First Question: Kiss

By Arakan004.

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'Never ask Miranda Priestly a question.'

That is the most basic principle for people who work in Runway…to survive another day. However for our lovely heroine in name of Andréa Sachs a.k.a. Andy (Or 'Six' By Nigel), her brain capacity that much better than most of the staffs yet still 'lesser' than certain particular Dragon Lady, interpret it as 'no question related to the work, magazine and decision' of certain Fashionista… (Even the author got sudden bad feeling for this.)


In oh so casual tone, our lovely second-assistant who had survived day and night of terror, ask: "Have you ever enjoy to be kissed before?" toward one particular lady with silver-locks who just took a sip of her burning-supernova-scalding (must be) no foam Latte.

For first time in so many years (probably ever), Miranda Priestly was caught off guard with this highly unusual question, but we are talking about Miranda Priestly here so no slack jaw, no open-mouth, no funny 'O' but simply a blank look to her assistant. Now, Miranda Priestly is anything but stupid, her brain that well-trained (for more than 20 years as Editor-in-Chief) worked in 150 miles/hour to asses the situation, and the question, including the one who ask it before making a decision. But first, let's go to what running inside the Editor's head that in remarkable way already found several crucial points.

Point 1: The one who asking the question is her second-assistant who just survived from her punishment that Andy had entitled it as 'Mission Impossible yet need possible to be done' none other than Harry Potter Manuscript, unknown to Miranda of course or so what Andy belief… forgetting the Dragon Lady have ears-sharper-than Superman.

Point 2: Last time she check, Miranda have two husbands, one already former (after short marriage of four years) and another one (who she only wed it not two years ago) she got distinct feeling will join the ancestor…er, ehem, previous predecessor; which! Andréa should have known by now about those 'details.' And…only heaven-knows-how-many partners for fling, one-nights, etc… Miranda had not even remember them in precise. By quick count of her mind, she distinctly recalled at least more than a dozen.

Point 3:…now this is quite confusing… for last time Miranda check (which is three seconds before her assistant asking THE question), today is Monday of first week of the month, not even an hour after she arrive at Runway which approximately around at 8.30 in morning, she overlook though how at least two staffs already been sent to nearest hospital to get therapy and certain Nigel Kipling need to use his Salt Bottle to revive people who should not yet dating Hades. Therefore, by Miranda's mind, Andréa should not under control of liquor or drug to ask this kind of question which should and would earn death warrant from her… or K.O.S. Kill On Spot.

Surprisingly, or not, Miranda didn't feel giving her usual retort that have many requirements such sharply, sarcastically, mockingly and many –ly later that usually (and it always did) send the one who asking will either foaming, loose their minds, or simply wishing they never born and toss themselves to nearest river (larger and deeper is better), instead she went into deep in thought. 'Have I ever enjoyed to be kissed?' so deep in her thought, Miranda never aware how Andy who feel bored waiting her question to be answered choose to leave the Editor-in-Chief with her own mind and do her job.

Try as she might, Miranda cannot stop thinking Andy's question. For Miranda, a kiss is fundamental nature that will lead for her to control the situation (When she wouldn't?) to her lover and husbands in particular, meaning: their sex life.

She keep thinking, thinking and thinking… day by day, Monday turn Tuesday, and many days later… Miranda Priestly got the answer that horrified her to no end; she didn't enjoy any kisses she shared with so many people, that not even her remember them.

Yes she got kisses from them. Yes she kissed them. But after more thorough thinking, she only enjoy a kiss to her babies, but certainly and for sure it is not kind of kisses Andréa Sachs questioning her at Monday which is a week ago. And Miranda found this discovery which had slipped her mind for many years, unacceptable!

So unacceptable the idea, the answer, the discovery (that took her entire week of thinking,) Miranda's (already) frightening swing-foul-moods worsening ten times, not even HR that ready to protest over at least three-souls got fired a day for another week, have courage to reprimand the Dragon Lady to cool down and stop breathing fire in fear they will be the next victims.

After another week, meaning two full weeks after Andy's blunt and oh so innocent question, another Monday has come. After 'literally' killing her First Assistants Emily Charlton who got –mental- nickname as 'Barbie' (by Andy Sachs) with 1001 requests and tasks in speed of machine gun, Miranda dropped her coat and bag to Andy's capable hands (leaving certain redhead Barbie, ehem, Brit foaming somewhere behind her), Miranda strode into her office.

With nice clothes such Escada Blouse with azure Hermes scarf around her neck, Bill Bass Pants, D&G Jacket and pair of shiny Louboutins all are last seasons and in total price of the entire clothes and shoes she currently wore enough to get her three more assistants for one month, Miranda imitate James Bond with his famous License-to-Kill (she will never tell a soul she is huge fan of the handsome spy movie), but our Queen of Fashion, of course, is Dress-to-Kill.

Turning on her heels (elegant as ever) Miranda stood sideway in front of her desk and cleared her throat and called out, "Andréa." The brunette came to view with pen and notepad ready at hand, "yes Miranda?" the Queen of Fashion keep her cool, calm, and confidence betraying the emotion within her who questioning her sanity why she felt obligate to tell this girl her answer and even ready to explain. "Close the door."

Andy of course obediently followed her instruction, closing the door, she turned around and waiting for more instruction only to see Miranda jerked her head a bit sharply, "standing in front of me."

"Pity." That is what Andy says after Miranda gives her an answer of her (two weeks ago) question followed by 10 minutes and 51.12 seconds of explanation. For second time in length of three weeks, Miranda Priestly once again, caught off guard. "Excuse me?"

"I said, pity," placing aside her notepad and pen on top of Miranda's desk, Andy stepped closer to the Editor who still in caught-off-guard aftermath and could only looked down to her second-assistant's palms cupping her cheeks so lovingly (none of her lovers even her husbands ever as gentle as this) "for such beautiful woman as you to never enjoy a kiss," another step Andy whispered "it is a pity."

Miranda's brain once more giving points of few things:

Point 1: Andréa's lips are so soft against her own lips.

Point 2: This kiss sends Miranda's eyes rolling to the back of her skull while letting loose a deep guttural moan.

Point 3: She kissed back her second-assistant with fervor she never felt before toward her husbands or partners.

Point 4: When she pulled back to breath and gathering her wits, Andréa is on her back on top of Miranda's glass-desk, eyes half-close and panting through swollen lips, with Miranda standing between her legs with her hands all are under Andréa's blouse cupping her breasts-clad-bra.

Both were gazing to each other, trying to gather back their conscious and coherent brains (that flying somewhere between the kiss) and heard the reason of why they ended most amazing kisses they ever have (for the both of them) is none other than the ring of the phone from Outer-Office, evidently, certain Brit still not yet return…or revived, Miranda (and Andy) blamed it to the fact of certain Nigel Kipling is out of city to oversee a photo-shoot thus none have salt-bottle.

Clearing her throat, Andy sat up while Miranda stepped back and to the side, "Hm, well," slipping off from the table Andy smiled beautifully to Miranda, "it seems today you got the experience of enjoying a kiss" collecting her notepad and pen, the brunette exit the office leaving very arouse Miranda Priestly behind who still want another kiss (and more) from her second-assistant and brain as usual… already scheming to find away to get another kiss, very shortly… ehem.

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