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Everything a Child of Hermes Needs to Know

"Surprise!" Everyone yelled as Connor and Travis walked into the room, "Happy Birthday!" Connor and Travis dropped all the prank supplies they had been carrying with them, right on the floor of their cabin, in plain sight, where everyone could see them.. The cheering that was going on stopped and everyone stopped to look at the mixture of spray paints, hair dye, food coloring, coke cans, and other assortments.

"Boys," Chiron said, "What is all this?"

"Oh, nothing…" Connor said laughing nervously.

Travis stepped forward and snapped his fingers saying, "You saw none of this, this never happened, all of our prank supplies was never here." Connor slapped the back of his head.

"Umm…" Percy started from the back of the room "I'm no genius,"

"Of course you're not." Travis said "You're a Seaweed Brain. Oh Wait I forgot only your Annabeth calls you that." He snickered as Annabeth and Percy blushed.

"So what did you get us?" Connor asked trying to change the subject. Chiron decided to let all the prank supplies go, for today at least.

"Seriously?" Katie Gardner said, "We throw a giant party for you and you ask what we got you, some people so selfish."

"You sound like your mom." Connor said

"Not that that's a bad thing…" Travis interjected, a slight blush creeping onto his face, this seemed to happen whenever he talked to Katie or around her.

Connor nudged him and said, "You're doing it again." That only made Travis blush a deeper shade of pink. "So presents…" Connor said trailing off, "Where are they and when do we get to open them?"

"I second Katie's deceleration of Connor being selfish." Annabeth spoke up from the back of the room.

"Like you're one to talk Annabeth." Connor said, she probably would have gotten her knife out and killed Connor right then and there, even though it was his birthday, but Chiron intervened before anything bad could happen.

"Present time!" Chiron said before anything could happen.

"Yesssss!" Connor yelled in triumph, "Finally, I thought I was going to die before I even opened my presents."

"And you sound like your father." Katie said

"Did someone get that on tape?" He asked, "I think Katie Gardener just complimented me!" She just rolled her eyes at him. "So where are my presents?" He asked.

Chiron pulled down the sheet that said


Revealing a pile of presents "Wait a minute," Connor said, "Why is Travis's name first?"


"Wow guys, these presents are awesome, well most of them anyway…" Travis said glancing at the pile of complaint letters from the Ares cabin, about all the pranks they had pulled recently. Other than that the presents were all great, the Athena cabin had given them a book on strategies and how to make sure they work, Percy had given them a fountain for Iris Messaging people, he had pulled them aside later and told them that Tyson had made a few adjustments so you could teleport through it too. Demeter had given them baskets of strawberries and flowers and cleaning supplies. Connor was convinced they could use them to make someone have an allergic reaction, Travis said they would help them not to get KP.

Nico had given them a bunch of Drachmas, in case they died when they pulled a prank on the Ares cabin for their complaints. Apollo's cabin had given them IPods' with a bunch of songs already loaded onto them. Aphrodite had given them a bunch of face washes and shirts they would never wear. Hephaestus had forged them a new lock picking set, which they gave to them in secret, and made them promise never to use it on the Hephaestus cabin, and then showed them how they transformed into beads that fit on their camp necklaces. Thalia had Hermes mailed them their present that morning which was some hunter hot chocolate, that tasted really good.

Pollux (Dionysus) gave them an animal head on a plaque, the thing unique about this gift was that, Pollux had somehow managed to convince his dad to bring it back to life, Annabeth could see Chiron contemplating how long it was going to be before he had to take it away. They had gotten some presents from their close friends too, Annabeth had given them a bunch of pranking supplies she had made, after she made them promise not to use it on any cabin but Ares, who had just recently beaten them at Capture the Flag so Annabeth was out to get them in every which way.

Percy got them a pet fish that could do a bunch of cool tricks; he said if the fish died within the week he gave it to them he wouldn't alliance with them anymore for capture the flag. Nico had gotten them some magical flowers he had gotten from Persephone's garden, he had said they did something but he wasn't sure what, but it was pretty neat.

The party was just about done but with a few stragglers left over, Travis started to pick up the cabin figuring he probably should do it now so their KP wouldn't be that bad. He had finished up the first part of the room when he felt a light tap on his shoulder, he looked up to see Katie standing over him, eyebrows raised. "Is the great Prank King Travis Stoll…cleaning?"

"Shut up." he said smiling and standing up, "So what did you come over here for? I highly doubt it was to help me clean."

"Actually, I was wondering if I could talk to you…" she looked nervous.

"Okay…" he said, "so talk."

"Can we talk outside?" She asked

"Oh, uhh, sure" He managed to say before following her outside of the cabin

"Here." She said shoving a small wrapped up box with a bow tied around it into his hands, "Open it."

"Are you sure?" he asked "This is like the best wrapping job, I have ever seen, I mean the bow is like curled perfectly, and you can barely see the tape-"

"Travis," Katie interrupted

"Yeah," he said still admiring the wrap job.

"Just open the present before I take it back"

"Fine, but if this is the best wrapping job ever, you're taking the blame for ruining it." He said a smirk upon his face, before tearing the wrapping paper off the present. "Oh neat!" he said clearly excited, this is the brand new XBOX game!(I don't have Xbox so I don't really know any games… sorry!) This is awesome! Thanks so much Katie, I thought I was going to have to wait until the end of the summer to get this, you rock! But uh… how did you afford this?"

"Robbed a couple banks, picked people's pockets, youknow" she said

"Haha very funny." he said, "Thanks, this is awesome!"

"Glad you like it." she said smiling "I have to go now before Annabeth starts looking for me, were pranking Ares tonight, Happy Birthday Travis." Before she jumped off the Hermes cabin porch she leaned over and gave Travis a swift kiss, leaving him to gape at her as she disappeared into the night. This was how Connor found him ten minutes later.

"Hey broster, whatcha doing staring into the night?" Connor asked.

"Nothing." Travis said quickly shoving the gift from Katie into the nearest planting pot, if Katie had pulled him out here to give him this, than she obviously hadn't given one to Connor and Travis didn't want him to feel bad.

"Yeah so everyone's left, you want to come in and help me pick up from the party?" Connor asked

"You mean you'll clean for about ten-fifteen minutes, then fall asleep looking for garbage in your bed, right?" Travis checked

"Exactly!" Connor said, "but you never know, I could always make it twenty minutes, you never know…" They turned to go inside when a bright flash from behind caused them to stop and turn around.

"Dad?" Connor exclaimed. Travis was shocked into silence so he didn't say anything

"Hey boys." Hermes greeted, "You didn't think I would forget your birthday, did you?" He asked.

"No, we knew you would come eventually…" Connor said trailing off.

"Good." Hermes said, "Now here's your present," he said handing them a package.

"Only one?" Connor asked in disappointment he had been hoping for some super amazing fantabulous gift, earning a sharp jab in the stomach from Travis, "Thanks dad." He said clenching his teeth in pain.

"Thanks dad!" Travis said with a little more enthusiasm than Connor.

Hermes tilted his head before saying, "No, no that was supposed to go to Demeter, not Persephone, if all the flowers wilt in the mail room again it's on you. All right I'll be there to fix it in a minute, bye. Sorry boys," He said, "Duty calls, I'd love to stay and swap stories but I have to go. I'll talk to you later. Enjoy the present! Oh, and Travis,"

Travis lifted his head up, he had been spacing out thinking about Katie again, "Yeah?" he asked

"Nice catch." Hermes winked, causing Travis to blush, than Hermes flashed out.

"What's he talking about?" Connor asked, "What did you catch? A bug? A fish? The flu? The plague? You look a little flushed, maybe you did catch the plague, or the flu."

"No!" Travis snapped, before Connor could go on, "Just open the present."

"Fine but we are not done talking about this mister," Connor warned before ripping the paper off. "It's a book, an English textbook, one at that, come on! I thought dad would know us better than that, come on! Unless… maybe he gave us Athena's present on accident! Yeah that's it!"

Connor went to toss it into the Athena cabin, but Travis stopped him. "Come on," He said, "If dad gave us this he gave it to us for a reason, maybe it's in disguise."

"Fine, but you're opening it; my mind does not feel like processing nouns and adverbs at the moment." Connor said.

"Hey Connor! Check this out!" Travis exclaimed, "The first page is in Ancient Greek, would an English book be in an ancient greek?"

"An ancient one maybe." He said earning a pointed glare from Travis, "Fine what's it say? he asked.

"Well," Travis said, "It say's Everything a Child of Hermes Needs to Know. Sweet, I have a feeling I'm going to like this one!"


"Read it!" Connor bugged Travis.

"Fine here goes nothing," he said

"Page one of Everything a Child of Hermes Needs to Know. Chapter title: Pranking: what pranks to pull on what cabin and when to pull them .On the Ares' cabin the children will get very aggravated if all of their armor and weaponry goes missing. So steal it and if you really want to make them mad, spray paint everything pink, if you looked in the attached pocket you will see the word spray paint, press it and choose your color the paint will materialize next to you. (If this does not work please file a complaint with Hermes publishing on Mt. Olympus) Then when you have completed these steps, ditch the armor and weaponry deep in the forest, it is best to pull this prank when The Ares' cabin is at breakfast, the chances you will come out alive from this prank is 32%.

"Specifics." Connor said shaking his head, "Let's do it!"

"Sounds good to me." Travis said, "We could probably get Athena to help us out by distracting Ares for us."

"LET'S DO IT" Connor yelled pumping his fist into the air.

"Tomorrow morning, so go to sleep" Travis told Connor, glad that Connor had finally forgotten about what hermes had said about him making a nice catch.

"Oh and by the way," Connor said, Travis turned to face his brother, "What did Hermes mean by nice catch?" He asked

Travis blushed hoping it was dark enough to cover it up, "Go to sleep Connor!" he said

"Fine, but I will find out, nothing, and I repeat nothing gets pat the Connornator!" and with that he turned to the wall to go to sleep.

"Good night to you too Connor." Travis said.

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