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Note: Here we go, guys! This is officially the end of "Playing With Fire". I will indeed be writing a sequel due to: A) popular demand and B) I can't just leave this story alone! Some of you expressed a desire to see some Puck/Kurt action…we will see, my dears, we will see.

Note2: I'll start "Phoenix" next week, as I have a paper to write for my film class this weekend, and I'd like to give this a rest for a few days. After all, I wrote 22 chapters in a row! One a day, for 22 days! I never write that much!


Kurt was still huddled up against Puck, unable to talk or to think. Puck held him close, still in disbelief that all the events that had happened today actually happened. His ex-girlfriend was in the hospital, and his friend had just tried to kill himself by means of fire.

"P-P-P-Puck?" Kurt stuttered.

"Yeah, Kurt?"

"I'm s-s-s-sorry."

"We'll talk about this later, Kurt," Puck replied, sounding very much like a parent. "Let's get you home, okay?"

"No…hospital…must go see Santana, must go see Santana," Kurt mumbled incomprehensively.

Puck frowned. "Buddy, I don't think that's such a good idea."

"Want to see Santana," Kurt muttered, getting to his feet and staggering over towards Puck's truck. "Must go to Santana."

Puck rolled his eyes. "Fine, fine, we'll go see Santana."

They drove to the hospital in silence. Kurt was curled up in a ball in the backseat, not sure what was happening. He felt as if he was in a dream, that this was all just one terrible nightmare and that any minute now his Patti LuPone alarm clock would go off. Puck occasionally stole a glance at him in the rearview mirror, unable to see what emotions passed Kurt's face due to the now inky-black sky. He knew what he had to do, and he knew that this one wouldn't be easy, even though it was the right choice.

"We're here," he unceremoniously announced as he parked in that familiar visitor's lot. Hadn't they been there just weeks earlier? Except, that time, it had been Kurt driving and being stoic and unnerving. That time, their roles had been reversed. How could things have changed so dramatically in just a few weeks?

Kurt charged out of the car and straight for the room that they'd moved Santana to.

"Kurt!" Santana cried out as he ran into the room. "Thank God, oh, thank God," she started to sob. He walked right over to her bed and tried to hug her around all of the bandages keeping her together.

"Santana," he whispered into her nightgown. "You're okay. You're okay."

Puck took the opportunity to find the rest of the gang, who were hanging out in the cafeteria, waiting to go home. Rachel stood up immediately. "Where's Kurt?"

"He's with Santana. Guys, Kurt tried to kill himself tonight."

Tina's hand flew up to her mouth. "My God," she whispered. "I told you he was going to do something!" She jabbed a finger at Mike, who looked down, ashamed.

"How?" Artie managed to gasp out, still reveling in the fact that his oldest friend attempted suicide without his knowledge.

"Fire," Puck looked down. "He tried to burn himself to death."

"No," Rachel whispered. "No…"

Puck's silence told them he wasn't kidding.

"So what do we do now?" Mike asked.

"I'm telling the nurses. Or his stepmom or something. Someone who'll get him help. He needs some time in a psych ward, I think." With that, he walked off to the pay phones. He'd left his cell behind in the melee that had ensued earlier. It had probably melted by now. He dropped in a quarter and dialed the Hummel's number.

"Hi, Carole? It's Puck. I'm fine, thanks. But I have something to tell you…about Kurt…"

Meanwhile, the doctors were busy talking to Santana's parents.

"Mr. and Mrs. Lopez, we found several cuts on your daughter's wrists. Tomorrow, we'll set an appointment for her to talk to a psychologist, who might suggest that Santana check into our juvenile psychiatric ward for a little while."

They nodded silently. If it would help their only daughter, so be it.

Santana and Kurt clung to each other in her tiny hospital room. "We'll get through this together," she whispered, stroking his hair. "We'll heal together."

"You promise?"

"I promise."

And for the first time, Kurt believed someone when they spoke those two words to him.



What you can expect from "Phoenix":

-Puck/Kurt friendship develops, potential Puck/Kurt romance

-Santana's childhood revealed

-Kurt's post-mother-death childhood revealed

-More song numbers, including an amusing rendition of "Rehab" by the kids in the psych ward

"Like a phoenix, Kurt would rise from the ashes."