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Methods Of Entertainment

Ciel Phantomhive stretched cat-like in his bed, relishing the sensation of soft skin flowing over sinuous muscle. He looked as he always had, but he knew his body had changed; had become stronger. He yawned and ran his tongue over a slightly pointed canine before turning his gaze to the door of his chamber where a soft knock had sounded. "Enter, Sebastian." He called, smiling languidly as his sworn butler entered pushing his breakfast cart. It was routine and comforting, carrying out the motions of his old life, though he did not need to eat anything physical, nor did he require sleep. However, as time passed, Ciel had found his new life was becoming dull. His new home, though a complete replica of his old one, was empty of the joys and sorrows of his old servants. His days passed in idle amusements, no longer dictated by the Queen, nor filled with the trifles of his fiancée and lessons. This life was boring. And lonely. Though Sebastian carried out the role of butler impeccably, as always, Ciel had noticed the demon's distaste at having to follow his orders. The ever present smirk no longer graced his lips. His eyes were dull, no longer glinting in amusement. Maybe his obedience had truly been dictated by the demon's lust for his soul.

Ciel sat in silence as his butler dressed him, a hollow feeling in his chest and stomach troubling him. It had been his belief that Sebastian had cared for him as a person; why else would he have sought Ciel after he was snatched away from the demon's grasp? Was he that distasteful of a master? Too demanding perhaps? Ciel had never contemplated such things, but since their covenant had caused Sebastian to be bound to Ciel for all eternity, maybe there were ways the master could make the butler's existence less of a burden. After all, Ciel really did not particularly need a butler now, he did not need someone to cook for him; he could dress himself. Perhaps Sebastian was merely hungry. These thoughts flickered through the boy's mind, furrowing his brow and causing to worry at his bottom lip with his teeth. "...Master? Young Master!" a deep voice broke Ciel's trance and drew his gaze to the concerned gaze of the demon kneeling before him. The sight of that caring in Sebastian's eyes made Ciel's heart misbehave in the most unruly of manners. The boy fought a blush from his cheeks and met the butler's gaze calmly. Once the demon was positive he had the boy's attention, his forehead crinkled slightly. "Are you quite well young master?" he questioned, eyes swiftly taking in the boy's entire appearance to see if he had missed any sign of injury or illness. The young man looked thoughtful for a moment but kept any emotion clear of his expression.

"Sebastian...I want you to go." He said firmly. The butler's eyes widened and mouth opened slightly in confusion. Before he could say anything, Ciel continued. "I want you to go and do something you enjoy. Have some fun. I'm fed up of you looking so gloomy all of the time. That is an order, Sebastian." With that, Ciel stood and left the room, meandering his way through his empty house to the room he'd filled with toys from the Funtom Company. He gazed around himself sadly, remembering the times he had played with such toys in the presence of his parents and with Elizabeth. He had not expected to feel such melancholy upon leaving the realm of the mortals, but life in Hell was lonely. He was lonely. It was with shock that, rousing himself from his thoughts, Ciel found himself half buried under a pile of soft toys, clutching a Peter Rabbit to his chest like a small child as tears slid down his cheeks. This was not what he had been expecting his life to become; he never anticipated regretting leaving the land of the living.

In the Master's chambers, Sebastian stood still, confused by his sudden order. He did not think he'd appeared 'gloomy', had not noticed a change in his own attitude, he'd been too troubled by his young master's growing despondency. He supposed, if he were honest with himself, he had been feeling slightly out of sorts. It was only to be expected after he'd taken so long nurturing a soul to have it cruelly snatched away from his hungry stomach not once, but twice. His hunger was troublesome, more so now than it had been before, seeing that he was not doing anything to seek out a soul. He was unsure about the possibility of him creating a new covenant whilst he was still bound to Ciel. But he could not find it within himself to regret the way events had transpired. Sebastian was aware he cared for Ciel Phantomhive more that a demon should care for his lunch. This way he did not need to face those feelings, he could remain the obedient butler.

This bought his attention back to his most recent order. "Do something I enjoy? Have fun?" he mused quietly, absent mindedly making the master's bed and tidying the room up before exiting it. He pondered his order further as he carried a basket of dirty washing down, through the kitchen. "Do something fun..." he thought as he contentedly scrubbed at the soiled clothing. "Fun." Came the low, thoughtful hum as Sebastian hung the washing up outside on the clothes line and tidily clipped some of the more vigorously growing branches off of the skull shaped shrubs. He whistled cheerfully to himself as he raked the fallen leaves up and then paused, coming to one conclusion. "I don't know how to have fun." Sebastian murmured, troubled by this fact seeing that it meant he could not carry out his Young Master's wishes.

Frowning, Sebastian moved towards the house, considering asking his master what he wanted him to do, hoping for clearer instructions. As he began searching the rooms of the mansion, the butler began to attempt solving the problem himself. "To define 'fun' might be of use. When one does something 'fun' they feel happy and relaxed. I suppose dancing could be construed as 'fun'...but it is only enjoyable with a partner." Sebastian had searched all of the rooms downstairs to find nothing, turning his steps to the upper floor; he tried to think of other activities. "Playing music...is fun?" he said hesitantly, "But only when you have someone to share it with. Cooking is fun, but half the enjoyment is seeing the people you care for sampling the food you've prepared for them." He opened the door to the playroom and peered inside before leaving. The Young Master still insisted on calling it the 'toy room' as if the name would make it more 'grown-up'.

Sebastian chuckled lowly as he continued the search of the house. "Finny always said that spending time outside with the birds was fun. Bard liked it best when he could use his flamethrower. May-rin...she loved to find the time to read a scary story." But none of these things particularly appealed to Sebastian. He was most content when working towards a goal. So why did Ciel think he needed to have 'fun'? What could the Young Master mean? Sebastian knocked on the door and entered the Master's study. It was empty, though memories of the boy playing chess with Elizabeth and using a dolls' house to plan strategy in photographing Sebastian seeped into his mind. "Perhaps that is what he meant. Maybe he wants me to play..." Sebastian frowned. Chess was a game for two, and surely the toys in the playroom were designed for children. However, seeing that the house was empty, perhaps there would be no loss of dignity if Sebastian followed orders and at least tried to have some fun with the myriad of dolls and games and books. "Well, I suppose I should try."

As Sebastian entered the 'Toy Room', he paused, listening for movement in the house. He was slightly humiliated by his plans, but he simply had to follow his orders and try to have fun, it was not possible for him to simply not obey an order. However, he was touched by Ciel's desire to see him happy, even if it were only initiated by the apparent gloominess Sebastian was issuing and not genuine concern or caring. He really would have to figure out why the Young Master was thinking this and rectify it. He wasn't gloomy, simply hungry. Shaking these thoughts from his mind, Sebastian paid close attention to the sounds of the house. Hearing only the building's usual restful noises accompanied by a cacophony of noise from within the room; he quietly closed the door behind him and took in the vast array of toys, attempting to distinguish the sounds. The main noise was from the model steam train as it ran around the room on its elevated tracks on the shelving Sebastian had fixed at Ciel's eye level around the room. The item was a beautiful work of craftsmanship; a miniature steam engine worked just as the larger versions did and contentedly pulled a number of carriages around the room over and over again, emitting clouds of steam and issuing a soft clacking sound. There was a toy monkey on a music box, contentedly clicking two cymbals together as it wound down it's spring, a clockwork solder's legs still whirred even after he'd fallen over after having walked into a table leg. Sebastian eyed all in distain before shaking himself and slowly chose to pick up a Diablo. The wooden item was no match for the demon and he swiftly grew bored of throwing it in the air and catching it on its string.

Next he chose a bilbo, but got the ball to sit within the cup first try. Frowning he sent multiple coloured tops spinning about the wooden floor at such force they didn't stop for the next ten minutes. Eyeing them for a while, Sebastian sat at a table and completed a game of solitaire, enjoying the fine craftsmanship of the wooden set more than the game itself. His eyes next fell on a corner of the room filled with art supplies and a wooden block that was obviously supposed to act as a stage. Settling himself in the chair, Sebastian disdained the use of the gathered penny plains and spent the next hour patiently cutting and painting and gluing an elaborate theatre set and little paper dolls with various costumes. Though the task was relaxing, Sebastian couldn't say he'd had fun. And not particularly wanting to actually stage a play, his gaze scanned the room for yet another form of diversion. He eyed the pile of soft toys for a second but really didn't see the attraction in the items and so settled on carefully re-arranging the delicate furniture and dolls in the doll house.

Once more the demon didn't see the attraction in playing make believe and searched for another past time. Setting the tops to spinning again, he wound up a jack in the box and set a little Faberge carousel to spinning, filling the room with mechanical music. Humming along to the familiar tune, the demon pulled a wooden storage box toward him and opened it to find a vast collection of building blocks. Smirking to himself and surveying the space he had, the demon began to construct a replica of London, stepping over the still spinning tops. It took him surprisingly little time to build the area directly around Buckingham Palace, since London was too vast to fit into the room, even in model version. To finish he found some tin soldiers and placed them to guard the Palace and was looking around the room curiously for some items to use as carriages and citizens when movement from the pile of soft toys made him freeze.

Unbeknownst to Sebastian, Ciel had become very wearied by his tears and – feeling warm and safe in his comfortable bed of soft toys – the young man had drifted into slumber, all but a wisp of hair and his covered eye visible amongst the toys. He was quite a deep sleeper and, having fallen asleep to the sounds of the gathered toys, was not disturbed by the butler's initial experiments into the art of 'fun'. However, when a spinning top whizzed its way close to Ciel head, he began to stir and awoke properly when the carousel began to play. He then froze at the cackling sound of the jack in the box. Very slowly the boy had tilted his head until he could see into the room, still safely hidden beneath the mound of toys.

The sight of his butler stacking wooden blocks momentarily stunned Ciel, but when Sebastian moved and started lining up tin soldiers, the hidden boy couldn't help but start giggling, trying desperately to muffle any sound. This failed in keeping his hidden however, when the mountain of toys around him started to crumble from the motions of his laughter wracked body. Ciel went cold and still as Sebastian's glowing red eyes stared straight at him, but was shocked into sliding out of his hiding place to see the hints of a deep blush on the demon's cheeks. The butler dutifully helped his master to his feet and barely suppressed the urge to shuffle nervously. He was a fool to not have noticed Ciel hiding amongst his toys. "S...Sebastian..." Ciel cursed himself for stuttering, but he was in shock! The glowing red eyes dimmed to their usual reddish brown and slid to the floor.

"Yes my Lord?" The butler's voice was subdued, not the silky warm and teasing tone Ciel was used to.

"What were you doing?" glad to have his voice back under control, Ciel waited patiently for the demon to respond, taking in his embarrassed appearance and storing it in his memories. He was surprisingly cute when he looked this way. The young teenager's eye opened in shock at his thoughts. Yes, he could appreciate that Sebastian was a highly attractive male, knew from firsthand experience that both males and females lusted after the raven haired demon, but for a male of his rank to think his butler was cute! It was barely proper for a man of his rank to think of a female in his staff as attractive. Quickly composing his expression, deciding to think on this further once he was alone, Ciel was going to repeat his question when Sebastian answered, looking at the boy with a shame filled expression.

"I was...following your orders Young Master." The demon's voice was all but whisper quiet. Ciel raised an eyebrow.

"This is what you enjoy? You find this fun?" he questioned, surprised at the answer. He was even more shocked when Sebastian shifted his weight uncomfortably.

"I didn't...quite comprehend you order Young Master. I apologise if I displeased you. It's just, I enjoy being your butler and I have never had to find a diverting past time before, so I tried to emulate what you...well, what other people do for fun." Ciel's brow furrowed.

"If you enjoy being my butler, why have you been so sour faced recently?" Ciel questioned. Slow understanding dawned over the butler. His young master really did care for him. The changes in his interactions had made the boy worry that he resented their new circumstances. Kneeling, Sebastian made eye contact.

"My apologies Young Master, I have merely been...hungry. I do not know whether I can carry more than one covenant." Sebastian explained, met by a shining smile.

"Sebastian. This is an order. You will go and feed, under the provision that our contract is not broken. And that you return as swiftly as you can." Ciel lifted his eye patch, eyes glowing red, one shining with a purple rune. Sebastian bowed, smirking.

"Yes, My Lord."

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