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1. School daze

You're as sharp as a knife and you fit like a glove
That is no way to live that is no way to love
Full of fear in your skin and the weakness in giving in
Stabbed in the back but you feel no pain
Push the heaviest doors that you can't open
Yeah they tied me up and my body lies still, again.

Ellie Goulding – Salt Skin

Two years ago today was the day Eric Yorkie and I started dating. He might remember, but he probably won't do anything special. Who said you need special things to make a relationship work? At the start of our relationship he would buy me lots of little gifts, but since his mom died he doesn't seem to remember mundane things such as my birthday... and, well, he's sometimes a bit too forceful with me.

I like Eric a lot, just not as much as I like Edward Cullen, my best friend. But the difference between them is that Eric gave me the time of day, every day, whereas Edward gave me my first kiss at the age of 14. We never spoke about it after, of course he wouldn't bring it up again, it was with me; the most uninteresting girl in school.

"Angela? Helloooooo?" Jessica Stanley, one of my oldest friends, was waving her hand frantically in front of my face, pulling me out of my thoughts.

"Oh, err... sorry, what where you saying?" I asked. It seemed rude to ask her to repeat her questions when I let my mind wonder aimlessly. I smiled at Jessica urging her to carry on, my mom always said a smile boosted a person's confidence, so I smiled a lot these days... but it didn't seem to be aiding with my confidence at all.

"I was saying, what stall are you doing for the charity fair next weekend?" she asked growing impatient with me.

"I'm doing the bake sale with Mrs. Cullen; I'm going over to her house the night before to help her prepare for it."

"Oh. Interesting." She already seemed bored with me. Just like Edward...

If I just left now, would she really miss me? Of course not.I looked around once, ready to throw my untouched food in the trash, when I saw him walk in; Edward. He had bronze tousled hair, pale skin, moss green eyes, a lean body and he stood tall at six one; taller than me and I'm pretty tall at five nine. He was then followed by his two siblings, Alice, who was petite and pixie like, with short black spiky hair, and Emmet, who was huge and intimidating to anyone who didn't know him, to me he was a total sweetheart.

I heard Jessica groan beside me, I looked over to her to see if she was ok.

"Why does dear Eddie always style his hair like he has just had the most amazing sex ever?"

Before I could answer, Edward had reached our table; he was wearing a black tee which hugged his perfectly sculpted abs, with a black pair of faded jeans hung seductively on his hips. He reached over to retrieve a chair Emmet had passed over to him to sit next to me, exposing the valley of his torso.

Oh my...Angela Weber, you are the minister's daughter, stop looking at him like that! Not to mention you already have a boyfriend!

"Hey Ange," he smiled, nudging me softly in my upper arm. I had to hold back the hiss of pain which was ready to escape my lips. The contact made my eyes sting with tears. I blinked them away before anyone would notice, if they did then I would have to explain why I was disturbed by a soft nudge, why I always seemed to wear long sleeve tops, why most of my body was covered in black and blue bruises.

"Are you still coming over on Friday to help mom?" Asked Alice, I just simply smiled and nodded.

"Where's Jasper and Rosalie?" Asked Jessica. Jasper and Rosalie are the Hale twins, Jasper is dating Alice and Rosalie is dating Emmet. They both had blond hair and blue eyes, though Jaspers hair is curly where as Rosalie's is long and wavy. She was always on the receiving end of envious glares as she was the most beautiful girl in our school. She could give supermodels a run for their money; she was intelligent, pretty and a nice person over all.

"Oh they're just running late, something about traffic" Edward replied.

"Are you getting your stalls ready for the fair?" Lauren asked Edward and Alice.

Alice squealed in delight at this question and was practically bouncing in her seat whilst Edward just looked amused at his younger sibling.

"Well, I'm setting it up with Rose and its going to be with lots and lots of hair products and make up for people to try and Edward is doing the blindfolded kissing booth this year."

"Oh are you now..." Lauren practically purred at him, it was pretty disturbing. Edward just nodded, unfazed by her question. It was no secret that Jessica and Lauren have huge crushes on Edward; they were never able to conceal their feeling for him well.

I checked my watch, to see that we still have a couple of minutes left till our lessons begin, I watch Eric walk towards our table, looking directly at me.

"Ange, want to walk to class with me?" he asks.

"Sure." I smile, assembling my books to leave. There is a slight problem though; I can't get past. I'll have to squeeze past Edward and Eric won't be happy about that. I stand looking down awkwardly at Edward who realises the predicament I'm in.

He stands up; "Oh, sorry, here let me help you" lets me squeeze past him, whilst resting his warm palm on my back.

"Thank you." I mumble and head towards Eric, who grabs hold of my hand greedily. We exit the cafeteria in silence, the hallways are empty; students making the most of their time before lessons begin.

Abruptly I'm slammed into the lockers, with Eric's hands tightly gripped at my throat. His hands getting tighter and tighter slowly cutting off my air passage, I was starting to see white spots in my vision.

"Er-ic... please... you're hurting... me."

"Don't you ever let another man touch you like that ever again." he growled. "Do you hear me?" I could feel the locker cutting into my skin, making my eyes water.

I nodded shakily; my breath came out in short gasps as he slowly released his vice grip from my neck.

Eric dipped his head into my neck, placing soft butterfly kisses on my collarbone up to the soft spot behind my ear.

"I'm sorry baby, I just can't control myself when another guy touches you... you understand don't you?" he asked, his voice an audible whisper. I nodded once, unable to speak.

"You're coming over to my house after school, right?"


"Er... erm… I can't, I have to help my dad with some charity event coming up soon." I smiled weakly.

"Tomorrow then." He said with a promise, before placing a soft kiss on my mouth.

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