed.

"And I promise I'll never forget you too!" she replied. But soon he would break his promise. Another girl had gotten into his life. They chatted and hung out with each other. Slowly, she was fading away from his mind. He became a famous pianist and she became a famous popstar. Everyday she would return home and just stay in a corner waiting for him to come bursting through the door.

'I guess you really broke your promise' she thought. Her friends didn't know she was dying inside because she would put a fake personality. She would cry endlessy without no stopping for hours until she ran out of tears to cry. When she was home she would watch him on T.V. playing music softly and in harmony.

He was going to get married. She was staying single. He didn't know that did he? She used to be bright and happy, but now she is dull and lifeless. She wrote a letter to him. She knew it would get through. All it said was:

Somehow I knew you would forget our promise. Did you think I would?

-Your 'sister'

She was disappearing from life. She wore a wig, contacts, whole new life just as a normal person would. People started to forget about her. Except one person. He had read the letter and memories cam flooding back. The pink-headed girl from the past. Him promising he will never forget her. She promised too.

He thought he was happy to be with his wife. A red-head with glasses that was beautiful. But people didn't know it was an arranged marriage. The wife was cheating on him with another guy. When he found out he signed the divorce papers. Then he was single at the age of 23. Yup they married when they were 20.

When people forgot about her she didn't wear her wig or contacts. Nobody recognized her. Or so she thought. One day she was walking in the park with her head down, thinking about the past, when she had collided with someone else. She looked up and gasped. Here was the love of her life.

He was shocked to see his pink-haired 'sister'. They embraced one another. "I finally found you," he whispered. She heard about the news of him divorcing. Then she finally let out the tears she has been holding for awhile.

They finally stayed with each other. They were inseperable once again.

The End


Okay I felt like this with my 'brother'. I thought he was going to forget me so like yeah. Please review! I will do more stories.