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Summary: N has defeated White. His dreams were more powerful and now rules Unova. But he didn't plan on letting White go. No, he was much too interested for her to be free..

A/N: I'm going to use White's Japanese name - Touko, if that's okay with everyone. And Black's Japanese name - Touya. I refuse to call them Hilda and Hebert.

Chapter One

. . .

The final battle had been raging on for almost three days now. The room was a war zone with chunks of stone all over the place. Both trainers had to dodge the crumbling ceiling multiple times, their Pokemon helping when they can. But that also created a distraction and great advantage for the opposing team.

"You should give up now, Touko, you're hurting your Pokemon."

"Ugnn.. " The trainer, Touko, looked down at the Pokemon in her arms, panting, eyes closed. She had been using Revive and Elixirs on her Pokemon to keep them going but it was proving to put a strain on them, wearing them out faster than normal. "I can't give up now, N, I can't!"

"You may not believe it, but some of your Pokemon are agreeing with me. They're tired. They want to rest. They want to stop. This is fate."

Her head snapped up at him, unshed tears filled with disgust entered her vision. She couldn't cry now, she wouldn't, not in front of him. quickly deciding not to use her last Elixir and believing in Zekrom, Touko called her fainted Pokemon back to it's pokeball and stood on shaky legs. N nodded his head towards her, his gaze slipping back to the battle between the two legendary dragons. He wasn't even breaking a sweat, unlike Touko.

"Zekrom, use," The command died from her lips when the huge black dragon came flying towards her. At first she thought it was going to attack her but hovered over her, letting out it's cry.

Touko looked up, blinking and noticed a huge part of the ceiling had decided to fall on top of her but Zekrom saw this and quickly came to her aid. She gave a tired smile, a small nod and jogged out of that area. Just as Zekrom tossed the piece of stone of its back, N shouted a command to Reshiram, the white dragon dashing ahead and attacked Zekrom.

Touko let out a scream as Zekrom finally went down in the rubble, causing the floor to vibrate.

"Revive, revive.. " She whispered, reaching in her bag to bring out the last item she had but a hand grasped her arm, stopping all movement. Looking up, she saw N shaking his head.

"Using Revive on Zekrom again, that would be the fourth time, wouldn't it? It's too much of a strain, you should know his limits."

"I believe in him, though! I believe we can defeat you!"

"Touko," He sighed and walked over to Reshiram, running his fingers along the big dragons wing. "Believing in them isn't enough, not this time. What I wish for is far more greater then your wish for Pokemon and humans to be together. This proves it's meant to be."


Cheren and Alder ran into the war struck room, stopping to gape at the damage that had been done. Touko quickly called Zekrom back to his pokeball and lowers her head, a shadow covering her eyes. Cheren had never seen her do this but recognized many other trainers who did this action.

She lost.

"Rah!" He cried out, grabbed a random pokeball and was ready to release his Pokemon into battle until N swiftly held his hand up, stopping him.

"Before going through Victory Road, you battled Touko and lost. She beat the Elite Four flawlessly while you still struggled. What makes you think you'll have a chance against me, if she didn't?"

"Well I have to try! I can't just stand back and watch you separate people from their friends!"

"Friends.. is that what you think of your Pokemon now, no longer power machines to be the strongest?"

"That's right! It may have taken me a long while to understand.. but in the end, I figured it all out! So fight me!"

"Reshiram refuses to battle a mere trainer. Only will he accept Hero's and Touko is a fallen Hero. He will crush you in seconds."

".. " All Cheren could do was grit his teeth in anger.

"You're talking about humans free will to have Pokemon as their know something is wrong with your head, boy, if you put the Pokemon and the Earth before humans." Alder grounded out, hands clasping together behind his back.

"You're just being selfish. Pokemon have suffered for so long, it's about time there was a change."

"And we suggest you leave now and enjoy your "friendship" with your Pokemon, for in a few days, N and Reshiram will make the announcement of releasing all captured Pokemon." A tall man with handsome features and light green hair, matching N's, walked into the room.

"Father," N greeted with a nod and gestured to the room around him. "My wishes came true and we were able to defeat Touko."

"Yes, N, I am proud of you. That trainer had no idea what she was thinking, going against you. I even told her she had no chance." He huffed, a smug smirk across his face. "In a few days time, we'll contact the Poke News and declare everyone to release their Pokemon to the wild. Of course in these short days we'll have to go over our reports and prepare."

"Of course," N agreed eagerly.

Touko saw no hope in changing his mind to battle her once again, even if said she can get her Pokemon rested at a Pokemon Center, so she started to drag her feet towards Cheren. He met her half way, wrapping his arm lightly around her shoulders, guiding her out of the room until they heard N's voice rise from behind.

"I didn't say you could leave.. "

"Bastard!" Cheren snarled and spun around to face the "Hero". "You've done enough damage already, just leave us alone."

N's eyes flickered towards Cheren's.

"I wasn't talking to you," and they flickered back to Touko's head.

"You.. what?" Cheren looked between the two before giving his head a quick shake and glared at the green haired teen. "You can't just order her around. You've battled, you won, just leave her be."

"Fortunately, he's right, N." Ghetsis murmured, giving Touko's battered body a quick over before looking at his son, who's gaze never left her's. "You've done your job. Now, all you need to do if give orders and the Pokemon world will be at peace."

"And I order that she be kept within my castle."

"N.." Ghetsis sighed. He had no time to be dealing with his youngsters hormones, if the boy had any. The teen was so innocent to the world of women, if offered boobs on a platter, he would compare them to the size of a Chansey's egg. Now that would be insulting to the woman, since a Chansey's egg was huge. And tasty.

"But it's an order, great Sage." N shot his father a pierced look.

".. As you wish, King." The older man gritted out between clenched teeth. 'No respect. What ever, it's just a single trainer. She probably amuses him in some way. He'll get bored of her soon.' He thought and with a wave of his hand, two Shadow Triad members appeared at Touko's side, grabbing her arms firmly while the third member block Cheren's way.

"Touko!" He yelled, trying to get around the dark hooded figured but failed. Next he tried reaching out but that failed as well. The movement and Cheren's voice snapped Touko's mind set out of depression and her head shot up, taking in what was happening.

"Cheren! Alder!" She cried out, trying to grab a hold of her childhood friends hand but the Shadow Triad members moved quickly, making sure that their fingers only grazed terribly close before losing contact with the only person she had hopes in saving her. "Cheren!"

"Ghetsis!" Alder moved forward, ready to take on the Sage but Reshiram was immediately in his path and growling down at him. Gasping, the elder moved back a little, stumbling across the rubble.

"Drop it, Alder. It is our King's wishes to have this trainer, and he'll have her. Don't worry though, he'll get bored in a week or so and we'll return her in once peace."

"Damn it!" Cheren struggled harder to get past the taller figure, who seemed to have enough of it all and shoved the teen back, harshly, causing him to fall onto his back.

"Cheren! Don't worry, I'll be fine!" Touko yelled out, with forced bravery even though she felt anything but. "I'll be home before you know it!"

"What about Belle? Touya?" The names made her heart ache and she couldn't help the few tears that fell down her face.

"Tell them I'll be fine.. tell him I'll be home in no time!"

There was no more time for chit-chat as Reshiram forced Cheren and Alder out of the room and Touko was placed in front of N. She made sure to face away from him and quickly wipe her tears away, hoping she would never allow a person like him to see her cry. N, on the other hand, stared at her, tilting his head to the side in curiosity.

"You will be safe. I won't hurt you." He spoke in a soft voice yet it still made her flinch. Frowning, he turned to his father for help but the older man only shrugged, not caring for such a matter. "The Shadow Triad will show you to your temporary room for the night. You must be tired. I'll make sure to set something up tomorrow."

She said nothing, did nothing but only stood there, looking away from his face. After a few seconds there was a sigh and she was suddenly being pulled by the arms, dragging her out of the room, down a few halls and into a room filled with toys.

She heard the door shut behind her, along with a click, signaling the door was locked from the outside, and slid her eyes shut.

"Don't cry, don't cry.. " She whispered to herself, forced open her eyes and looked around the room.

It really was a child's play room. It had a train set, yet it looked as if someone kicked some of the tracks away so the train couldn't fully go around. There was even a basketball with a hoop. Creepy music played out from two speakers on the ceiling, sending chills down her spine.

"It looks more like a prison than a play room," she muttered to herself and sighed.

Touko felt weak and tired. There were various scrapes on her legs, knees and arms, from scrambling out of the way of falling stone and some of Reshiram's attacks were so powerful they knocked her back. She couldn't even imagine what her Pokemon must have felt, being revived every two or three times. It wouldn't be a surprise if they suddenly didn't like her anymore. The thought of her Pokemon not wanting to be with her anymore brought fresh tears to her eyes.

Quickly looking around, Touko confirmed that there was no bed in the room, none that she could fit in. There was a small bed in the corner, neatly made and looked as if it hadn't been slept in for years. With a tired sigh, she laid down by the toy train set, thankful that is still ran, even if all it could do was go back and forth. The light whirring noise it made was welcomed. If she tried sleeping in complete silence, her thoughts would be too loud for her to sleep.

. . .

Upon waking, Touko noticed she was no longer in a colourful room, no longer was she on the padded floor. Instead all she could see was white and she was lying on top of something plush, like a bed. It felt too sinfully comfortable, she didn't want to get up. Perhaps the last few days were only a nightmare. She would wish it, but that, too, would probably not be enough.

With a grunt, Touko forced herself into a sitting position and checked out her surroundings. She was laying on what looked like one of those beds they have in hospitals, complete with white sheets and flimsy white blankets. The floor was white vinyl but the walls.. were clear glass. She was living in a damned glass box with stalls at the other end of the room, which she assumed was the bathroom was.

Without thinking, Touko jumped out of the bed and barely landed on her feet. She felt sore all over, worse than when she went to sleep, and silently hissed when the pain shot up her spine. Ignoring the gurgling her empty stomach made, she walked around the small single bed and looked out the window.

Touko could tell she was very, very high up and she was surrounded by fields of grass and large amounts of water. If she squinted, she could see a town, or city, in the distance. Quickly, she grabbed the bed, thankful that it had wheels at the bottom, and shoved it hard against the glass, waiting for the shattered impact. But it backfired. The bed bounced back and smacked into her stomach, causing her to fly back and hit the other glass wall.

"O, ouch.. What the.. " Touko grunted and groaned, wrapping her stomach across her midsection.

"Oh, you're awake." N's voice spoke from above and Touko looked up, noticing a flat speaking in the middle of the ceiling.

"Where am I?" She rasped out while standing up with some difficulty, using the unbreakable glass wall to support her weight.

"You're in your bedroom."

The look she gave him should have had him cowering in fear but behind unbreakable walls, the effect of her effort did nothing.

"My.. bedroom? You mean I'm going to be sleeping in this box? For how long?"

"Is it really uncomfortable? My father said that if you're here longer than three weeks then we can get you a proper bed."

"T, three weeks?" She stuttered, mildly shocked.

"As for where we are," He ignored her and walked further into the room. "We're on a island called Liberty Garden and we're in Liberty Garden Tower."

"I caught Victini here.. "She murmured and he nodded.

"Yes. Team Plasma members reported that a young, female trainer has captured Victini. After that, we rebuilt the tower, made it bigger and better over the next three years you collected your badges."

"How long was I asleep?"

"A day and a half. Nothing shook you out of your sleep, even the movement on Reshiram's back as he flew us here."

Touko instantly reached for her belt, ready to take out Zekrom to bust them out of her but her hands was met with cotton. Looking down, she saw she was wearing one of those ugly hospital gowns and frowned.

"Sorry about the clothing." N shot her an apologetic smile. "Anthea checked over your wounds while Concordia changed your clothes."

"Where's my Pokemon?"

"I released them."

Touko felt something within her freeze, then shatter. The Pokemon she spent months, for some of them; years, building friendship with was free. And she didn't even get to say good-bye. She took deep breathes to regain composure, refusing to let the tears fall.

'But we kept Zekrom and Victini with us. My father said it's best if we keep the rare and legendary Pokemon with us, to keep people from going after them.' He thought but didn't voice it.

"What do you want with me?" She bit out, barely containing the anger swirling within.

"Well, I was hoping we could be friends."

".. "

".. "

Touko could not help it. She let out a hysterical laugh, because if she did not laugh, she knew she would cry. N stood there awkwardly, shifting from one foot to the other while he waited for her to calm down. When she didn't after two minutes, he let out a frustrated sigh and ran a hand through his hair.

"That wasn't meant to be funny."

"F, f, friiiiends! AHAH!" She smacked her hand against the glass dramatically while the other clutched her sore midsection.

"Well I knew you'd flat out reject me if I asked after our battle so I thought this would be the next best thing."

This sobered up Touko instantly.

"You thought locking me up in a peek-a-boo glass box was going to make me want to become friends with you?"

"Well, it's a start, don't you think?"

"Are you even human?"

The question stung N. His face twisted as if someone punched him in the gut. Turning towards the door, he stopped at the frame just to say "Concordia will be here in awhile to bring you lunch," and left, slamming the door shut behind him.

"Serves him right.. " She sniffled and walked over to her bed that was now idling in the middle of her room.

Touko climbed on and under the covers, feeling exhaustion flood her. But she didn't allow sleep to take her without having a good cry first. A cry over her Pokemon. Over her friends. And over her situation.

. . .

The next time Touko woke up, it was dark outside but the lights in the ceiling dimmed her room. She felt too weak, too shell shocked to moved. All the things she processed made her wince. N really was a cruel guy. Even if he didn't mean to cause any harm, he was just on a one track mind. He cared about Pokemon more than the relationships they had with humans.

"Victini.. " she whispered, remembering when she first encountered the little Pokemon with a big heart.

Victini had gone down after putting up a tough fight but even as she threw multiple pokeball's at it, he would fend those off too. Finally, she threw he last ball, a Heal Ball, and Victini allowed itself to be captured. She immediately called it back out, glad that Victini was fully healed and well. Of course they didn't bond well for the first few days but they bonded close after two years of being with each other.

"Zekrom.. "

Even though she captured him moments before battling N, she felt the trust and faith the legendary dragon had towards her. Zekrom must have regretted being caught by a pathetic trainer like her. She failed him. She failed every single Pokemon trainer in Unova. She didn't deserve the title "Trainer" anymore.

A knock at the window startled Touko out of her self wallowing in despair and forced herself into a sitting position to see who disturbed her. It was Anthea, who was holding a white tray of food. She watched as half the glass slid into the floor, allowing the pink haired woman access into the room.

Gasping, Touko was about to jump out of bed and head for her exit but Anthea was too quick, putting the try on the floor and swiftly backing out, causing the glass to slide back up into place. The younger woman stared at the older one in shock and anger.

"I'm sorry," Anthea whispered yet her expression stayed blank. "Master N said not to bother you until you woke up again. It's almost eleven at night, I'm sure your starving after being asleep for so long. There's two glasses of milk, grilled chicken, plenty of veggies and a cup cake for desert."

Touko felt so mad. 'How could another person talk so calmly while I'm stuck as a prisoner?' She thought. She had the urge to kick the tray of food away, just to show defience. Eating it would be like she agreed with that that crazy bastard was doing to her. Just as she was moving her foot back, Anthea's next words stopped her.

"Master N said if you don't cooperate, he'll be forced to have you tied down during meal times, where as he'll be the one to personally feed you."

"Urk.. That would be more degrading," Touko murmured and picked up her tray instead, setting it on the bed.

"I hope you have a good night, Ms. Touko. There's a grey button on the wall, where your bed use to bed. Press that if you need anything else. But please remember, abusing that to annoy Master N, will also result in you being tied up, only to be checked up on every hour."

"Wait!" Touko stopped the older woman before she could leave.

"Yes. Ms. Touko?"

"Why like this? Couldn't he be normal and given me an actual room?"

"As Concordia told you, N never had human interactions as a child, only with hurt Pokemon. He's doing this because he wants to be friends with you."

"And you agree with this method? Friends don't do this."

"But Master N is learning, isn't he? In time, he'll realize what friends really need. I would appreciate it if you would help him learn along the way. Humor him, if you must. Once he knows what it's like to have a friend, he'll upgrade your living quarters."

"Will he ever let me go?" She bit out, not liking the feeling of being a test subject.

"Oh, yes. Once you two become 'best friends', as he said, then he'll let you go. He's certain you'll come back to visit him every day. Will that be all?"


"Good night, Ms. Touko." Anthea bowed and left the room.

Touko cursed out loud and threw a punch at the wall. She yelped and cradled her sore hand. 'He's fucking crazy. There's no explanation, the guys loopey!' She thought with a hiss as her sore hand throbbed in pain. 'Friends don't do this to each other! This is plainly barbaric!'

Touko sat on the bed and began to eat her food, almost inhaling it. She didn't realise how hungry she had been. Of course, she hadn't eaten in two days now. The two glasses of milk went down without a hitch and she let out a sigh, patting her now content stomach.

"Now what.. " She thought, with a frown. There wasn't even anything in her part of the room, which was a hospital bed and stalls that lead to the possible toilet and shower. On the other side of the glass wall was just a big empty space..

With a sigh, Touko hopped off the bed and headed towards her side of the room to confirm her earlier thoughts. And sure enough, behind the stalls was a simple porcelain toilet with an open shower with two small bottles and a bar of soap. In the stall, the floor sunk a little to the middle, where laid a drain for the water to go in.

"Couldn't he have just given me a normal bathroom?" Touko said to herself but glanced around anyways, pleased to find some towels piled onto a rack by the door.

Without wasting any time, Touko reached behind her, untying the poorly tied knot on the gown, letting it slip down her body and crumple down at her feet. Reaching up, she practically tore the elastic from her hair, letting the chocolate brown locks cascade down her back. She cringed when she felt her hair, not liking how it felt so greasy and flat.

Not waiting a moment longer, Touko stepped under the shower head, turning the hot and cold tap on, adjusting the temperature and practically moaned when the water hit her skin. It felt almost heavenly as the water beat down on her head and shoulders while caressing the rest of her body on the way down.

Oh yes, she was going to enjoy this as long as she could.

. . .

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